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What would it feel like to be able to take something off your to-do list for the first time in like, forever? Pretty dang good, I’m sure!

Let me help you lighten the load so you can welcome in more time for what brings you joy & *exhale* the stress of a never-ending list of things to accomplish!

Hey there high-achiever! It's nice to meet ya! 👋🏼

I'm Maddy - you're new secret weapon when it comes to scaling your online business and making it something that's not only sustainable, but something that brings you oodles of joy!

I started my online service provider journey two years ago by accident (literally tripped into it) but have since helped dozens of online business owners grow their communities, reach new potential customers, launch their courses and online memberships, and create new products that generated thousands of dollars in sales!

Now I am ready to help YOU do the same!

"I have worked with many VAs and Maddy is absolutely the most independent! Not only that, but she's also extremely professional and tries to learn as much as possible about a brand/business before and during her time working with them. I feel that she has taken the time to truly grasp the importance of my business and what it means to me."
Abby Long
Resource creator

It's time we make space for more joy in your business 🌻

Here's how we can work together!


Planning and posting to social media can be such a time suck. Continue to grow and connect with your online audience, but now in a fraction of the time.


Take the guesswork out of growing & scaling your online biz. When you work with me, you have a second CEO brain in your back pocket when you need it!

Sales copy

You are the expert on your brand and offer, but putting the value of what you’re selling into words to get people to buy is tough. Get the right words written for you.

"Maddy is just the best hype girl and she has a way of really taking an idea and running with it which has been SO needed for me as my business grows! I am able to off-load a lot of important tasks to Maddy because I trust her, leaving me more time to spend on the things that bring me joy. She is trustworthy, loyal, dedicated, super organized, creative, and just so much fun!"
Andriana Zarovska
Course Creator


take the headache out of showing up online



You know how important it is to show up where your customers are, and right now, they’re on Instagram! Gone are the days when you can solely rely on your blog or Pinterest to generate traffic to your store and get new eyes on your business. But fer’real, who has time to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms and source trending audios?

Let’s work together to create a strategic Instagram marketing plan and create content that connects and inspires your online community!

As your “Instagram Reels girl”, I do all the heavy lifting for you from creating a strategic monthly marketing plan all the way to crossing the finish line of hitting “POST” on that show-stopping content we created together. Each month you will have 30 days worth of content planned and posted for you; the only thing you need to do is film your videos and pass them off to me to take from there. Also included in this package are five, engaging and professionally shot product videos to ensure you are consistently sharing (and selling) the products you worked so hard to create.

Once the month is up, you may choose to repurpose the content we create as TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts, or push them to your email list, blog, or Pinterest. The options are endless for how you can continue to make your eye-catching content continue to work for you! 

This is the perfect option for social media conscious CEOs who know how important it is to show up online but they just don’t have the time or skills to make it happen consistently!


• a three-month commitment is required •



Feel like you have a handle on posting and creating your content on your own, but just need someone to tell you *exactly* what to post? I get it! Idea generation and infusing those ideas with strategy is a major mental load to have to do each and every month. And half the time, when you come up with an amazing post idea, you just don’t have the time to post it!  

Let’s take the planning off your to-do list and pop it onto mine! With this option, you get a strategic and easy-to-follow content posting plan filled to the brim with trending audios & on-brand content ideas. Your plan is delivered to you by the 20th of the month in a user-friendly Google Excel sheet, leaving you plenty of time to batch record and edit if you want to get your content out of the way early. If not, when you’re ready to create, you can click into your plan, record your reel, and post your content without a second thought.

This is the perfect option for social media savvy business owners who just need someone to tell them what to post!


Want your captions written for you? No problem! You can add those on for just $75. 



You’ve finished that new resource, gotten it into your TPT store, and have emailed your list about it. Heck, you even remembered to make some pins for it on Pinterest! You go, girl! But, how is your online audience going to know about it if they aren’t on your list or a follower of your TPT store? Simple answer? They won’t.

Sell your products online without feeling “salesy” with done-for-you product reels. Each month, you send me five products you would like to be showcased in an Instagram Reel and I take it from there. I have filmed *hundreds* of teacher-made products and those products have racked up tens of thousands of views online. What kind of impact could that have on your business?

I’m not like other TPT videographers where everything is super staged and overly produced. No – I showcase your products in a way that feels relatable to your customer so they can see exactly how your resource can be used in their life. With my product reels, you’ll be hearing those “cha-chings!” in no time. 

Wanna see some samples? CLICK HERE to check out past product reels I have created for my clients. Please note: there is no sound attached to these videos!


business strategy support

not your normal business coaching



You have dreamed of being your own boss since the beginning of forever, but now that you’ve “made it”, you aren’t sure where to go from here. Plus, you feel really lonely. Being an online business owner is no joke and you shouldn’t have to go it alone! 

Each week, we will sit down together one-on-one to hash out your next big idea, gain clarity on where you should be spending your energy, or even come up with new, creative ideas for your business. I have coached budding podcasters to launch their show, course creators revamp their six-figure offers, and million dollar CEO’s to systemize and strategize their business plans. 

Through weekly Zoom calls, you and I will work together as a team to take your business to the next level – whatever that may be for you! I always tell my clients, I care about THEM first and their business second, so don’t be surprised if I ask you how you are before I ask how your business is on our calls. 

This package is perfect for the online CEO who is looking for someone to be in their corner and give them sound advice and guidance on how to grow and run a sustainable business that brings them fulfillment and joy! 


• a three-month commitment is required | limited spaces available •



Find yourself saying, “I wish I just had someone to talk through this with.” when it comes to something in your business? Sometimes the thing that will change the trajectory of your business is simply a conversation with someone who wants to see you win. You don’t need to stay stuck if you don’t want to and you shouldn’t if you’re ready to take action!

These one-hour Clarity Calls are *perfect* if you have 2-3 questions you want to talk through with another human who has the same kinda brain you do. You know, the one that tells you that you can figure it out on your own, but it’s been three months and you’re still where you were three months ago? Yeah, I know that’s how you’re rolling right now. 

Stop staying on the hamster wheel that’s keeping you stagnant in your goals and step into your yes moment. When you come to your Clarity Call, please bring 2-3 of your burning questions and we will talk through them together! These questions can be about business, mindset, productivity, goal setting, or other similar topics. You will leave with tangible action steps and the feeling like you can go out there and conquer anything — because you totally can 🤘🏼


Ready to book your call? I see you, action taker!

CLICK HERE to book your own Clarity Call now.

strategic sales copy

words that sell, written for you



You’ve done the market research, spent countless hours building your course or offer, and now it’s time to finally put that baby out into the universe and sell it to the masses. This Let’s Launch This Thing! package provides custom messaging backed by strategy that not only sells your offer, but makes your buyer feel like they are speaking directly to you. 

Included in your investment:

  • One, 90-minute branding and messaging call so I can get the feel for your voice and learn more about your launch
  • Custom copy for one long-form sales page which includes at least ten unique sections built to sell your offer
  • Eight written-for-you emails that will educate your audience on your expertise and show them the true value you are providing within your shiny new offer
  • A brand voice guide to support you in carrying your message throughout all of your branding and make talking about your offer easy as pie
  • Two rounds of revisions to make sure the messaging is *on point*



• payment plans available | 2-3 week turnaround time •



Reusing your sales page or email sequence from your previous launch? We love a recycle queen!

Here are some other areas of need you may not have considered handing off to an expert in order to free up some of your precious time that, if we’re being honest, you really don’t have any extra of!

Landing Page or Opt-In Sales Copy – $1,000 per page

✓ You need to get people on your list in order to nurture them into buying your product. Your landing page or opt-in page are *just as crucial* as your main offer’s sales page. Think of your landing page as the best friend to your main character sales page — while not the main focus, she’s still crucial to the story’s success. I mean, where would Harry Potter be if it weren’t for Hermione Granger? 

✓ Your landing page will be written using your brand’s core messaging and be the thing that captures the names and emails of your potential buyers. Get your audience hooked on your offer before it’s even out so they are ready to swipe their credit cards once your cart is open!

10-day turnaround from initial contract signing.

Webinar or Masterclass Slides & Speaker Notes – $500

✓ Slide copy written for you in a way that draws in your buyer, keeps them interested, and SELL your offer without coming off as a slimy sales guy. You provide me with your slides and I take it from there!

✓ Speaker notes done for ya! Stop worrying about what you’re going to say and start focusing on what matters – connecting with the people who signed up to hear you speak. Get all your speaker notes taken care of with the delivery of your final webinar slides. 

5-7 day turnaround from initial contract signing.

Captions that Convert – $350

✓ Selling on socials is more important than ever these days (did you know there are more than 2 BILLION monthly active users on Instagram alone these days?!) and if you’re not talking about your offer online, you’re missing out on potential sales & long-term fans. Writing for social media though is a whole different ball game and one that can feel super overwhelming if you’ve never done it before.

✓ Get 10, strategic and engaging Instagram captions to use with your launch-related content. Your online fans love you for a reason and want to know how you can continue to support them, even if it’s within a paid offer. Showcase your offer in a way that lets them know you care and gets them to click that link in your bio. 

3-5 day turnaround from initial contract signing.

"I was skeptical about working with someone to market my business because who could possibly know it as well as me...but Maddy jumped in and really learned the messaging and language I use in my business. She uses that same messaging and language in my marketing materials to really capture my voice! She makes the process so easy that even the parts I *do* have to complete are simple and easy! Highly recommend!"
Farrah Henley
Resource Creator & Coach

Make scaling your online business fun again!

Running your online business doesn’t have to feel like a drag! Actually, I’m pretty sure we all got into the online CEO life because a previous job we had was a drag. Let’s not repeat history if we can avoid it, deal? 🙌🏼

If you are ready to pass off some of your work and know that you’re handing it over to someone who truly cares about the success of your business, you’re in the right place! I treat my client’s businesses and well-being as my own and when we work together, you can trust that you are leaving your work in good hands. 

To get started on working together, take some time and fill out the form via the button below! From there, you can expect to hear from me within 48 hours and we can chat more about your project needs. Not sure which option is best for you? Feel free to reach out via email at maddy@livingnsunshine.com! 

Please note, I do not check or reply to any emails after 3 PM on Fridays or on the weekends. If you contact me during this time, I will hit ya back once I am back online on Monday!