EPISODE 130: [INTERVIEW] How to Support Your Mental Health as an Online Entrepreneur with Abby Long (The Type B SLP)



You know those people who seem to “have it all” online? A big following, a successful business, all the things? Well, so often what you don’t see is that behind the scenes, that online entrepreneur is actually really struggling. In today’s episode of the Living in Sunshine podcast, I sit down with Abby Long from The Type B SLP and chat about what it’s like to own an online business while also actively supporting your mental health. 


*As a heads up, we have an audio quality shift around minute 24 due to technical difficulties. So sorry for this!*


I loved this conversation with Abby because she shares what actually happens behind the scenes in a real and candid conversation. I hope you love it too! 








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Maddy 0:01 Hey bestie, and welcome to the living in sunshine podcast. I’m your host, Maddie fry. And around here we are all about encouraging, inspiring, and giving you the tough love that you need to hear to get out there and live as your best self. Each and every Wednesday, you can expect to learn tangible tips to help you find your bigger purpose. be given simple action steps that you can take in order to make progress toward your biggest dreams. And hear how you can purposely pursue joy on the daily. So sit down, grab your favorite drink, and let’s have a girl chat. This is the living in sunshine podcast. Good morning. Good morning, my dudes and welcome back to the living in sunshine podcast. Happy Wednesday. I am so excited that you are here today for today’s brand new living in sunshine podcast episode, because I had the honor to sit down and chat with a very good friend who also in full disclosure is a client of mine. We do have a working relationship but at this point, I feel like we’re also pretty good friends. And I am super excited because today’s interview is with Abby long from the Type B SLP. Over on Instagram. Abby is actually a pediatric speech therapist, speech language pathologist and business owner who has been serving preschool in school aged clients for the last eight years. And she’s also just began her own private practice in Brooklyn, New York. Her her husband and their cute little puppy Ziggy just recently moved and relocated to New York, New York City. And I think that is so amazing. New York City is one of my favorite places ever. And she is also on top of building her own private practice is running her own online platform and community selling resources for SLPs to make their life a little bit easier, which I think is amazing. So I’m super excited. In today’s episode, we’re chatting all about running multiple businesses while also taking care of yourself. Abby has been an advocate for mental health and overall mental health advocacy and awareness for a really long time, which has always been super inspiring to me. And something that has given me the courage to share my own mental health story publicly online, in my community on Instagram, all the different places. And so she’s she’s a really inspiring person to me. So go ahead and go grab some coffee or a water grab your puppy because Abby and I are diehard dog moms to the core. And let’s go ahead and dive into this interview with Abby long from the Type B as Opie. All right. Hello. Hello, Abby, thank you so much for coming and being on the show with me.

Abby 2:32 I’m so excited to be here.

Maddy 2:34 Okay, so in my little intro, I did mention and I feel like this should be said that Abby and I do have a working relationship. She is someone who I support her business in a multitude of ways. But Abby, if you don’t mind, could you please share with my audience a little bit about who you are, what you do, and all those things?

Abby 2:53 Yeah, of course. Also, Maddie, we’ve been working together for, like, two years. We started at the beginning of 2022 coming up on two years. And that while it’s it’s yes, I see. As you said, I was like, wait, I need to share it’s been a while now. Yeah, no, yeah. So I’m Abby, I’m the type B SLP. On Instagram. I am you know, my, my main. My main job is a speech therapist. Right? That’s kind of, you know, my my craft, I’ve been an SLP. This is my eighth year that I’m in now as an SLP. But on the side, and I say side and Maddie would say this is your full time job. I am also a resource creator for speech therapists. So let’s see, I’ve been doing that sense. I would say I’ve been taking it as a serious, you know, actual job since probably 2019. But I’ve had my Teachers Pay teacher’s store since 2016 2017 in there, and if you’re not familiar with TPT it’s a place for teachers and speech therapists and OTs and PTs, any type of educator educator to come in and be able to buy from other educators. So I create obviously, my niche is speech therapy, but even niche down more is school age and preschool. So I kind of have that that balance where I’m doing resource creation and I’m also a speech therapist But then on top of that I’m also doing social media I’m keeping up with you know, my audience I’m I’m making connections with my audience. So I kind of have that third piece in there as well. So, you know, day to day those are my three hats that I wear.

Maddy 4:52 Because wearing one hat is not enough, right and never right never enough.

Abby 4:57 Never an entreprenuer we don’t wear just one hat ever

Maddy 4:59 Ever, ever, ever. Okay, so then since we’re talking about the number of hats that you wear, how would you you can you share with us kind of how you manage to run multiple businesses? Because really, as someone who knows your business, you do have three separate businesses, right? You have your, your SLP life, you have your online resource creator life, and your social media in itself is kind of like a part time job. It is it is no joke. So how do you kind of manage all of those things? And, and make sure it all gets done?

Abby 5:35 I think there’s, um, I think there’s kind of two ways I look at it. I think, you know, when I first realized, like, wow, Instagram has become truly a third job. And I say Instagram, because that’s, you know, that’s really where I put a lot of my focus on, you know, versus, versus other platforms. But I think in that I also lump email, you know, being able to connect to my audience through email, and having, you know, having that kind of piece into the I don’t want to say social media, but I think that’s really where I’m able to connect to my audience. Yeah. So once that once I kind of realized like, whoa, okay, this really is a third job. I’m having, you know, to balance being a speech therapist, and doing all of that, where I’m seeing my kids, and I’m doing that paperwork, but then I’m also creating materials, but then I’m also needing to show up on social media. Yeah. And I think at first, when I was like, this is truly a third hat. I kind of viewed it as three separate things. Yeah. And I really had to, I really couldn’t blur the line. So I couldn’t, I couldn’t wake up on it on a, you know, when I was working full time, I was really doing my TPT product creation on Saturdays and Sundays all day, like I would, I would work so much. And I would log in on a Saturday to start product creation. And I knew I could not get on social media that that morning or that day, I really had to separate the three. Most jobs I really do. Because it really is what it what it comes down. Yeah, it is. So I would have to, you know, really separate and say like, nope, today is a product creation day. So I need to put my focus there. Sunday is a lot of times Sunday’s by like one o’clock, I needed to switch gears to my SLP hat. And I needed to start to prepare for my week for my speech, kids. Yeah. And so as soon as I as soon as I logged in, you know, to to my SLP hat, I had to say, Okay, we’re done with product creation for this day, I need to put it away, I need to put my you know, put put that hat away. So that was a big help for me for for balancing. I mean, I don’t want to say I always did it very well, because it’s hard. It’s hard to realize. That is, um, especially as my Instagram started to grow, once it did start to grow, and it was kind of like, okay, holy crap. Like, I have so many comments coming in every day, I have so many DMS and questions coming in every day, once it got to a certain point. That is actually when I when I was like, You know what, I need to bring someone on my team? Yeah, I feel like can kind of be my voice and come in and help me manage all of those things, you know? And that that now has been two years because that’s about when, when you came on? Yeah. You know, because that is when I think around 2020 to 2021 is when you started to really grow. And I think it’s it’s hard. You know, obviously I have a lot of friends who do what I do as well that they’re business owners, but they’re also speech therapists or OTS or PTS, but then they also have that social media piece. Yeah. And I know for some people like that is hard to give up. Yeah, you know, it’s hard to say, Man, I really like to have control my Instagram. I like to I like to connect with my audience. And I do love those things. And I had to decide what part of my business I could give up a little bit. Yeah, to help the other part of my business. Yeah. So I think it was those two things. It was really just try to separate you know, this, this chunk of time I’m spending here which means I can’t go over and suddenly say, You know what, I’m gonna go check Instagram because then you’ll be on there for for two hours. Two hours. A product creation time. Yeah. Which which you need to make money for your business. Yeah, that was kind of the first thing I had to learn and then I had to learn down the road. You know what I do need help. I can’t do it all. Yeah, I tried and I got burned out and I had to I had to get help.

Maddy 9:46 Yeah, yeah. So I wonder then is what was that breaking point of? I’m burned out I can’t do this SOS. I’m a sinking ship. I need help someone like I’m done trying to Uh, you know, hold my pride or, or put on a strong face or whatever it is like we all have those moments where we’re like, I can do this. I’m strong. I don’t need anybody sounds like I’m a woman hear me roar, but like, eventually we all get there, especially as entrepreneurs, we’re like, my house is burning down around me and it’s my fault. Please call the fire department because I need support. So what was that? That like? What was that moment for you? Like, what made you finally say, Okay, I can’t do this all on my own. Someone. Please. Help.

Abby 10:27 Yeah, that’s so accurate. Because I did push it off for a long time. Just, I was like, No, it’s my business. Like, it’s nice, baby, which I think yes, if you’re an entrepreneur, that’s how you feel. 100% It’s your that’s your it’s your thing. It’s you started it, you grew it, you you, you know, you started probably from nothing, or from from very little even knowledge, and you grown and you learn and you so it was really hard. And honestly, for me, it was it was the physical piece that was happening to me, due to my anxiety. Yeah, truly, it was like, and I think at the time, I didn’t know, that was I think at the time, I was just like, quite anxious. You know, I’m anxious from COVID I’m anxious because I have deadlines. I’m anxious because I’m, I just took my, you know, 60 student caseload from from in person to virtual. Yeah, overnight. Yeah. So I think, you know, I think for me, I was like, No, I’m just, you know, it’s just this is normal stress. But yeah, looking back now, I totally am like, Oh, my God, there’s so many signs. Yeah, that, that, that it was so much more than that. And it was a lot of, you know, I was having a lot of stomach issues. That was a huge one. Like, I could not eat because I was having so many. Just just so much all day stomach pain, like not normal. Not. Yeah, I was having hair loss. Like, hello, like, what a huge red flag. I was, I was very cranky, like nothing. I was working all the time. And I it was like, even when I would step away from work and do like a date night with my husband, or we would have Movie Night. I never felt like I was actually in the moment enjoying it. I was always thinking like, Oh my God, no, I should be posting on Instagram, oh, I should be making content for you know, this product that’s coming up that I want to that I want to put into my email. Just constant like, could not turn my brain off. Yeah. And I think I had to get to that breaking point. Which sucks because that’s the opposite, right of what you want to you don’t want to get to the point where it’s almost too late. And now you have to reel back the other way. And so for me, it was it truly was. All of those physical things kind of just almost like exploded, my stomach got to the point that I was seeing the doctor all the time, because I was like, something’s wrong with me. Like I need. I need help some there’s something there’s no way I can just be having a having stomach pain and issues like every single day. That’s something Yeah. Yeah. So that was that was one and then like I mentioned the hair. And then like just some weird hormonal things that were going on. And I was like, this still doesn’t feel normal. Like, you know, I was going to the gynecologist and like, this isn’t this these things don’t feel like they should be happening. And then finally, honestly, I because everything kind of just all of a sudden happened. I reached out to like, oh my gosh, probably like six therapists and I was desperate. And I was like, I need help. I’m a business owner. I think I’m on a really bad path. Yeah, and I need I need help. And so I started seeing a therapist who is amazing and wonderful. Yeah, and after just like two sessions with her, she kind of was like, I think you need some help. And you’re like, I think I think we need to decide what can we give up? You know what, what is not worth this? Yeah, like, all of this is like truly, like, not normal. So yeah, that and that sucks that it got to that point. But I think now now like as I have moved forward, I now can have some of those like, like I know when it’s coming. Yeah, and I Oh, yeah. You know, like now I have some of those red flags that will start to pop up and I know like Okay, listen, I gotta reel back I gotta give some more to Maddy. Right yeah. You know, and I think that is important. Yeah, as an entreprenuer to really pay attention to like, is this healthy is what I’m feeling and doing and the way my you know, mental health is reacting to all this time I’m putting into this is this is this the right trajectory? Like is this a healthy place that I’m heading into or do I need to step back a little bit? Do I need to just take a weekend off? You know, I need to do I need to take a Sunday and do a total like me day yeah. And I know like, that can even sound a little bit corny, but I think that was really helpful for me to start listening. Yes. What my brain and my body were Yeah. Yeah. And I hate that I hate that, you know, for entrepreneurs, it is difficult to find that, because I think we’re all or nothing type, or like, I want to go all in 100%. And I’ve really had to learn to not do that anymore.

Maddy 15:25 Yeah. So, and I think part of that, I think part of that reason is that we have that mentality of it’s all or nothing is because of what we see online. 100%, like, almost entirely, right? Because 25 years ago, I mean, heck, 40-50 years ago, when you started a business, what did you do, you’d go, you’d rent out like a storefront, and you’d put your money into it, you’d see what happened, right? But now, it’s so easy for anyone to become an online business owner or an online entrepreneur, whatever title you want to identify as. And now you see, oh, this person’s making like $20,000 a day, oh, this person’s hit their million dollar market for years. And it’s it’s always in your you’re right, it’s always in your face. And I think that that that, that 100% adds fuel to the fire. So I wonder, and I’m sure this would be helpful to hear for other people who are either entrepreneurs or not, right? How and kind of how long did it start for you to sort of build and grow that self awareness to notice those red flags, right? Because so often we can hear oh, I am in tune with myself or Oh, I kind of started but how? And how long did that take? Because this is something I talked about to within living in sunshine is being really in tune with yourself. Sometimes people are like, I literally don’t know how to do that. Because I’m so in my brain. So what did that look like for you? How do you do that? As someone who’s been kind of on this journey for a few years now?

Abby 16:51 Well, I’m very type B. Maddy knows this about me. So she probably has a very type A like wonderful way of tracking. Yes, I will be honest, it is a note in my notes app. And whatever works for me. I tried other things. I was like, No, this is what works. Yeah. So for me, I let me think of a good example, because I just had to do this recently. Oh, it was when we were. So I just moved to New York City. So we knew your sense. Oh, gosh, since June, yes. May, maybe May, June in there. We knew that this move was going to be coming. We had to sell our house, we had to go through showings, we had to go through a couple of issues that popped up. And during that time, I’m juggling all these other hats, right? Yeah, everything else is going on. And then I’m dealing with the stress of this. And also on top of all of that was like this unknown of moving to the city. I didn’t have, I didn’t have like a specific job lined up in in terms of like speech therapy. And I really want flexibility with that job. So like, there was all of that on top of everything. And I started to notice some of those physical triggers that were that were happening. Yeah. So I pulled I would pull up my notes app. And I would say, literally, like simple as can be. And I would put the date and I would write you know, woke up with, you know, this physical symptom happening. Yeah. And then But then the other thing, I think that’s helpful to make sure we do like, it’s great to track those things. I think that was something like my therapist really helped me with she was like, I want to know, like, when you when you come home from work, what are what physical things are we feeling? What are we feeling after dinner? But on top of that, I also started trying to track like, Okay, I came home from work, I shut down, you know, I shut down work actually shut it down. Because I tend to come home from work and continue working. Yeah, um, which I know many of us probably do. Yeah. So I would come home from work, shut down work. And I would go for a walk, or I would make dinner with my husband or I would sit and veg out on the couch with him for two hours. And we’d watch sopranos or something, you know, yeah. And I was I was trying to also track those things. Because, truly, then what I would do, I would come in to my therapist, and I would say, Okay, here’s, here’s how I was feeling for the past week where I know my stress levels are high. I’m PMSing I mean, that’s a big that’s a big trigger for me.

Maddy 19:26 Oh, yeah.

Abby 19:27 You got a few things right. coming into play, right, like we’re moving we’re, this week has been super stressful because we we had been like, we had we had a we had to like empty out the house so that they could stage it and all that. So that week was a really stressful week I was getting my period I was having all these physical symptoms and then I was sharing this with her. But then she also was able to help me reflect and say like, okay, but let’s talk about what did help, like, did sitting on the couch for an hour actually help or let’s look how you felt the next day. And I was noticing like physical exercise was a big one that was helping you love just kind of keeping track of like, seeing friends and family like how did that make me react and usually that was helpful usually was helpful to be able to just like, go over and spend an hour with my nieces. So mine is a very Type B to be way of tracking it because I don’t have anything special. And I just Yeah, well let me like if you pull up my notes, have you been what is all like? Just like super random, you know, random notes, but they’re my own little system and they work. So I think just getting a type of system where you can start to kind of keep track of those things. Yeah. And then when they come up again, that’s when I know now I can go back and be like, Okay, I talked to my therapist, we had decided, like, going for a 40 minute walk is really what helps when these physical triggers start to pop up. So just just kind of it took a while. I don’t want to say like, Oh, I did this for a week. And it worked. Yeah, I’ve been I’ve been doing this since before you and I started working together. So yeah, over two years now that I can’t do this. But it helps so much, because now I know, it’s always perfect. I’m not gonna say this every time like I yeah, really every time. It’s still hard. I’m still working on it. But it is so much easier now to say to my husband even just say like, you know what? I’m feeling these triggers coming out. Yes, I need to take a break. I mean that I mean, and sometimes I even have to ask him like, I need you to take me out of the house on Saturday. And we do something on my mindless. Yep. So that has been I know you can really? Yes. That is what it has helped with. It has really helped to say like, this is what I’m experiencing. Yes. Is what I what I need.

Maddy 21:51 Yeah, I just like to underline the communication part with a partner because I do the same thing with Lucas all the time. And for some reason, for me talking about it face to face is really uncomfortable, but I will text him and I’ll be like, I’m having a sad day. Like, I’m just I’m feeling kind of sad. And he’ll be like, we call those heavy days. We say that having a heavy day today. Yeah, yeah. And then he’s like, okay, so how do you want me? Do you want me to help you? Do you want? Do you want me to sleep? Leave you alone? Get me to go do something like last week, where literally, I was literally like, I just feel like, I need to go for a walk on the beach because I live in Charleston. He’s like, okay, let’s, let’s go to the beach, get your work done. And then we’ll go to the beach. And I was like, Okay, thank you. We love we love husbands who are supportive and are just like, what do you need? Let me help you.

Abby 22:35 Yeah. And even even if you even if you didn’t have that, like, that is such a, like, that’s such a green flag that you know, that you could be like, Okay, in this moment right now, like, that’s what I would put on my little my little note track. I think something like, okay, I can tell right, on this day on October 28 that I need to step out of my house tonight. I cannot leave work, leave work and just stay in living room like I took it up. So even just that is is huge. Like, yeah, and it does take and I’m sure this didn’t happen instantly with you either that you were like, I need other house. Like, take pride. Yeah. And time, you know. And I think just like that would be a good a good opportunity to even track and say, like, we walked on the beach. And this is how I felt after and then the next day, I had a super productive like clear day. Great. And even like, I have learned to the down to the point of like, when I’m PMS thing like that the two weeks before I give myself like the easiest, like no brain work type of. Yeah, yeah. It ain’t gonna happen. Like, ya know, my body now that I have learned. And for me, it’s kind of like, I don’t know if you feel sad, too. But sometimes it’s like, okay, like, it’s almost like a relief that I know that Yeah. Myself, like, you don’t have to have 90 minutes of crazy intense focus to finish a project because you’re PMSing so give yourself a break. And that has helped me a lot.

Maddy 24:16 So as I say, I know that your business and your online community grew relatively fast over a couple of years. And I know that when that happens, we kind of get this influx of people feeling like they know us or they’re following our story. And we suddenly have these like expectations from these random strangers on the internet. And I’m wondering, how did you manage that influx of people because your business in the grand scheme of businesses grew very quickly over the span of like 2, 3, 4 years, right? So I’m wondering how as an entrepreneur, you kind of dealt with that influx of of people while also So supporting and, and managing your, your mental health and all of those things.

Abby 25:04 I think for me, I just was honest about what my own mental health was like. Yeah, I remember, even before COVID, because COVID, I think is definitely when my Instagram grew up. You know, like I was having numbers over, like 40 to 50,000 is when, during COVID ism when I got this huge influx. And but I remember even before then I had always been very open about like, I’m having some anxiety, I’m struggling with this, which is that which actually, I think it’s also why, when all like really hit me, it really hit me hard, I think, honestly, like, that’s why I felt open with being like, I need therapists. Now. I need someone to help me now. Because I was getting I was hurting conversation with people on Instagram, because I was being very transparent about my struggles with anxiety and mental health. Yeah, that by the time it came for me to find a therapist, I was very ready and very, like, I can do this, because I know those things are difficult. It’s difficult to talk about mental health, it’s difficult to talk about, you know, things that you’re struggling with. I think sometimes I get this impostor syndrome, like, No, I’m just running a business that shouldn’t be, you know, all these anxious, worried that we all we all deserve to get the help that we need when we need it. Yeah. So I think, you know, I had always been very transparent about that. So when I did have the times when I needed to kind of pull back, people were very understanding of that. You know, like, what if I just needed to say, like, you know, what, I’m taking a few days, and I need to, I need to step back, and I just need to do my own thing for a few days. People don’t really great about that. Yeah, um, and I think it just, it just comes down to really, you know, being true to who you are, and B, being the, I think, for my Instagram, I do, I want my Instagram to feel like a place where I would want it to be. Yeah. And that has been kind of my life mission since I started years ago. And that has helped a lot. I really do think that’s a good way for me to balance when I am getting to the question where I’m getting lots of requests, or like, asking somebody that I am like, you know, like this too much. I knew their career setback. But then also when that is like, also when I learned I can hire someone to help me do these things. Yeah. And yeah, that was, that was a big, that was just really helpful point for me to come in my business. Yeah. With the help of my therapist, but yeah. It did take a lot off a wave. And it really did help me grow to I think, like, people want to be able to connect and make almost like friendships and on social media, and it’s over a phone. But I do love to have that connection piece. Yeah. And it’s a matter of me saying like, already Maddy, go ahead into my hands and just send some links that people are looking for. Yeah, that’s gonna make someone else’s day. And I think that you kind of have to start reviewing. Like, I’m giving up my business. I’m not giving up. Actually, just, I’m trying to help my audience more. Right. Yeah. Well, also taking care of my own mental health. Yeah. So it’s important. You know, I’ve you know, that kind of like both sides. I’m getting a benefit for Yeah, you know, both sides are benefiting me.

Maddy 26:37 Yeah, I love that. Okay, so this question is kind of two questions in one, but I feel like they go together. What do you do consistently enough to support your mental health? And what do you do daily that brings you joy?

Abby 29:10 That’s a good question. The consistency with mental health, with protecting my mental health is a few things. I see my therapist every three to four weeks depending if increased because of our mood. But I I tried to keep up with her at least every three to four weeks. And we see each other for like two hours. It’s great. So that was a big one. Then. I have tried to kind of set hours for myself, which if you are an entrepreneur that like you know how to cook. So I do I do really try to say, Okay, I’m going to start work at nine but you know, by four o’clock we’re shutting it down. Yeah. Um, my husband is also a business owner. And we try to hold each other to that standard. Yeah. He usually has to work a little bit later than me because he’s doing client phone calls. A lot of times, like after work that time, but by six o’clock if he’s still on, I’ll kind of go into my tippy toes make dinner like what I do, but at the thinking of removing the understanding of like, tonight, I get to work till eight, I need to get some extra things done, I need to do so, so that can be one kind of spending hours for themselves. See, my therapist for sure is is incredible. Every day, I would say. It’s difficult, but I would say, you know, exercise is a big one. I’m not like a big like, cardio exercise. anymore. Like, I want to make sure your 30 minute walk Yeah. Or if I can’t get a 30 minute walk in that I’m going to try to do something just for myself. Like this past weekend, I had to work a little bit. And I just, it was a long day on Sunday. And I was like, wondering, it could be Yeah, because that’s like 30 minutes of me time. I’m going to walking down the road to really written a really cool book. Like even just that. I guess like for me, it’s trying to remind myself that I deserve 30 minutes of my own time to do my own thing that I want. Because I I know you can relate to a lot of our days. For other people. Yes, you know, your friends. On social media, you’re we’re doing we’re creating resources for other people. So that was something that was really again, like when my therapist, we talked a lot about that, like, it is okay. And you don’t have guilt, to spend some time on yourself and do something for yourself. So obviously, that is something I do try things I don’t do it. Yeah, I do try to spend time doing something for me.

Maddy 32:02 Yeah. But what’s your therapists name?

Abby 32:05 Alicia,

Maddy 32:06 oh, shout out to Alicia right now. Whenever anybody’s like, Oh, me and my therapist, I’m like, All right, we gotta give him a shout out because we love my therapist, Mary, she’s the best. Okay, so my final question for you. And I asked everyone this this question, because I love the different answers that I get. And if you need a second to think about it, take the second because it’s kind of a kind of a question that makes people think if someone listening to this our interview, and he’s thinking, I want to be like her, she’s so cool. She’s doing the thing she’s doing. She’s chasing her dreams? What would you tell them?

Abby 32:44 What a great question. I think first, I would say first, like, please don’t compare yourself to. Others, such an Abby, so please don’t compare yourself. I hate to think, because I know what happens. And I know I do it, I do it. I hate to think that someone is doing that. So please. Like we all have our own journey, we all have our own destination of where we’re headed, like, so first of all, please try not to compare to other larger conjugates. Just because someone has a lot familiars or when it comes to putting out like, I think a lot of hope. Like, it’s not just me. And I think when I’ve talked to small business owners that are that are working and growing, and ask them how you do it. And I’m like, it is not just me. Yeah, I have people that helped me. And that would be the first thing. But then the second thing I would say is maybe kind of twofold. It would be you know, give it your all and try your best, like, do what you need to do. But also, you know, staying true to yourself, your own mission and what you what you believe in and not what 10 other social media influencers feel, like religiously, stay true to yourself. I think I’d also honestly tell them, like, let’s not focus on the memory of many novice about me, because, you know, you’ll kind of go into my data and I’m like, like, it’s time for you to know, because then you can be like, Oh, I think maybe posting more will be like for me, I’m like, Nope, I numbers to me, like it just not helpful to my mental health. So, you know, I think I would focus more on connections you’re making, like, Yeah, who’s in your, who are you having conversations with all the time? What are they wanting for me? What are they loving to see? So that is really where I try to put my focus and not on like, oh, we have only grown 1000 followers. Yeah, I really try to focus on that and Yeah, like I said, being true to yourself. So if you start something like, like what I’ve said since day one isn’t like, I want to be a place where people want to be, and they want to feel comfortable being there, they want to feel like, you know, I, I’m relatable to this person, like, I don’t ever want someone to look at my account and be like, we could never do that. I just couldn’t like, I don’t ever want it to feel like that. Because I can’t do it. Yeah. If I tried. I failed. All my anxiety and when you’re pulling out like, yeah. So I think that would be that would be my advice. And, you know, oh, let’s say also, like, have fun with it. Yeah. If I feel like I’m not having fun with my, with my social media part of my business, I pull back and then I know, I need I need some time because, yeah, it’s work and it’s stressful. And it’s I mean, to all the things that I don’t want it to add to so.

Maddy 36:03 Yeah, I love that. I love that so much. All right, Abby, I want to hear where can people find you? Where can people shop from you all the things self promo away? This is your time?

Abby 36:16 Yeah, my favorite way to do it. And

Maddy 36:20 I’ve been like sending me messages like Hey, okay, let’s, let’s talk about a product today. Which is like,

Abby 36:27 if you ever need a hype girl the cloud I’m like,

Maddy 36:37 good. That’s my job.

Abby 36:45 yes, you can find me on Instagram. I’m at the Type B SLP I am on TPT Of course as the Type B SLP those are my main. The main places I’m showing up. I’m definitely you know, feel free to come say hi on Instagram. I love Instagram. Like I said, I’ve really tried to keep it a fun place and I do. I do tend to with my younger team I would say Instagram is the place to find me.

Maddy 37:21 thank you so much for being here. I will link all the things to Abby down below in the show notes. Definitely go give her a follow whether you’re an SLP or not, sometimes you get cute glimpses of her little puppy Ziggy or her new adventures of living in New York City, which is amazing. Abby, thank you so much for being here.

Abby 37:36 I had the best time.

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