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Why I LOVE Teaching Online! | A Four Month Update

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I get out of bed every day by 5:30 and am sitting in my “classroom” by 6:15. You might be thinking, WHAT?! 6AM!? ARE YOU CRAY?! No girl, I am not cray, and I might not love waking up so early but I do LOVE my job as an online ESL teacher. Let me tell you why…

Before getting into the why, let me tell you about how I found out about this opportunity in the first place. This summer, I was scrambling to find another part time job that worked well with my retail job schedule. I knew I couldn’t do another retail position but I also knew I needed something that gave me the hours I needed. At first, I found the listing for an “Online Teacher to Chinese Students” on Indeed. I thought it was interesting so I clicked on it. After a bit a research, I thought it was something to consider. Then, after more research and YouTube watching, I knew I could do the job I am doing now. It would mean early mornings and adapting my sleep schedule, but it also was the hours I wanted and the money I needed.

Me in my “classroom”! 

After looking into a couple different companies, I decided to apply to VIPKid. They were the biggest of all the other companies, had the best reviews from their employees, and I had found some people on YouTube who seemed legit and said they liked it. So, naturally following the guidance of strangers on the internet, I decided to apply with them! 

The process of getting hired was relatively easy. I had to create an account with the company I work for, record myself “teaching”, and then if I passed that, I would get another interview with someone from the company. These are called “mock classes” and you are simply pretending to be teaching a young, Chinese student. Oh yeah, I should mention ALL of your students live all the way on the other side of the world and you are teaching them English. ANYWAY, if you pass the mock class, you get invited to another interview with an actual human. As someone who went to school to teach, teaching another grown adult as if they were six wasn’t as weird as it would have been if I went to school for biology.

After passing both interviews and explaining my teaching experience, I got hired on and certified to teach every level the company offers. Let me say, I am VERY lucky to have been certified the way I was, not everyone gets so lucky. What this meant though is I could teach any student at any level, which is awesome for someone just starting out. 

Now, for a large dose of honesty, I did not get booked right away. I didn’t get booked for the first month and a half. I got hired in the middle of July, and just like in America, kids in China are on summer break and not taking classes. I didn’t get busy until September when kids were going back to school. Sometimes people get bookings right away, sometimes people wait weeks (or months) before getting one booking. Working this job takes patients and time. Getting bookings on these types of platforms takes time, but when they come, they come. 

I have been doing this for about four months ago now and I can tell you, I have made very good money doing so. It’s not a ton, but an extra $500 a month doesn’t hurt anyone. And that’s with working in retail and not working nights. Imagine if you were working every morning, just for a couple of hours, and some evenings if you wanted. The number can easily go up from there! This job is an awesome way to help make the rest of your ends meet if you need it too. 

One of my regulars drew me a pumpkin for Halloween. How sweet is he?!

I love this job for many reasons. I love that I set my hours and I can open or close my schedule whenever I want to. I love the fact that I get free personal development opportunities offered to me by the company. It’s also nice that there is little to no prep in this job like there is with teaching in a brick & mortar school. The number one reason I love this job though, is the kids. The kids are the best part

If you are in need of a side hustle, have a bachelors degree, and want something to fill up your mornings, this job is for you. There is no minimum time requirement, no money needed to get started, and you can apply instantly online. If you do, I would LOVE for you to use my referral link: !
Shoot me an email at so I can help you through the process too! I would love to help you or answer any questions you might have! 

Shine on, 
Teacher Maddy IN 😊


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