EPISODE 114: [INTERVIEW] Discover Your Secret Superpower in 60 seconds or less! Ft. Janice Cook

Everyone has a secret superpower within them that is just WAITING to be unlocked so they can use it to live a life they love. In today’s episode of the Living in Sunshine Podcast, I sit down with one of my favorite humans ever and online business manager, Janice Cook, and we break down what the four secret superpowers are of the Living in Sunshine community. Tune in to listen to how we came up with the four personalities, the business and tech behind our community survey, and why finding someone to help you in your business is always a good idea. 

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Welcome to the living in sunshine podcast if you don’t know who I am, my name is Maddie. And I am so excited to have you tuning in to our weekly podcast episodes, where we chat all the things from tips and tricks to funny stories from my life that have helped me to truly live in the sunshine. In this space, we are all about encouraging, inspiring and giving you the tough love that you need to hear sometimes to realize that you are totally made for more than what you currently have in life, and that you hold the power to make the changes that you need to level up and live your best self. So buckle up, grab some water and let’s get into it. Good morning. Good morning, my dudes and welcome back to the living in sunshine podcast in case you are new here. My name is Maddy, and I’m so pumped that you are tuning in for today’s episode. Today’s episode is a special one to me because I am sitting down with one of my very good friends and online business manager Janice Cook, Janice is someone who helps business owners find the feeling of peaceful productivity. She really helps you to sit down, figure out what your capacity is. And really make sure that you have things in place that help you to move the needle towards where you want to go in business, but also where you want to go in life. She is a systems strategist, Asana Pro and like I said one of my very, very good friends when it comes to business. So let’s dive in. In today’s interview, we’re talking about the living in sunshine personality survey, the ins and outs of that survey, we dive into the four personalities, what those things are, and why you need to take the survey today to get some really amazing things going forward from me and the living in Sunshine Community. So let’s go ahead and dive in to our conversation with Janice, I have put all of her information down in the show notes. She is a huge business asset. If you don’t already know of her or have contacted her. Do that today after today’s episode. I promise it’ll be worth it. Alright, let’s go ahead and dive into today’s interview. All right, so welcome back to the living in sunshine Podcast. I’m so happy that you guys are here we have a very special bonus episode. This is a five wednesday MONTH, which means we are doing an interview this month. And I have a very special guest on the show. Today we’re gonna be talking about the living in sunshine personality survey, which we’ve been kind of talking about diving into those four personalities all month long here on the show. But I wanted to bring on the woman behind the scenes who helped me even create and manifest and make this thing even happening. Janice cook she’s here. She’s my favorite human. You follow me on Instagram, you know that I would do anything for this human. I love her so, so much. So Janice, welcome to the show. I’m so

I’m so glad to be with you on the podcast today and doing this episode as a collab. We’re gonna have so much fun.

It’s the best. It’s the best ever. Okay, Janice. So I kind of did an intro for you before we got started. But can you please tell the people who you are, what you do, and how you support me and living in sunshine?

Absolutely. So I am a member of the living in Sunshine Community. I’m a member of the sunshine squad. And I also work as your online business manager, which means I do behind the scenes things. So anything that needs to happen for living in sunshine, that doesn’t absolutely have to be done by Maddy gets placed on my desk. And that’s how that works. So the way we open up Maddy to have lots of time to serve the people with her gifts in the world, is we’re always thinking every week, what unmad is played doesn’t absolutely have to be done by Maddie and we have to get it off her plate so that she has time to serve as many people as possible with her gifts in the world.

Yeah, and I’m so grateful. I’ve said it before. And I’ll say it again, I would lay down in front of a moving car for Janice, she truly is a secret super weapon like in my little arsenal of running a business. If you are someone who doesn’t have someone in your corner who just helps you to get all the things done, I encourage you to find that person. I’m super grateful. Janice, you and I have actually been working together now. Almost two years. Is that true?

Oh my god. I mean, you know, I’ve known each other for so long and so many people’s right hand man, right? He and woman’s story starts the same way where we have worked together in so many different walks of life, that we both think about your business 24/7 long before it was like an official contractual relationship. We talk business all the time, every time I listen to a podcast and I think you need to listen to this. Look at this idea. Look at this graphic. We send things back and forth so long. I think the start is really, really fuzzy. But I’m so grateful to be able to help in a larger capacity than they did at the beginning. Because we’re gonna be talking business all the way.

Yeah. So about a year ago, I came to you. It really has been about a year ago I came to you with this idea of doing a survey. And it was one of those things that I had seen other people do. And I was like, What do you think about the idea of me creating a survey can we chat about that whole initial like launch of this survey and kind of how it came to be Hi,

pulled it up in Asana because I was wondering the same timeline I saw in our like, summary of all our chats together, that I had, like vacation dates down for the summer. And I was like, Oh, my goodness, this was like a year ago, this was a gift that you wanted to have out for your community in the summer. And to help them get that clarity in that funky back to school season, which is almost like a second Happy New Year time for so many of us. And we’re trying to push that reset button and find our way in the world. And I think that we both have seen a lot of freebies in the internet that are like downloadable PDFs that end up in a graveyard that nobody takes action on because they don’t have any skin in the game. And they’re not really personal. And they’re really generic. And they’re not fun. If we’re being serious. Yeah, your community is so lively and so vibrant, and so fun. And you didn’t want to make them another boring PDF that was gonna go in their graveyard, you wanted to make them something that was free, and accessible and fast. But something that was truly going to change their lives, because your community is filled with action takers, who are really serious about building a better life. And so you have seen these online quizzes around we have taken millions of Buzzsprout quizzes. And we’ve seen them in other businesses, and we’ve enjoyed them ourselves. So it was time to learn about the strategy behind them and the marketing and we love to talk about those things. So we were like, what if we made one of these for the living in Sunshine Community?

Yeah, yeah. And it was so interesting to sort of go through that process, because we’re like, you know, what’s the end result? Who are we going? Like, who is this even for? What do we want this to be about? And it was such an interesting kind of back and forth and collaboration of creating this thing, right? I came to you because I was like, I have this idea. I literally have no idea how to put it all together. Would you help me do it. And it was a really great experience from start to finish, like coming up with the four personalities. We can talk about what those are really kind of diving into the nitty gritty of that I had a really great time coming up with like, the backgrounds and their personas of those four personalities, like what those people actually look like. And you’re right, it stemmed as something to give to my community give to our community, right, because it’s not my community, like I truly believe that the living in Sunshine Community is, this is gonna sound weird, but like a community community, like it doesn’t belong to and it’s not mine, right? Like, yes, I’m the person who’s kind of like, leading the charge if you would like leading the pack, but I really believe that it’s, it’s an us community, not on me community, which I think is really special, because I don’t feel like a lot of people do that these days.

And we’ve been in communities where everyone’s waiting for the guru to come in and like start the chatter and the daily thread. And your community doesn’t like that by the time you pop in after lunch, like, Well, you better catch yourself up to speed because you’re chit chatting all day and changing our lives.

I don’t even need to be here, which I love. Like I love that so much. But when it came to this, this survey, I wanted it to be something that was intentional, and something that was joyful, something that made people happy. So we intentionally included gifts and certain references to different parties, like Gilmore Girls and Taylor Swift. And we really focused it around the four personalities and who those people are, you know,

yeah. And so these are research driven market strategies, these types of quizzes. And so it was really cool to learn about the behind the scenes tech of it. And the goal is that the email you receive and while you’re taking this quiz, you’re nodding your head, you’re feeling seen and you’re raising your hand because you know you’re in the right place. And that was such an aligned goal that made sense for your community that a one page PDF on the internet does it do for you? It’s just feels so cold and so generic. And yeah, making your quiz was so fun. Because you were like, oh, there have to be Gilmore Girls in here. Yeah, this page has to have T swift and I was like, Oh, it does. Okay. Yeah, I didn’t know that. That’s really important to us. Okay, I guess we’ll do that. And I loved that it was that customizable, that we could bring your personality right into it. And the right people eight to 10 questions later, three minutes of their time later, they know instantly that their people are here, and you’re in the right place. And that’s such a cool feeling. And that’s why we love a bus white a bus pop quiz. We love to say like, what is your Harry Potter house? I have to know. We love to put ourselves in buckets with people that feel like us.

Yeah, yeah. So let’s let’s kind of digest what those four personalities are, because that’s really the core of this survey. Right? So we have the joy seeker. We have the purpose pursuer, the dream Chase Sir, and the happy hustler. And these are four people, four types of people that I truly believe, live and grow and thrive within the living in sunshine space. You and I kind of came up with these ideas together, we kind of had this initial idea of like what these people were, but I didn’t necessarily have a name to put to them. I was like, Okay, there’s this woman who she like knows what she wants to do. But she’s not really sure, like how to make that happen. I don’t really know. But it’s

so good for both parties to have a name because even when you’re interacting with other members of the community, you can be like, I know my dream chasers will relate. And the right people come to the conversation. Yeah, so I think having a name to put on things, you know, people like to say people like to put themselves in a mental health diagnosis, because it helps them find strategies that help them and find other people like them. I think this is the same sort of situation. It’s just a bass trap way to find your people. Have you ever felt

like the people in your life just don’t understand the dream that you have on your heart? Or even the desire that you have to be more joyful or intentional or even just plain happy? Like, life is good enough? Why do you need more? Right? Well, my friend if this is you, I have something special just for you. The Sunshine squad community is your go to place for that validation that you’re searching for, to know that you aren’t crazy for wanting more and that you aren’t alone in that desire either. This online community has grown to be filled with amazing joy seekers purpose pursuers, happy hustlers, and dream chasers just like you. In the sunshine squad community, you get continued guidance from me that you need to make your dreams a reality, a community of women who get it and the steps that you need to make your life something that you’re totally obsessed with. If you are ready to say yes to those things, you need to jump into the sunshine squad ASAP. And you can do so right now via the link in the show notes. If you do have questions on what the sunshine squad community is, or if it’s right for you, feel free to send me a DM over on Instagram. I would love to chat with you more about it over there. And my friend, I can’t wait to see you inside of the sunshine squad. Yeah, yeah. So if you’re like, Okay, explain these four personalities are Joy seekers are the women girls best acuity girls, whatever you wanna call yourself? Who kind of like have it all figured out? Right? Like, you’re good. You know, you have that kind of ideal life, if you would, but you just feel this like nagging sense that it could be better, right? And you’ve probably heard, well, life is so good. Why are you complaining? Why aren’t you happy? Like, why aren’t you fulfilled? Like, you have the kids you have the dog? You have the white picket fence, like your husband loves you, you have it all right, whatever, whatever it all might look for you. But there’s still that nagging feeling in your gut that just says like, I could have more like this could be better. That’s the joy secret Okay,

and it doesn’t have to make sense to everyone else. If you’re not happy. Your feelings matter and this is a place to work on that hole that you have

Yes, yes. 100% And then we have our purpose pursuers. So these are actually the smallest. Currently like the smallest if you would call them population, I actually have the results from like the survey like what people often get purpose pursuers our smallest group of women, but a purpose pursuer a, someone who just kind of feels like they’re, they haven’t found their purpose. It’s really very that simple. They’re just kind of going through life. They’re kind of going through the paces go through the motion, but they haven’t found that thing that really lights them up on the inside, that doesn’t really make them excited to get up in the morning and get started on whatever it is. That’s what a purpose pursuer is. And I personally love the purpose for sewers, because the age range for those women is so vast, right? We have women in that bucket who are like in their mid to late 20s, or even in their early 20s. We have women in that bucket who are like 55 Plus, right, like older women who who are still in this mindset, and the reason behind having the purpose pursuer is to teach women that it’s never too late to figure that out. And it’s never too late to put in the work and try to discover what that purpose is, you know. And now Gary

Vee talks a lot about how when you interview people who are elderly, they tell their stories, and they share their wisdom. But the one thing he always walks away from that conversation is they always talk about regret. They always talk about the things they wish they did as they start to near the end. And I love that he calls that out for us to say like, you don’t want that to be you. Like you have so much time left, but figure out what’s truly important to you We don’t want to we don’t want to leave the planet with any regrets at the end.

Yeah, yeah, that’s honestly, this is like such a side conversation my literal biggest fear I’ve said this to Lucas before, like, I do not want to wake up when I’m Dusty, crusty and like on my deathbed and be like, I wish I would have done this, you know what I mean? Like, I wish I would have, I don’t know moved into a camper van and driven across the world or started my own business or I don’t know, whatever it might be right. Like that’s literally the biggest fear. So that’s what the purpose pursuer is someone who knows that there is more for them in life. They’re just not sure what that is. And they’re still kind of on that journey to Discovery now. So Joy seeker purpose, pursuer. Our next one are our happy hustlers. And have you hustlers are my kind of people. I wish I’d be hustlers. You guys are the women on a mission man, I came up with this term happy hustler. Probably back during, like, 2019 2018 2019, long time ago now at this point. And it is the woman who is wanting to start something for her own, whether it’s a business or a side project, or side hustle or whatever. And she loves to work, but she loves to work and chase her dreams in a really sustainable and intentional way. Right? All the time we hear about toxic. What’s it called? So culture, like toxic soul culture, I guess. And that’s not what a happy hustler is, right? Like a happy hustler is the girly who works until 4pm. From eight to 4pm. She’s on she’s focused, she’s doing her thing. At 4pm. She pieces out and she like hits the beach, right? She’s gone. She’s taken her dog for a walk. She takes the weekends off. She’s not completely killing herself to achieve her dreams. She understands the power of yet, right, which I’ve talked about before on the podcast and over on Instagram. That’s what a happy hustler is. If that’s you, that’s probably what your personality is. If you are trying to build something of your own, build a business of your own, like Janice and I are both doing currently in life, right? You’re probably a happy Hustler, because you want to, you have that desire for it to be sustainable and joyful, you know, and really make it feel fulfilling and good. Instead of icky and overwhelming and stressful and anxiety ridden. Because no one wants that anxiety and stress gives you wrinkles and gray hair like no one wants that. Right? No one looks like a hard pass. Yeah, hard pass, big hard pass. And then our final personality is the Dream Chaser. And dream chasers are the kind of girl who has a big dream. But something in the process of chasing that dream is stuck. Right? So it might be her mindset. It might be feeling like she’s not sure what the quote unquote, right first step is to take. But she knows she knows what her dream is. Right? She knows what that is. She’s just not sure how to make that happen. And that’s, that’s what the dream chasers are, they are women who aren’t afraid to put themselves in new situations. They’re not afraid to get a little bit uncomfortable. But they just kind of need that guidance that map that step by step process and say, like, do this and then do this, and then do this. And that’s really what the four personalities are personalities are. And so if you are listening to this, and you’re like, I have no idea which one I am, I feel like I’m all of them. That’s why you take the survey.

And it’s such a cool group of people that works really well together. Because there are some people in this community who their superpower is laying out the path. Yes, deciding what the first next step is with clarity. And there’s other people who really wish they had a dream, but they don’t know how to nail down what it is they want to do. And those people can work together to support each other in the community to take the gifts that they have, and help them fill in the gaps for other people. Because all of these personality traits have things that are super easy and amazing about them and things that are really tough.

Yeah, yeah. And that’s, again, the beauty of these four personalities and their surveys because it all comes back to community. Right? You and I are very big on forming communities leaning on communities, using communities to learn and grow and be joyful and thrive. Right. And that’s you’re absolutely right, these four personalities when you if you were to have, you know two people or three people from each of these little buckets and put them in a room like we would all get along. We would all be able to learn from one another which I think is so cool because I’m a firm believer in never being the expert like I am not the expert. I do not know it all. I’m very open and honest about this, especially within our community, the sunshine squat community of being like, I don’t know the answer to this. I’m happy to figure it out. But I’m also happy to find an expert who does have it figured out and send you today Um, and that’s what these four personalities are, they are the opportunity to learn from other people, you know what I mean? And coming up with these personalities was really, again, like a collaborative effort between you and I. But I really feel like we’ve, we’ve landed on the four that are right for the loving attention community, you know? Absolutely. And

I just love that you find the clarity on which one you are, when you go through the survey. It takes like two minutes. Yeah. And then you know, you’re in the right place, and you’re so excited to meet more people like you. And that’s what happens every time someone introduces themself in the sunshine. It’s clap. I’m like, Ah, yes. Did you hear this is awesome. It makes it so much more fun to walk the paths that we’re on, as we achieve our goals, and the conversation, just get some more rich and juicy with the more people who come in, because this survey helps people know that they’re in the right place before they ever get inside your community.

Yeah, yeah. So let me ask you this, which in this current season, right, which of these four personalities would you say that you are?

So I am a happy hustler. But I got there because I was a joy seeker first. So I was a traditional public school teacher who, just like what you just said, Oh, my goodness, like on paper. My life was so awesome. I made very good money. I had summers off with my kids, I had a commute that was four minutes, it was like two right hand turns, yeah, made an above average teacher salary. I’m not one of those people who complained about that, gosh, on paper, my life was so awesome. But I was so miserable. I did it so much. And so if all the voices around you are like, your life is awesome, but you don’t feel that way. You deserve to have a space to be surrounded by people who say it’s okay to create something else. And so I became a happy hustler. Because rather than watch Netflix and eat popcorn at night, I honestly was happier. Reading about other side hustles. And figuring out how I was going to get out of this was I going to retire early like was that my plan was I going to do this was I going to do that. And it was more fun to me more self care feeling to have a little side gig so that it was something for me. And as that started to get bigger, I could trade my a bucket and maybe bucket and finally jump into a hustle that made me happier. But yeah, there had to still be boundaries. Absolutely. I resonate with that I still at three o’clock like you know, I love supporting your business, and we’ll chat with you around three o’clock. If you ask me a question that’s related to my computer. I’m like, Girl, I’m nowhere near my computer.

Talk to me tomorrow. That like I love that so much. I can say like, oh my God, I know. It’s 330 and you’re with your kids. But I have a really fast question.

And I just know that I’m nowhere near my computer. But if I can answer it here on my phone, like I’m here for social chatting of business, but if you need me to look at it on my big screen, I’ll see in the morning.

Yeah, yeah. 100%. And I love that. I love that you, you talked about the fact that you kind of have been multiple personalities, right, like and that’s the other beautiful thing about this survey and about these four personalities is, is that’s totally possible. And that’s totally normal, right to like transition from one to the other. Right? You’re not always going to be a purpose pursuer, eventually, with time, support and community. You’ll figure that purpose out, right? You’ll discover what that purpose is. And maybe that purpose is starting a business. Maybe that person’s purpose is starting a family or writing a book or moving to Spain, right. One of my very best friends is like seriously, considering just packing everything up and going to Europe and I’m like, Girl, please do it. Like I’ll come visit you give me a place to go like, somewhere in the Riviera. Yes, please. But

when people come into the community and their joy seeker phase, say like, Oh, I’ve been there, and it’s so worth it. Yeah. Oh, worth finding your thing. Yeah. Because you are going to get to that next step. And the weather over here is amazing.

It’s so good. Yeah, I love that. I love it so much. And it’s it’s so fun to I’m sure go through that transformation. I know that I’ve gone through that transformation of kind of transitioning between personalities, but to witness it is so magical. And I see that happening all the time inside of our community. And even just within DMS on Instagram, people are like, You’ve helped me get from here to here and I’m like, okay, you’ve gone from being a purpose pursuer to being a dream chaser. Your next step is to be someone who actually goes out and does those things. And it’s so, so freakin fun to watch and just be a part of I love it so much. It’s amazing. Okay, I have one question for you. Just briefly in case there’s anyone listening who is interested. Can you share because you did this grunt work okay. I have To get literally you guys, this survey would not be in existence if it wasn’t for Janet. It like would not have gotten done. Um, can you share the tech behind the survey kind of how you had to set it up? We can talk about the sock worm that we use because it’s in our in my understanding and experience pretty user friendly, a bit of a learning curve. But once you get it’s pretty easy. But can you just sort of share the tech behind setting up the survey? And then we can kind of chat about whether or not we have felt it’s been worth it in the living in sunshine business sense, because I know that I have business owners who listen and I think that this would be an interesting condo for them to hear.

Yeah, we looked around at the options, right? We brainstormed people we knew that had this type of survey in their business. And we looked at who was choosing this and who was choosing that there are some cheaper options there are so you know, and we man we love ballin on a budget over here. Yeah, we went with interact and interact definitely seemed like the industry leader. And it was hitting out of the park for reasons and when you’re it is a paid tool. But this was a big commitment of this was the exact freebie that was right for your community. And so we were willing to take on that cost. And honestly, it’s been worth every penny on my side as far as choosing that as a tool. Because joining the tech on the back end, they walked you through exactly what to do in what order and they told you why. So it seems so much of that like researching and Google University, it was like did you know you need to build the end of this survey first. I was like, I did not know that thing. You’re telling me and they’re like, here’s why. Here’s your goal. Here’s what you need to find clarity on, here’s how you do it. And I was like, Oh, good. Oh, please hold, let’s do it. And then we would build the end. And then it was like, and then next thing is you need to do this. Because here’s why. Okay, and then we will do it. So yeah, my job as the behind the scenes person is to do that research. So you don’t have to, and to learn these tech skills. So you don’t have to, because for you to do this in your business once. This is not a tool you need to have in your toolbox. It’s just not something that’s a good use of your CEO time. Yeah, but they had to such a user friendly like a tizzy process. And then there were a couple of places that we had some choices about whether we were going to use automations, or how we were going to connect it to your email marketing software in the end. And so that’s where we start to bring in some CEO hands to be like, Well, I have researched your two options, here are the pros and cons. But some of these are money decisions. And some of these are backend tech that are above my paygrade. So I had to take it across the finish line. But we use the interact as the platform, it is a paid tool. And it’s totally worth it because it is a way to serve your community in the way they need to be served.

Yeah, and I would say from the CEO perspective of this, and this is something that Janice has really taught me, in almost literally two years of working with her because 2021, May of 2021, it was for something totally different. But I brought you into my business and you’ve never left. I can’t let you go, um, is is that distinction of CEO tasks and non CEO tasks. And I knew in the season that I was wanting to create the survey that creating it wasn’t a CEO task. I also knew that it wouldn’t be something that brings me joy. And I also knew that I could probably find someone better to help me set this thing up. And we worked on it collaboratively. And so my point of saying this is, if you listening are someone who is starting a business or you’re at the foundation of your business, and you’re worried about outsourcing, or you’re worried about handing tasks off to someone else, it’s almost always better to do so than to not do so. I know that there have been situations and seasons where maybe you’ve tried this before, the person you tried to hand your task off to wasn’t a good fit, that does happen. But it’s something that I’ve never regretted handing a task off to someone else and say, Can you please help me do this and get this done. So that way I can do this other thing, because I think sometimes as business owners, especially as female entrepreneurs, we kind of get trapped in that mindset game of if I can’t do it all that I’m not good enough, or I’m not smart enough, or I’m not successful enough. And that’s so not the case. For so many of us, we really truly just need a helping hand to get across that finish line right to get across and in from the business owner perspective of having a survey and kind of the results of having a survey. We formed and launched this survey in July of 2022. So last year, and it’s been completed over 215 times in a year. That’s more than any of that’s that’s honestly more than all of my other opt ins combined in terms of a completion rate. In a signup rate, right? So as a business owner, if you have been considering a survey, and if you were like me, and you heard all of these big names telling you create a survey, do a survey, you should have a survey. It’s the easiest. They’re not wrong. They’re not wrong. Like that’s, that’s very sound advice, in my opinion. And then again, it just full transparency not to make this all about business. But I really only have this survey in a few spaces, right? We share it probably once or twice a month on Facebook. Is that accurate? Like not super often, I talked about it on Instagram, I have it linked in my Instagram bio. Um, and I think there’s like one Pinterest pin floating out there in the universe. But like, that’s it right. And I posted that pin like a year ago, right. But it’s also

like social shareable content, where if I take this quiz, I immediately find out my personality type. And I want to share it with for people who are like me, because I want to know what result they got. So it’s a cool way to allow people to take on some of that market sharing

also. Yeah, yeah. And so I just my point of this is that one, don’t be afraid to outsource if you have to, and when you need to, because it will help in return. And to if you have been considering putting together a survey, I would say go for it. Because an 86.8% conversion rate is pretty dang good for a freebie. And I would say that it’s been well worth it. Taking in, you know, the investment put into it in terms of business growth,

and even just as graphing that you pulled today so that we could see that like the purpose pursuers were the smallest, like slice God pie. Having that kind of data is so important when you play on podcast content. When you plan the next sunshine squad topic. It’s like, well, who are the people in my community? Okay, I have a lot of these who just joined, let me do some focused content just for them. And so it’s really helpful to keep a pulse on your community, because that pie chart graph is going to ebb and flow over time. Yeah. And it’s worth it to have a little bit of tech in the background that can tell you that. I love that you practice outsourcing and whether it’s a laundry service or my Instacart habit. There are so many places we can outsource in our life. But I think the one of the really interesting takeaways for me as we stepped into this project was that I as your support team member had never built one of these before to a year ago. That was true. It’s not true anymore. I’ve actually built a couple of these now. But we talked about how we absolutely could have found you someone who already knew how to do this, they probably could have done it faster than I played home in the summer with my kids, because this idea came to when I was like wrapping up my focus work died. I’m leaving for vacation, and then you have a conference and my kids are home and you want this done before all of that ends. And I don’t know if I’m your girl. Yes, no, I don’t know if I’ve, I’ve never done this. But I am a member of your community, a huge cheerleader for your brand. And it was such an honor to write these types of questions to talk to other people in the community. So there’s always those decisions to make I love that you talked about finding the best fit. The best fit isn’t always the cheapest person is it always the person who can do it faster. It isn’t always the person who has the most experience. But we love to bring together a menu of choices. We definitely could have found someone for you that could do the tack of this. I don’t think it would have been collaborative. And I don’t think it would have been as fun.

No. And that’s what I mean by finding the right person. Like even as someone who works as a service provider to other business owners as in part of in my other business. Like the best fit is someone that you get along with the best fit is someone that you want to talk to as often as possible. Because when you are in this kind of position, you talk to that person a lot. Obviously, the best fit includes someone who you know, can either figure out the work or do the work and can do it well and do it for the money that they’re asking you to pay them. But I really think that the reason this was a good fit, even though you had never done this before, was because you and I just again, like we get a lot and we’re very collaborative human beings especially together. And it was such a blast. And I’m so thankful that you did this.

I think you just want to fill your outsourcing bucket with people who want you to win. And so like at the end of the day, like you knew I wasn’t going to get halfway and be like, Oh, I hate this. Nevermind. Like I had to get this to the finish line with you because this was important to your brand and your brand is important to me. So you’ll find those cheerleaders out there in your life as you bring people in and let them help whether it’s on the home front or on the business brand. Team outsourcing all the way.

Oh my gosh, yes. It’s literally been the biggest like adult unlocking I’ve ever experienced, which is outsourcing the stuff that you don’t want to have to do.

Yeah. Or you said the key word for me was this will never get done. And those are the things I outsource for me like could I write a blog post just in theory, it will literally never happen. You know that I got someone in my business last week for a tech build. I have a list on my desk. And when it feels like a half a day of work, I have a unicorn that I call and I’m like, bless your heart. I will literally never get to anything on this list. And she just has a notepad on my desk. Like these are things that I would literally would never happen.

Yeah, yeah, that’s that’s exactly what it was with this survey. Okay, Janice, I have one question for you. I asked all of my podcast interviewers this question, if you if someone listening is saying, oh my gosh, I wish I could have my own business like her. I wish I had the time flexibility to spend the afternoons with my kids. I wish I had this. She’s so awesome. I want to be like her. What would you tell those people?

Oh, my goodness. Well, I hope they’re already in the sunshine squad. Because it’s the kind of stuff we talk about all the time. I would also say that if I’ve ever painted a picture that it’s super glamorous and perfect, incorrect. It’s super hard. It’s super hard to balance it all whether you’re in any of these personality type seasons, but you also have to just start, you have to take on things and try them on like yoga pants and see if you absolutely love doing them. Or if you’re like, Well, I’m going to do this, but I’m never going to do it again. You have to find out what you love by doing things you love less. So you can’t be afraid to dabble and try things. One time tasks are amazing. Every time you work with another human you learn what kind of humans you like working with things driving you crazy. Yeah. And that’s part of the journey. And so I one of my catchphrases that I always say to Maddy is I know there’s a lesson to learn here. Whenever I’m in a frustrating situation, I always think the universe and we this person or this situation, because I need to learn something from this. And that will help me make better choices in the future. But it’s easy when you’re sitting in the happy hustler chair to just take action and just start. But I also know there’s a lot of people that don’t even know where to start. So there’s some people that are just like, I don’t know where to start, but I’m gonna do something. For people who get frozen until they’re positive. It’s the right next step. So don’t be afraid to reach out for like a one time clarity call. And just be like, here are the dreams I think I have here are the things that are on my radar. A there might be better things that I don’t know about or be like, in your opinion. What’s the first next step? Which one of these sounds like a more viable option? And being a thought partner with someone you can learn the lessons that they’ve seen and the life that they’ve lived and be like, I know someone who did that there were some things that were awesome about it. Here’s some here’s some food for thought.

Yeah, yeah. I love that. I love it. I love it. All right, my favorite human ever. Where can people find you stalk you become obsessed with you just like I am

on Instagram? Are we all on Instagram all the time? Yeah, my DMs are literally always open on Instagram. I am T Bucha teacher, Janice VA not because I live in Virginia. But because I work in the virtual assistant space. And I’m happy to talk about all things systems balance, just being a human. I’m here for all of it. And my DMs are always open and I love to connect with members of the community.

Ah, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for the survey. Thank you for all of your knowledge. I’m so appreciative for you.

If someone’s listening who hasn’t taken the survey, ya know, sounds like their next step or they took this survey while we were talking.

Yes, it’s literally linked in the show notes in case you haven’t already taken it. It’s right down there. You can also find it over on Instagram. It’s all there for you there. Dennis, thank you so much for your time today. I appreciate it. Thanks

for chatting.

That is all I have for you today. My dudes and I hope you love today’s episode. If you did, I would seriously appreciate it if you went and left the show a review and rating on whatever platform you’re currently listening on. For every review and rating that you leave it truly helps the show grow and reach more women just like yourself. If you had any major takeaways or aha moments, be sure to take a screenshot of this episode posted to your social media stories with your biggest takeaways and tag me at living in sunshine so I can share it with my people as well. Again, thank you so much for hanging out with me this week. And until next time, I am sending you all the sunshine good vibes and I hope you make it a great day.