EPISODE 101: [TIPS&TRICKS] Need a Confidence BOOST? Listen to this!

Every now and then, you just need a confidence boost! In today’s episode I am sharing with you my top five best ways to boost your confidence in an instant. Whether you have a big meeting for work, you are wanting to broach a tough subject with your partner, or you just want to step into your own power, these tips will help you do just that! 

These tips are simple, yet impactful, and I promise you that when you practice these habits, they will give you that boost of confidence you need! If you use any of these, send me a DM on Instagram (@livingnsunshine) and let me know how you felt! 


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Maddy 0:08 Welcome to the living in sunshine podcast if you don’t know who I am, my name is Maddie. And I am so excited to have you tuning in to our weekly podcast episodes, where we chat all the things from tips and tricks to funny stories from my life that have helped me to truly live in the sunshine. In this space, we are all about encouraging, inspiring and giving you the tough love that you need to hear sometimes to realize that you are totally made for more than what you currently have in life, and that you hold the power to make the changes that you need to level up and live your best self. So buckle up, grab some water, and let’s get into it. Hi, hey, hello, and welcome back to the living in sunshine podcast. I hope you are having a great week so far, my friend, I know that I am and I am so excited for our topic of conversation for the month of March, which is confidence. In case you missed last week’s episode I shared with you kind of my own personal journey to being confident and also what confidence is and how it’s different and separate from arrogance. So if you haven’t yet listened to last week’s episode, go give it a listen. And let me know what you think. I love hearing from you guys about the podcast. And I hope that this month’s theme is something that you needed in this moment. And if it is, I am so happy and if it isn’t, maybe consider sending these episodes to a friend who you think would need them and share the podcast love because you never know who needs a good episode. And my hope is that someone in your life or you need it. And just in case you need more support, more coaching more mentorship on the topic of confidence, I encourage you want to check out the sunshine squad. The Sunshine squad is my online community of women, both business owning women and not mothers and dog moms and no mothers and married people and not where we come together to talk about a certain topic each and every month and over in the sunshine squad community. This month, we are tackling the topic of confidence. We’re going to be having a masterclass all about how to boost your confidence and make it stick. We have group coaching calls every single month. And the biggest thing that you get out of the sunshine squad is the knowing that you have people behind you, cheering you on rooting for you who want to see you win. So whether you want more help on confidence or not, definitely check out the sunshine squad. It is linked in the show notes. And if you jump in, send me a message and let me know that you decided to join it because of the podcast because I love knowing how people find the community and why they decided to join. So my dudes, let’s go ahead and dive in to today’s episode. So in today’s episode, I’m going to be giving you five quick tips that will help you to boost your confidence because the truth of the matter is everyone every now and then needs a good boost of confidence. I don’t care if you are in Enneagram seven, who in my opinion are naturally very confident human beings. Or you are someone who is very shy and timid. We all need a confidence boost every now and then there are days of the week times of the month, moments in life that we just need a boost of confidence. And I wanted to share with you five tips that will help you to boost your confidence today or this week when you decided to implement them. So our first tip is very straightforward, okay, and probably something that your mom or your grandmother or maybe a teacher or ballet instructor or dance teacher probably has told you to do before and that is to stand up or sit up straight. There is a power behind pulling your shoulders down and back and sitting up straight whether you are at your desk or you are having a conversation with someone or you are doing a speaking event. When you stand up straight and you pull your shoulders back, you naturally instinctually open up to the audience that you are facing. Again, it could be a computer or it could be another person and you feel more powerful, you feel more you know in control, which will also to help you have more confidence because most times or sometimes I should say, lack of confidence can come from can stem from feeling a lack of control. And just by standing up straight or sitting up straight. If you’re like sitting at a desk talking to someone, you start to feel more in control because you are opening up your body to the room to the person you’re having a conversation with. And you are exuding this energy of you from you that says I’m here. Take me seriously, I’m showing you my power which will then lead to more confidence, right? Think about it and you can visualize this with me. If you are slumped over your desk, shoulders rounded typing an email to your boss who’s like up your butt again for some reason, shape or form. And you’re like okay, whatever bla bla bla bla bla I hate my life. I hate my job. Bob, and you’re slumped over, right? Or if you sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, and you put your arms out in front of you, the energy that will go into that email is going to be so different night and day I kid you not. So try this out if you are in a conversation, or you’re going into a meeting, or maybe you have to do a speaking event, or you have like a review or something, pull your shoulders down and back, sit or stand up straight and your energy, your confidence will change almost instantly. The next tip that I have for you is really great if you do have to talk to someone, if speaking, or even writing makes you a little bit nervous, it’s not something that you feel super confident in. My tip for you is to take a deep breath before you begin, just giving yourself that moment to pause is going to help your brain to take a step back and calm down, especially if you are feeling really anxious or stressed and give you that opportunity to collect yourself. And I want to just remind you that you can do this, even if you have someone sitting across the table from you. This is something that I try to practice whenever I am on a call with someone, or I may be doing a new client call back before like when I was like interviewing for jobs, just taking that initial breath to reset and to calm your mind will help you to collect yourself, pull yourself together if you are, you know, internally panicking, and go through the conversation or the task at hand with more peace. And again, when we talk about confidence. Sometimes our confidence wavers because we don’t feel in control or things feel really chaotic. And so this deep breath that we give ourselves this pause that we give ourselves before we start this conversation, before we start this task helps us to just lower the stress, lower the stakes, even just even if just a little bit you guys and helps us to move through that task or that conversation with more confidence because we feel more in control. 23 is the year where we become so insanely confident that other people feel our energy when we walk into the room. It is the year that we say yes to ourselves and doing the things that bring us joy. It is the year that we master our mindsets. So we can purposely pursue joy on a daily and are so obsessed with our lives that we will not and cannot shut up about it. If this sounds like the kind of year that you are ready to have Cudi girl, I have something just for you, I created the master your mindset guidebook for you to learn not only how to tap into the natural Joy’s around you, but also how to boost your confidence and make it stick. This guidebook is packed with the resources and tools that you need to be the girl on the street that other people are asking, Where does she get her confidence. And the best news is, it’s completely free. You can snag it the master your mindset guide book right now at living in sunshine.com/mindset. Master. And let me know what you think once you download it. Again, it’s living in sunshine.com/mindset Master no spaces. And once you download it, give me a shout out on Instagram and let me know what you think, my friend, you deserve to live a joyful and confident life. And this guide book will help you get there. Okay, so we are whipping right through these tip number three to help you boost your confidence in an instant, is to remind yourself of a time that you felt confident. I know and I am I sure I’m confident go to lunch get the joke that you have a moment in your life that you have felt confident that you can think of oh my gosh, I remember what I went to that party or I went to that bar or I was in that meeting or I had that proposal. And I just killed it. Like I showed up. I had my power pants on. I was you know striking a power pose. I had coffee that morning, I felt great. I looked hot. I felt superduper amazing. Like we all have those moments where we just know upon reflection that we nailed it like we killed it. And we were so confident and we can pull upon that energy if we give ourselves the 30 seconds to reflect on that that moment, right? We can instill in we can enact and insight emotions that we have felt in the past, just by thinking of them just by visualizing them, right? I know that I’ve done this exercise before, where I have you think about a time where you were really annoyed or really upset or really frustrated, right? You were just angry. Right? And you’re thinking about the person who made you angry or your dog does something stupid and that made you frustrated or you were late to work and you drop your coffee and all these things. Suddenly, the more you think about those moments that you were angry or frustrated or annoyed your body in this moment right now where you are like just J chillin on your own in your car. Let’s Turning to this podcast episode starts to get really heated and angry and annoyed. The same is true when you imagine or visualize a moment in your life where you felt confident, right? It’s the same thing, the same outcome. So if you are doing something where you don’t feel as confident, or you don’t feel as good about yourself, or you don’t feel as Sure, remind yourself and reflect and visualize, and this doesn’t take very long, it takes like 30 seconds, you guys, to remind yourself of a time where you felt so confident, you could have just went on fire, you were so hot, like you were ready to go. Speaker 1 10:38 It’s probably not the best visualization. Maddy 10:43 But you were so you just felt so on fire. So energized, so ready to go and use that energy from that past experience to get you through the moment that you’re in right now. Right? I do this all the time when I’m at the gym. If I’m feeling like super bloated or not super strong, or you know, a few days earlier, I lifted really heavy but like today, I’m like my arms are falling off, right? I use that energy from a few days ago. And I insight that in myself now to say you are so strong. All of these people are looking at you because they’re like, Oh my God, who is this girl, she’s so strong. Look at her benchpress Holy crap, right. And I use that to get through the moment in that that I’m in in that moment to feel more confident and more powerful about myself. Okay, three, down to two, go. Tip number four, if you need a confidence boost is to listen to your favorite pump up music. Music is so powerful and has the energy and the capacity to completely change our mood. I know for me, the week that I’m recording this, my husband has been out of town. And I’ve been listening to like the saddest Taylor Swift breakup music, when I’m not in a breakup, my husband’s not leaving me, he’s just on a business trip. But like, I’m sad, because he’s not around. And so I’m listening to that kind of music, which I know doesn’t help. But it aligns with the energy that I have in that moment. The thing is, is that if you’re not super confident, but you need to feel confident, just listening to music that has the energy that you want to have, will help to incite that energy in yourself. You can borrow some of that upbeat energy from the music that you’re listening to for yourself. And you can go through something and have all the energy and the confidence that you need. This is exactly why football teams soccer players, baseball players, like athletic teams, right, have pumped up music before a game because they’re trying to get all hyped and all pumped up for the game so they can win, you can do the same thing for yourself. So you can win quote, unquote win at your business meeting with your boss, or when you launch that new project or you start that new course or you say yes to a new opportunity, whatever it is right? Listening to music will help to boost your confidence in an instant. And if you need a playlist to listen to, I will link my favorites in the show notes. I’m a big Spotify person, I don’t know if anybody else is I do not understand why not everyone uses Spotify, because it’s my favorite music platform. But I’ll link my favorite Spotify playlists in the show notes for you in case you need a good starting point. And then the fifth and final tip for you is to visualize yourself as the kind of confident person you want to be. So I know that this is really similar to tip number three, but this is not calling upon a past experience. So visualizing is a really powerful tool that you can use when you want to be more confident or you want to change your life or you want to start a new habit or you want to have a conversation with someone, you can visualize almost any kind of experience you want or need to have. And it’s the same with having confidence. You can visualize yourself as your most confident being as your most confident form and start to make that person come to life right now before that moment actually happens. And you can do this by sitting at your desk or maybe if you’re driving down the road as long as you’re still paying attention. Please make sure you’re paying attention being safe. And you can ask yourself, Okay, who is the most confident form of myself? Well, to me, I picked a number to speak directly for me like me, me, Maddie me, the most confident version of myself. I picture myself wearing this incredible outfit of like overalls and the comfiest white sneakers. And my hair is curled. And I’m like talking to all these people. And I have like a cute purse or something. And I’m just happy like I just have this overall abundance of energy that I’m giving to other people and I am offering to other people around me and I’m speaking to them and I’m giving them energy and the kind I have confidence that I visualize for myself is the girl who trusts that what she’s doing is the right thing. And the girl who knows that what she’s doing is, is beneficial for other people. And I know that I can be that girl now, by wearing that outfit by speaking with the right kind of voice and intonation and tenor in my voice, by putting myself in opportunities where I have the chance to speak to other people, right? When you give yourself that time to visualize, you can then break it down and reverse engineer and say, Okay, I can be that part of that person now, by doing this thing that she does, right, and maybe you’re visualizing being the kind of girl who gets up early and drinks like a green juice and goes for a five mile run. I don’t know. That’s not my kind of morning. But if that’s your kind of morning, it could be right. And you do that you visualize that and then you say, Okay, well, I have it in me right now to wake up early. I don’t have money right now for the green juice. But I do have it in me right now to get up early, and maybe start to train to be a runner every single morning. You know what I mean? The same thing is true for your confidence. So visualizing yourself as the kind of confident person that you want to be will help you to instantly boost your confidence in this moment right now. And there you have it, five tips that you can use to give yourself a confidence boost right here. Right now. The easiest, cheapest, fastest one that you can do is going to be standing up or sitting up straight. So if you don’t take any of the other ones away, take that one away, because it’s literally something you can do right now. Like literally sit up, sit up in your chair, I hear my mom saying that stand up, stand up straight, and watch how your energy changes as you go through your day with solid posture. My friend if you try any of these five tips this week or today, send me a message over on Instagram, I would love to hear which one you tried and the outcomes that you saw from it. And if you don’t mind leaving the show a review. I would love for you to do that. I love reading your reviews and seeing your reviews every single week and they just make me so happy and smile. So so big. Until next week, my friends, I am sending you all the sunshine good vibes. And I hope you make it a great day. That is all I have for you today my dudes and I hope you love today’s episode. If you did, I would seriously appreciate it if you went and love the show or review and rating on whatever platform you’re currently listening on. For every review and rating that you leave it truly helps the show grow and reach more women just like yourself. If you had any major takeaways or aha moments, be sure to take a screenshot of this episode. post it to your social media stories with your biggest takeaways and tag me at living in sunshine so I can share it with my people as well. Again, thank you so much for hanging out with me this week. And until next time, I am sending you all the sunshine good vibes and I hope you make it a great day.