EPISODE 59: [EDUCATION] My Favorite Personal Development Books that Have Helped Me Find More Peace in Life

Looking for book recommendations that will help you find more peace in your life? Then this episode is for you! Today I am sharing my top 3 favorite personal development books that have helped me welcome more PEACE back into my life. 

Girl, I cannot suggest picking up a PD book every now and then because personal development has been the thing that changed the game for me when I committed time to it. I am who I am, have the beliefs I have, and the energy and motivation I do because of personal development. If you read any of these books, send me your biggest takeaways on Instagram! 












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Okay, so this month, you guys we are moving right along and our month long journey and topic and focus of thinking about and promoting peace in our own lives. And for today’s episode I wanted to share with you my favorite personal development books that have helped me to find more peace in my life. Now, you all know at this point, I hope crossing my fingers as long as you’re not brand new to the show. If you are I’m going to tell you what’s up. Personal Development has literally changed my life. Yes, I am one of those girls. I am like a hippie dippie woo girl to a certain extent not like crazy, but like a little bit like like a pinch, right? Like a pinch of salt. Right? Personal Development though you guys has been the thing that has changed the game for me. And before you’re like, oh my god, I’m rolling my eyes. I’m peacing out and I listen to this episode. Hold on. Don’t go anywhere. Stay here. And listen. Personal Development you guys is not some blue shiny book jacket gold letter giant font with some white, crusty dusty old man on the front cover anymore. It’s not. There is something out there for everyone who wants to do better and help themselves grow in a different way. I promise you. I do not read books from old dusty, crusty old men. Okay. Actually, sure I do. But I also listened to books from women. Okay. I say this you guys, personal development. There’s something out there for everyone, no matter what your belief is your religion is your mindset is the focus that you want to get better in. There is a book for you, I promise. Okay. And I wanted to share three books with you today. These are my top three favorite books that I’ve ever read. And I’ve read a lot of personal development books because I try to read one personal development book every single month. And I’ve been doing this now for about two years. So how many months are there in a year or two? Well, so about 2030 books I read, at least, I’m sharing my top three with you today that have helped me to welcome more peace in my life. I have also linked to these I have actually a whole personal development book list in my Amazon store, which I will link in the bio for you. So you can just go find them super easy. And the last thing before we dive into the titles, the authors and all the good stuff, I wanted you to know that these books are all on Audible or slash have audiobooks for them. Which for people like me is really really good because I only listen to my personal development books. I don’t read. I don’t physically read them with my eyeballs. I listen to them and read them with my ears, which to me is still reading a book. I don’t know you tell me it’s listening to a book the same as reading a book. To me it is. So these are all on Audible. If you are an audio listener if you are someone who likes to listen to your books, these can all be found on Audible that is my preferred platform for reading and finding books. I’m sure you can also use a library I always get that comment like why don’t you just use a library because audibles easier? I am I just I’m a creature of convenience. Okay, suit me. So let’s jump into these books. I’ve rambled on enough. The first book that we are going to be talking about today is by a white man and I know I made the joke at the beginning of the episode that I don’t read books from white men, but this is a good white man. He’s like a good it’s like listening to your dad or your really chill grandpa. And this author is Bob Gough you guys, I love this man so much. And I’ve only ever read his books. And the book that I’m sharing with you today, I’ve read a couple of his books, but hands down my favorite book that I’ve read from Bob Gough is dream big. Now, a little side note, you know, flitter if you would for Bob Gough is that he is a pastor, a priest, whichever the one that you can get married and have kids. He is a religious man. His books are rooted in faith in Christianity. And he does mention God and praying and being religious and being faithful and all of those things. So if that’s not your vibe, or if that’s going to bother you, because it is quite heavy in his books, you probably would not jive with his writing. But as someone who is technically Christian, but like not overly religious, it’s like a nice note, but it’s not too much for me personally. But I do always like to mention that just because some people you know, you’re a different faith or whatever he is, he is a religious based writer, okay, his book, Dream Big is all about doing just that dreaming bigger than what you think and having the faith to pursue that goal or that dream. And, and put faith behind it and also put effort behind it, you guys. And like I mentioned listening to his books, this is the reason why I love him so much. It’s like talking to your dad or your grandpa or a really good uncle or whoever, whatever male figure in your life. They’re very warm. They’re very supportive. I always feel like I’m like just sitting in a really good cushy chair, chatting with this like, really wise dude. And for some reason I really resonate with that. He has a really nice voice, which sounds odd. But like if you’re listening to his books that matters. And I just I just love this book, you guys, specifically, this book helped me to see joy in every day and know that I can dream, a bigger dream, and believe that I can have that dream, right? Not just dream, a bigger dream, because we can all do that. But also to have the belief that I deserve to have that dream come true. And I deserve to work towards that dream and have faith that that dream will happen for me. I’ve actually listened to this book twice, and two different times of my life. And both times. It’s given me messages and learnings and teachings that I needed to hear in the moment. And that to me makes for a really good book. If you can read something multiple times, and learn something new each time you listen to it. That to me is a sign of a really good book. So my first book is dream big. It has a yellow cover. And it’s my Bob Goff, G O F F. And I love all of his books, everybody always love always are a couple other titles that he has that I’ve read, and they’re all great. But if you are looking for something to help you promote peace, and also give you a little bit of inspiration and encouragement to chase those dreams. Start with Dream big. It was my first book that I read by him and I really, really enjoy it, I cannot recommend it enough. And that’s my book number one. Book number two you guys is something that I read this year at the beginning of the year. And this is actually an audiobook just so you know that is exclusive to Audible. So if you do want to listen to it, which I cannot recommend enough, please listen to this book. Even if you’re like a little like listening to my books, listen to this book. It’s so good when you listen to it over reading it. And it is the high five habit by Mel Robbins. Now I always say and joke on Instagram that I am the next Mel Robbins because so serendipitously like I will say something on my stories. And then I’ll see this video of Mel Robbins and she’s saying the same thing. And I’m like, okay, something is going on here. But this is my first book that I’ve read by Mel Robbins. She is a motivational speaker, encourage or Inspire, Inspire, inspiring. Inspire if that’s the right word, I don’t think it is. But her books are so good. And this is one that she released at the end of last year slash early this year. And it’s just, it’s so good. And I know that I’ve said that a few times now. But you guys you have to listen to it because she reads it herself. Actually, all of the authors that I talk about today read their own books, which is another huge plus for me. But the way Mel Robbins reads this book is you can hear the passion and the joy and the conviction behind her words, which is so empowering. And this book is a great read if you are currently struggling with anxiety. She wrote this book during the heat in the height of the pandemic and it has kind of themes about anxiety or worry or feeling like you’re kind of on off footing right like you feel you’re gonna fall over. She gives you this habit the high five habit to help you to better support yourself in those moments. where you feel like you’re just not doing a good job, or like everything is going to come crashing down. And one of the affirmations that I write and remind myself of often, I am safe, I am loved I am okay came from this book, because sometimes we just need to hear that reminder. And this book, you guys taught me how to celebrate me, right where I am. It taught me how to celebrate myself, the good and the bad no matter where I’m at in life every single day. And that’s exactly what this book is about, is celebrating yourself and recognizing the hard work that you’re doing to make your life whatever you’re making it. And there is this part in this book, I’m not gonna give any spoilers, but there’s a part in the book where Mel gets really emotional, because she kind of has has this realization, this full circle moment. And I remember reading it as I was like, doing my morning time in my planner, and just crying as I listened to her cuz she was crying. And it was super emotional, really inspirational. And that is the power that this book gives, it makes you cry, it makes you laugh, she gives you the tough love, because she is a No BS kind of person, just like I am. And I just I could reread this book three, four or five times and never get sick of it. And I hope that you feel the same way. So maybe Bob Gough is not your vibe. But Mel Robbins is if you have not yet read the high five habit, you need to you can find it on Audible, you can buy it off of Amazon. And I literally I feel like I need to go read listen to this book right now, honestly. Okay, and the third. And finally, a personal development book that I’m sharing with you today that has helped me to find more peace in my life is the title of everything is figure out a bowl by Marie Forleo. Now, this is a book that I read a few years ago now. And it still stands out to me as one of those books that people need to read multiple times in their life. Whenever they’re starting something new. This book is so good if you are starting something brand new, or considering trying something new out, and you’re not sure if it’s going to work out for you because in this book, Marie Forleo. It’s kind of like a memoir personal development book, if you would, kind of like Untamed by Glennon Doyle, if you’ve ever read that book, but it tells the story of how Marie Forleo Forleo, which I know there’s a little bit of controversy connected to her. So love this book, though, still wanted to recommend it, how she managed to build the business that she has today, even when she struggled and tripped and fell down and got stuck and was pushed over and all of those things. And this book, like I said, is a memoir, but in a good way, taught me that even if things are hard, or it seems like I can’t do something, I can figure it out. And to me the reason why this brings me peace is because so often we get stuck when we think that things won’t work out. Or we think that we can’t figure things out. When the reality is we can always figure things out. Humans are very tenacious beings, we do sometimes very well under pressure. And this book reminded me that even if something is hard, or I’m not sure how to do it yet, that doesn’t mean that it won’t get easier or that I won’t figure out how to do it better or even just do it at all down the road. So if you are currently in a season of starting over or trying something new, or you just said yes to something, or you just left something and you’re like my whole life is crashing down around me, you need to read this book because she teaches you Marie Forleo teaches you that you can figure it out that everything is figured out double hence the title, and that you will get through this season, feeling stronger and more at peace once you get through it. But right now, you just got to figure it out and you you can figure it out. So those are my three titles that I wanted to send you if you are wanting to dive into personal development if you are wanting to focus on books that help bring you peace. Again, those titles are Dream Big by Bob Gough, the high five habit by Mel Robbins, and everything is figured out all by Marie Forleo. And again, I will link these titles in my Amazon store in the show notes below so you can go snag them really easy. And if you have any personal development books that you’ve read that you want to share with me, feel free to shoot me a message over on Instagram, I love book recommendations. I love adding to my TBR list my to be read list if you don’t know what TBR means, and all of those things. So definitely send me your recommendations. Personal Development is something that I read and interact with every single day in some way. And I hope you love these titles as much as I do my friend. Don’t forget to share the podcast over on Instagram and tag me in your stories with your biggest takeaways so I can share that on my stories as well. If you loved today’s episode, or you want to help us reach our 10,000 Download goal. Please remember to leave a rating or a review or listen to any past episodes that you have not yet listened to up until the release of this wine. You guys I love you all so much. Thank you so much for tuning in for yet another episode and until next Wednesday. I I am sending you all of the sunshine, good vibes and I hope you make it a great day. That is all I have for you today my dudes and I hope you love today’s episode. If you did, I would seriously appreciate it if you went and left the show a review and rating on whatever platform you’re currently listening on. For every review and rating that you leave, it truly helps the show grow and reach more women just like yourself. If you had any major takeaways or aha moments, be sure to take a screenshot of this episode posted to your social media stories with your biggest takeaways and tag me at living in sunshine so I can share it with my people as well. Again, thank you so much for hanging out with me this week. And until next time, I am sending you all the sunshine good vibes and I hope you make it a great day.