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My Sorority Story | Why I Went Greek!

Currently thinking about going through recruitment? Wondering if it’s the right decision for you? Let me give you an honest account as to why I went Greek because I promise you, I wasn’t so sure about it three years ago either…

Let me start off by explaining that on my campus, we do recruitment during the second semester. Personally, I love this because it allowed me to get comfortable on campus before jumping into something like a sorority. Having recruitment second semester also let me get a good feel for all the houses first, which was nice. I felt like it gave me time to figure out what I really wanted. When I came to school I wasn’t entirely sold on the whole “sorority thing” so I’m glad we had a semester to figure it out. To be honest, I was leaning more towards not going through recruitment but with my mom’s encouragement (and by encouragement, I mean force) I decided to do it.

(And let me say right now before she reads this and calls me out for it, I’m glad she forced me to go through it.)

Sooo..recruitment. Let me tell you, it’s the worst. I hated every single second of it. It’s exhausting, overwhelming, and a little discouraging. You go to house after house and get asked the same question and talk to so many people that by the end, you just wanna pass out. Sounds enticing, right? Yeah, no. It is worth it though I promise, just let me get there. While recruitment is a long and taxing process, it really does put you in the right spot by the end. You wind up in a place that makes you feel like you are home and that you are wanted. It just might take a hot second to realize it.

Recruitment at my school is a week long process and we do it the week before the second semester starts back up. You come back to campus and you are assigned a recruitment counselor who is an upperclassman that helps you make it through the week. On day one you go to every house and then the following days you go to less and less. Yeah, you don’t get invited back to every house each day. It’s a little soul crushing. When you have such great conversations with someone at a house and then you don’t get invited back, it hurts a little bit…or a lot a bit and you go back to your dorm room to cry (which is something I did). People get so wrapped up in which house they think they need to be in that by the end its hard to be happy about the house that you actually ended up in (which is also something I did). I wasn’t happy where I ended up right away, I was actually really upset that I ended up in my house but now…I couldn’t be happier with where I am.

I have found my friends, my support system, and my home in Pi Phi and I am so grateful for it. I have been given opportunities I wouldn’t have had if I wasn’t a member of this organization. Leadership roles I wouldn’t even be able to obtain if I wasn’t apart of it. Most of all, I found friends that I know I would never had met if I wasn’t in this house or I hadn’t gone through recruitment. One of my best friends I met in line waiting to go to a house during recruitment. The rest I met when we lived in the chapter house together and two years later we are still living together in our house. Not to sound like a cliché but these girls will probably be in my life forever. For sure in my bridal party whenever the time comes.

Going Greek is entirely an independent decision. It is something you need to think through on your own and think if it’s something you truly want. Not everyone who goes Greek, stays Greek, which is so fine! One of my best friends went Greek and dropped after a semester because she decided it wasn’t for her. Other people don’t finish going through recruitment because they are like, “Heck no can I go to another house and talk to another girl.” and that’s okay too. But going Greek is something special, and I hope you consider it.

Shine on,


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