Purposely pursue
joy, daily.

Hey Friend,
I’m Maddy!

I am SO HAPPY you are here right now and cannot wait to go on this journey together!

As a self-proclaimed “happy hustler”, I am here to show you that you are fully capable of amazing things and that you are made for more than what you currently have. I am here to support you in your goal chasing, dream casting, and happiness seeking day in and day out. Whether you need help welcoming in more joy to your life, have a dream you are wanting to make your reality, or are wanting to get connected to a community of amazing women just like yourself, you are in the right place!

Girl, you are TOTALLY capable of amazing things.
Now it’s time you start believing that 🌻

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Have you ever felt like you weren’t sure how to achieve your dreams? Or maybe like you weren’t fully living your most fulfilled life?! Cuz girl, SAME! After years of trying and failing though, I think I finally got it down.

That’s why I am here, to help YOU do the same! Through creating sustainable habits & routines, you can achieve your goals and dreams. With help from me, you can maybe make that happen a little faster.

I am here to teach you how I purposefully pursue joy every single day, and how you can do the same thing too 🌻


The Living in Sunshine podcast is a show all about giving you the tools you need to live a life of joy, intention, and one you’re obsessed with (aka live in the sunshine!). In this space, we are all about giving you the tips & tricks you need to be able to find the joy, level up your life, and THRIVE day to day. I share all the highs and lows from my life with you, so that you can see and know that you aren’t alone in the craziness that is life. Are you ready to live in the sunshine with me? Then go grab some coffee or a big cup of tea, and let’s get into it

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