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Fill Up Your Bucket! What it Means and How To Practice It!

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably heard me use the phrase, “filling my bucket” a few times. This term and idea is something I learned while in school and it has stuck with me ever since. If you want a new way to find happiness, come fill your bucket with me! 

So, what does “filling your bucket” even mean? Simply put, it means fulfilling your mental and emotional needs. The “bucket” represents both of those thing;  your mental and emotional self. Filling your bucket means you are actively doing things that fulfill your mental and emotional needs, thus, creating more happiness in your life. 

If your bucket is empty, it means that you are unintentionally (or intentionally) neglecting these two parts of yourself. In today’s world, so many people are in tune with their mental and emotional sides, but even I sometimes forget to take care of them. When this happens, we dump out out buckets little by little leaving ourselves stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed with our lives. You may feel angry, sad, or even helpless when you are tipping out your bucket. Personally, when I am tipping out my bucket, my anxiety is higher than it normally is and it is harder to manage. 

So, how do you fill your bucket you ask? Do something kind for yourself. Fill your space with things you absolutely love. Go outside. Only use positive self-talk (tell that inner mean girl to shove it) when thinking about yourself. Do things that make you smile, laugh, and happy. If you are still wondering about what counts as “bucket filling”, here are some of my favorite bucket filling tasks:

  • Practicing yoga
  • Cuddling with my dogs 
  • Playing with my plants (studying them, repotting them, caring for them)
  • Listening to upbeat music / playlists on Spotify 
  • Going outside and taking a walk (without my phone!)

You can also fill (and tip) other people’s buckets too. Your mom, significant other, best friend, coworker, stranger on the street, all have their own buckets that need filled. Think about it, if you have a bucket and are working to fill it, so are all these other people. Sometimes they need help filling their buckets because its a hard thing for them to do on their own. Help someone fill their bucket by offering them help, a kind smile, calling someone by their name (a powerful thing, really), or complimenting something about them. Keep in mind though, you can other tip someone’s bucket too. Leaving rude comments, ignoring someone, using hateful language, all tip other people’s buckets. Be mindful and work towards filling, not tipping, other people’s buckets. 

So, if you have never practiced filling your bucket before, I encourage you to try it. Sit down and think about those things that make you genuinely happy and chase them. Practice them. Do them daily. Fill your bucket and watch how much it improves your mood. Once you are a pro self bucket-filler, help other people fill their buckets. Reach out to friends and remind them you love them. Call your mom and tell her you appreciate her. Say good morning to the person you walk by every morning in the office. 

Let me know what you think about this whole bucket-filling mindset. Have you ever heard of it before? What are some things you do to fill your bucket? Let me know! If you want more info on bucket filling and what it’s all about, check out this awesome resource

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