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Oh hey friend, I’m Maddy 👋🏼


Your friendly, anxious high-achiever who is on a mission to teach and show women how they can turn their wildest dreams into their absolute reality. As a recovering workaholic, I take great pride in showing action-taking women the small changes they can make in order to make big progress toward their goals!


Living in Sunshine was founded to help women like you discover what their true purpose is, pinpoint the first step in chasing their dream, discover what it means to hustle happy, and seek joy on the daily. Through my weekly podcast, online community, private coaching, and sharing on Instagram, I am here to show you that you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever it is you wanna do. I am always in your corner along the way to cheer you on and to tell you that your butt looks great in those jeans 🍑


Let’s live joyfully together, cool?

sending you sunshine, 


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