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joy, daily.

Life not as fulfilling as you want it to be?

I teach action taking women how to design & live a life they're obsessed with!

Hey friend, I’m Maddy 👋🏼

I am a joyful living coach here to teach women just like you that your dreams are *totally* possible without burning yourself out or letting the thoughts and opinions of others hold you back! As a people pleaser in recovery, I know how it feels to live a life someone else wants you to live and the work that goes into breaking down the mindset blocks that keep you stuck. I’m here to teach you the small, intentional steps you need to learn in order to live a life you’re obsessed with and one that brings you joy on the daily.

Let’s do this thing 🤘🏼

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With twice a month coaching calls with me, bonus resources and trainings, daily check-ins, and a REALLY BOMB community to boot, this space is going to get you motivated, inspired, and encouraged to live a life you’reso obsessed with, you won’t shut up about it.

Don’t worry though, we can’t wait to hear all about it 😉


The Living in Sunshine podcast is a show all about giving you the tools you need to live a life of joy, intention, and one you’re obsessed with (aka live in the sunshine!). In this space, we are all about giving you the tips & tricks you need to be able to find the joy, level up your life, and THRIVE day to day. I share all the highs and lows from my life with you, so that you can see and know that you aren’t alone in the craziness that is life. Are you ready to live in the sunshine with me? Then go grab some coffee or a big cup of tea, and let’s get into it

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