3 Simple Goals You Can Set This Year if You Don’t Know Where to Start!

2022 is HERE and I am so excited for all the goals we are setting for the new year, BUT I want to encourage you to DUMP those pesky New Year’s resolutions because girl, they are not serving you like you think they are!

Welcome to a brand new year my dude! I hope you are as excited as I am for this year and are PUMPED to get the year started off on the right foot! Now, you might be feeling like you have some goals that you need to set, but you aren’t really sure WHERE to start with setting them. Well my friend, I have 3 small, but highly impactful goals, that you can set for 2022 if you aren’t 100% where you should start. 


Now remember from last week’s podcast episode and blog post, we are NOT setting a resolution this year. Instead, we are committing ourselves to a solid goal (or goals!) that we are going to focus and work on all year long. No more surface level “I will be doing BLANK” this year. Got it? 


The first goal you can set is to set boundaries where you know you need to set them, and then follow through on them. That last part is important — you need to follow through on these boundaries whenever you need to or they mean nothing. A boundary, in my opinion, is the highest level of self-respect you can show for yourself and to other people. Setting a boundary does not make you sensitive or bossy, it just means you have a certain level of expectations from others and you are going to hold them to it. 


Maybe it’s a boundary at work, or with a family member, or even with yourself! Boundaries are the key to protecting your peace and holding other people to a standard of respect that you deserve to have. For me, I have boundaries in all parts of my life and this habit was something I worked on A LOT in 2021. I set boundaries with my work, boundaries with how certain family members spoke to me, and boundaries with how much time I was spending doing things that no longer served me. You can listen to episode 20 of the Living in Sunshine podcast to learn more about boundaries and why I am such a big fan of them! 

Another goal you can set in 2022 to really help yourself thrive is to commit to moving your body intentionally at least 4 times a week. Girl, it is 2022 and after two years of living through a global pandemic, I would think by now you know how important it is to move your body with intention! 


Now hear me out on this, I am not saying you have to become a marathon runner or competitive crossfit junkie, if that’s your vibe, GO FOR IT!! What I am encouraging you to do in the new year is move your booty four times a week, for about 20-30 minutes a day. This is SO POSSIBLE, even if you are working a full-time job or have littles running around. This movement should be something that gets your heart rate going, maybe gets you outside, and is something that you look forward to doing! Exercise isn’t fun if it is a punishment, so instead see it as a gift. So many people out there aren’t capable to move their bodies like you might be able too, so getting in any kind of movement truly is a gift. 


For me, I love a good home workout, but for a friend of mine, she needs to go to a studio class in order to get out of the house and get some alone time. Do something that serves you every single time and I promise, after committing to this goal, you will find the impact of it seeping into other parts of your life. 


And finally, the last goal that you can commit to if you aren’t sure where to start is to implement a morning routine that actually supports your mental and emotional health. You KNOW, if you follow me on Instagram, how much I love my morning routine. Every day I get up around 5:45 and kick off my day with gratitude, affirmations, and reading some kind of personal development. My quiet time is my personal sanctuary where I can ground myself in joy and gratitude and then go into my day with a purpose and focus. 


You don’t need to get up as early as I do if you don’t need too, but it is widely known and accepted that those who get up earlier are more productive, proactive, and creative throughout the day. The hardest part is getting your feet on the floor, once that’s done, nothing can stop you! Hop on Pinterest or shoot me a DM for morning routine inspiration if you aren’t sure where to start. Whatever you commit too though, make it something that you benefit from and enjoy doing. 


So there you have it! Three simple yet impactful goals you can set for 2022! Which one was your favorite? Comment it down below or shoot me a DM (@livingnsunshine on IG!!) to let me know. Don’t forget to listen to this week’s episode of the Living in Sunshine podcast, Episode 42, to hear more on these three goals. I hope you go into 2022 knowing that even the smallest of changes will have the biggest impact! 


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