EPISODE 133: [INTERVIEW] How to Show Up as Unapologetically YOU No Matter What with Harley Jordan



Have you ever felt like you couldn’t pivot in what you’re currently doing because it’s what you feel everyone knows you for? Or maybe you’ve felt the pull to go a new direction, but you feel like it’s just not possible for you? Then girl, this episode is for you! 


In today’s episode, I am sitting down with Harley Jordan (@theharleyjordan on Instagram) and we are breaking down how she went from being “the transitions girl” online to being “not your mother’s influencer” who is all about breaking the rules & keeping things so freakin’ simple. 


On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theharleyjordan/ 

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Maddy 0:01 Hey bestie and welcome to the living in sunshine podcast. I’m your host, Maddie fry. And around here we are all about encouraging, inspiring, and giving you the tough love that you need to hear to get out there and live as your best self. Each and every Wednesday, you can expect to learn tangible tips to help you find your bigger purpose. be given simple action steps that you can take in order to make progress toward your biggest dreams and hear how you can purposely pursue joy on the daily so sit down grab your favorite drink and let’s have a girl chat. This is the living in sunshine podcast. Good morning. Good morning, my friends and Happy Wednesday. I am so excited that you are tuning in for today’s brand new living in sunshine podcast episode. In case you are new here. My name is Maddie Fry, the CEO and girly behind living in sunshine which is a joyful living community women’s based community brand. And for today’s episode I’m so excited because I got to sit down with Harley Jordan from the Harley Jordan over on Instagram. And she is a social media strategist, influencer agency founder and a fellow podcast host of the brand meets Creator Podcast. I’m super excited to sit down and chat with Harley today because after hitting burnout, she burned literally her successful business to the ground, and reimagined a rulebook that didn’t require fitting your whole personality into a tiny curated box for social media which hello so many of us need. And she coined the phrase do less Club, which is also the name of her signature program to help women just like you push back against limiting beliefs and begin showing up as the person they want to be. I had such a great time chatting with Harley about breaking the rules and doing your own thing, most importantly, living as your most unapologetic truest self, both online and in real life in the pursuit of success and living a life that you love. So if you are excited to hear Harley story, let’s go ahead and jump right into today’s podcast interview. All right, good morning. Good morning. Thank you, Harley, so much for joining me here on the living in sunshine podcast.

Harley 2:14 Thank you for having me. I am so excited.

Maddy 2:17 Okay, I just need you to know when I reached out to you. I was like, I don’t know if this girl is gonna say yes. But I’m going to shoot my shot anyway. And when you’re like, Yeah, I’m in send me the link and then you’re like, Okay, I booked it for next week. I was like, damn, okay, this girl is ready. I am ready to

Harley 2:32 Let’s go. I’m so excited.

Maddy 2:35 I’m super, super grateful. So Harley, can you please sort of share with the audience who you are and what you do? All of those good things. So we kind of have some context as to what we’re going to be talking about today.

Harley 2:47 Oh, absolutely. I can I am hardly Jordan, the Harley Jordan on Instagram, if you want to come find me. I am a social media strategist and a founder of an influencer agency all influence management. But I really got into this, because I was laid off during COVID. And I was like, Okay, I’m, you know, can’t can’t get a job at the pizza shop down the street. I can’t get a job with literally anything that I’m actually qualified for. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? I’m jumping into Instagram, and we’re gonna have some fun. So this literally started as an initiative to like, get out of my comfort zone with a friend of mine, we would go out every Tuesday. This was when Instagram was still picture. Yeah, pictures, we would take pictures go on some kind of little adventure. And it really just started growing from there. So fast forward. I went viral at the start of 2021 actually for doing a transition tutorial. And it’s so funny that that happened, because it’s just like, it feels so wild that that was a big part of my past. Like I brought transition tutorials to cram in a native format like in the Instagram format, brought them to Instagram and now you see them all over the place. And now transit.

Maddy 4:22 As it goes with Instagram, it’s live one day and dead the next

Harley 4:28 time, but regardless, like I jumped into that had this amazing traction gained a ton of followers and was like, oh my god, this is a business. This is the business that I felt like I had to wait 10 years for in my actual corporate job that I felt so like unqualified for because I’m young and blonde and bubbly and an excellent a woman and don’t need a womanDon’t know how to show up and walk right up to the 65 year old CEO and tell him all of my ideas. So that, you know, was great for my corporate life. Great habit. I started building this business. And I mean, I think that the season that I’m in right now is really this refining season of, I’ve been through the grind, I’ve been through the hustle, we are trying to desperately on learn those things and lean into what authentically and I hate. I hate the word authentic, because it’s such a trigger word, but like, truly, authentically makes me. And so that’s what I really work with clients on is, I am really stinking good at reflecting back the personality that you have what you were, specifically so strong at. And figuring out a way to put that online in the most simple, simple way. So that’s where I am right now. That’s the journey that

Maddy 6:09 I love that. So then share with us. How did you make that pivot? How did you go from being the girl because in full transparency, I found you back in 2021 when you were doing transitions, right? Which I’m sure everyone so how did you pivot from being that girl that transitions girl that everyone knew you for? To being who and what you are today, which in my eyes. And I mean this in the best way, you are very I when I think of your account, I think of break all the rules because they don’t exist in the first place. Please keep your life simple. If you are literally, you know doing nothing at all film yourself and make it into viral content. And just don’t overcomplicate the shit because it doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. Like how do you got? How did you make that transition? How did you make that pivot? To making it easy, which we all I feel like that’s a season that so many people are in. It’s like, I don’t have time for complication I need easy. I have so many things. Like how did you make the right time?

Harley 7:16 And like, I mean, if you find yourself saying, you know, I wish I just had space, like I just want space, it’s time to literally make it for yourself and take some of those things off your plate. And that’s really been the biggest life. Yes. And for me, not even social media. Yeah, life is space like why? Why are we fussing around with you know, so many things, calendar doing more? Or like, even like asking people for like going to friends and being like, Oh, well, what do I do? I want to talk this out for an hour. No, no backup? Yeah, thank you. I was just talking to a friend about this. And she’s like, I don’t believe that anyone doesn’t know what they want. And I was like, Well, I’m I don’t know about that. Because I mean, the greatest motivation is the biggest job you have. Right? So I’m this is a map that struck me. And she was like, no, no, no, you know what you want? You know what you want? You’re either not comfortable or confident enough in saying it out loud. Or you haven’t slowed down enough to be able to hear it. It’s one or the other. And there’s no, but you’re bitterly

Maddy 9:08 Yeah, that’s exactly what I say to people all the time. Yes, yes, you do. We just got to make space for it. Yeah. 100%.

Harley 9:15 So this whole this whole transition bring you Yeah, information. Yeah, whatever to bring. question you asked, um, it has really forced me to do a lot of inner work like, wow. Because the problem was not that. You know, I can’t put out this thing that I’m good at because I was really good at finding these creative transitions and teaching people how to do them. That I mean, that was a skill. And the issue was that I thought that I needed to be highly produced. I thought I needed to show up with a big Like cheerleader smile, high energy way up here all the time. And it’s really taken me so much time. And I still feel like I’m learning this on social media. I can do this on a podcast problem. But like, I don’t know how to get on a reel and be like, Okay, well, we’re not smiling. Talk. We’re not talking smiling. We’re not being a cheerleader. Because I mean, it was ingrained in me from the get go. That to perform to get people to like you. You had to have the big smile, the big facials plastered across. Yeah, fate. Yeah. So whatever that is for you. What are you feeling? Like? If you are not being perceived as nice, smart? Like, the not lazy? What what word triggers you? Because I’m sure that’s like a huge piece of higher shop.

Maddy 11:02 Yeah, 100%. But I wonder, was there a fear of making that change?

Harley 11:10 pivots are hard pivots are hard, and you have to just go for it. Because it’s going to be better off as you go. And you’re going to find the more aligned people. But yeah, you like you go in knowing there’s going to be a drop off, you go off, you go in knowing that something has to fall off to build the right thing. But if you don’t have that space, then there’s not there’s literally not space for the right thing to come in. So I can either go on, like draining my creativity, week after week, draining my Soul, with hour long videos week after week, or I could slowly pivot I honestly wish that I had made that pivot faster. Because I was spending so much time trying to drain my creativity. I was spending so much time so many hours editing these dang videos every week because I was trying to be I had put that on a pedestal it’s like, you can’t do something that someone else has done. You absolutely can’t. And so it was like scouring the internet scouring tick tock for like any interesting thing, I was doing the hardest thing possible. And so as soon as I started to pivot, and I did this really slowly, I started incorporating more of the brand partnerships. And you know, I was already throwing into my captions general things about building a brand that feels like you, et cetera. But it really was this like slow and steady push. But the fact of the matter is that if you’re not creating space, just like we’re talking about, if you’re not creating space for something new to come in, then you lit you literally can’t have that happen. You can’t Yeah. So I feel like I went through this like to use a newer term, this didn’t exist back then I went through my flop era 2001 When I was pivoting into a new niche, and like I see this with my clients all the time, if you want to switch into something, if you want to be known as something else, just do it. Don’t apologize. Don’t introduce it. No one will notice. Literally just be it. Just be.

Maddy 13:41 Mm hmm. I love that so much. So I’m wondering if there was anything that forced this changed, encouraged this change? Like, what was that thing that made you go from I don’t want to be this girl. I don’t want to work this way. What happened? Tell us all about it.

Harley 14:03 You know, I’m actually going to fast forward because that was yes, that was a part of my time on Instagram. Yeah, actually, about a year later, like hit this massive burnout and had a much bigger transition that yeah, forced to make.

Maddy 14:22 Let’s talk about it

Harley 14:23 Yeah, so at the start of, let’s say 2022. I, I hate every time I say this, I like cringe every time I say this, at the start of 2022. same month, I launched my podcast brand meet creator. I launched six new mini courses. I launched a new round of my group program. And this was all in the same week. I also launched the agency

Maddy 14:58 But because you didn’t have enough going on already

Harley 15:02 have enough going on. And you know what my brain said, Watch, do it all. If you’re busy, they’ll think you’re successful. Just do it, you do a lot. That’ll be impressive. And so my entire soul was like, just watch me, just watch me do it all. And throughout this whole time, I was actually going through a ton of personal shit. Yeah, I ton of family stuff going on. And so honestly, what I was doing was I was covering up all of those emotions. I am a true Enneagram seven, I’m running away from my issues. I am avoiding hard feelings, and dove into work. And what I really ended up with was this massive case of burnout that really took me like, I’m still working through it right now. Two years later, I am still working through it. But I remember the longest days at that point, the longest days, I was pulling all nighters. I remember my brain literally feeling like, no, your computer like heats up too much. And the fan on your laptop. Yeah, it really felt like that was my brain. I had so much brain fog, I, you know, just wasn’t fun to be around. And I was absolutely miserable. And I just didn’t know how to deal with any event. Because at the end of the day, like by the book, I was successful. I was following all of the business rules. Every last one. Yeah. And that was the point where I was like, nope, nope, I’m done. Like this. None of this matters. None of this matters because I’m not happy. I don’t feel good. I can’t get over any. Yes. I feel so stuck, because I have no space. So at that point, I got on anxiety meds. I started hypnotherapy. I, oh, my God, a life changer. And if you’ve ever okay to anyone that’s never heard of hypnotherapy. It’s not like swinging the pendulum. It’s more like being asked questions that target your subconscious instead of your logical brain, which was exactly what I needed. Because any kind of like talk therapy, I’m like, No, I can logic my way out of that. Like, I cannot work to realize any of my feelings.

Maddy 17:33 Yeah. Isn’t that so good. That self awareness though? Like I love that for you? Because because, you know, I have a friend who’s the same way. She’s like, I can’t do face to face therapy. I can’t I have to do phone therapy because she’s like, it’s a performance if I see you watching me that I will perform for you. So she’s like, I have to I have to do it over their phone like I can’t I have to be in a room by myself alone. I love that self awareness so much.

Harley 17:56 I love I love that.

Maddy 17:59 Right? Isn’t that wild?

Harley 18:01 Like a lot of that, like, people pleasing? Like has to be a performance. I know how to say the right things. I know what you’re looking for. And I know that my fins that. Get me in the right direction.

Maddy 18:14 Yeah, yeah. 100% Sorry, continue hypnotherapy.

Harley 18:18 Yeah, started hypnotherapy, burned all of those offers to the ground. Every last one. Every last one. I was like, Nope, I don’t I can’t stand by this. And really went on this journey of trying to figure out what on Earth makes me me. What on earth do I actually want to be doing? And one of the biggest things for me was, I had all of these pre recorded courses. And I was like, No, I don’t believe in any of this. Like if I go to my one on one meetings, like, I talk about breaking the rules. I talk about like diving into your authentic self, I talk about this stuff. And I’m not doing that. I mean, I’m doing it a little bit like I’m still the same coach, but like, I know that I value that conversation above all. So even the fact that I was putting out the course because courses make you passive income and quote, yep, was not was not me. So I started a group program, which is my current signature offer, do less club which I frickin love. It’s such a it’s it’s such a loose curriculum, but it’s really about finding your actual priorities, finding your actual strengths with a group that gets it. So I mean, there is a curriculum, but the bread and butter is we meet multiple times a week and you’re in a room full of creators and entrepreneurs that freaking get it and can give you the feedback give you the gut check that you absolutely need about. Here’s why this did well. And it’s not because Have your hook. And it’s not because the video was seven seconds long, and it’s not because of your hashtags. It’s because literally, you’re passionate about it. And I can tell from here, I can freakin smell it when you’re excited versus not. And so that’s been, you know, this amazing shift for me personally, and figuring out what works for me.

Maddy 20:24 Yeah, I love that. But sometimes people struggle with how to figure that out how to figure out what works for you how to figure out what makes you joyful. So what did you do? Just to give a personal example, how did Harlie figure out what to do that was going to make her happy and get her excited to get out of bed in the morning?

Harley 20:44 Oh, God, experiment, crash and burn a billion times a billion times? Yeah. I mean, it’s, again, I like I want to throw out that this is not easy. And, you know, I have this, I have a one on one client right now who messaged me this morning. And she was like, I know that I’m asking you stupid questions. And you know, it’s all about, is this caption too long? Or what hashtags do I put on? Like? How do I do this? And she knows how to do it. Like, she’s a great creator, she creates great content, but she’s second guessing herself. And she messaged me, and she was like, I know, I’m not going to be coming to you with these questions in two months. And I can’t wait until that point. But right now, I feel it. Oh, well, it it’s it’s perfectionism. Yeah. And you just have to go through it to have the awareness. So yeah, I agree. I really think the first step is, okay, you know, the problem that you’re not doing something you love. So what is giving you the ick? Get it out of here completely. I don’t care if it’s something that you think you need to do. I don’t care if it’s a big bold capital, like top level rule of Instagram. Get it out of here. Get it out of here, because the best plan is the one that you’re actually going to follow. So yes, that’s the ick. Lean into something that you actually love. And keep, keep turning up that awareness to what else like actually sparks joy. What else can I grasp onto? And if that changes in a month? Who cares?

Maddy 22:32 Yeah. Oh, my God. Did everybody just hear that? Did everyone just hear everything Harley just said, I say these all the time. And I feel like it’s one of those things that you just need to hear it from someone else in a different context. Like, oh, they’re actually not blowing smoke up my ass.Like this is actually like truth, right? Truth, all this thing. That’s so funny. So you’ve dropped the word authenticity a few times now?

Harley 22:56 Yeah. And we gag over it.

Maddy 22:57 Yeah. Why do we got over it? Why? What are your thoughts?

Harley 23:02 I have so many thoughts. Anytime I use the word authenticity, my posts tank, and I’ve talked to other coaches that are in this in a similar space with doing the inner work and like the way they coach, and they’re like, Yeah, anytime that I talk about authenticity, I will lose like 10 people from my broadcast channel or something like Oh, and it’s really because people think they already know how to do it. They’re like, Yeah, whatever. I’m already authentic. I already am me. I’m already what? I’m already what I think I should be. And that’s just not it’s not fact.

Maddy 23:43 Yeah, yep.

Harley 23:45 There’s a lot of inner work. inner work behind it. So anyone that has done it is like, yeah, okay, get ready. Like, this is about to be a roller coaster. Like, there’s a lot. There’s a lot, and anyone that’s, you know, still holding on to the perception of how they’re how they’re looking like what people think of them is like, I’m authentic already. I’m already being Yeah, I’m already being transparent. You’re not?

Maddy 24:12 Yeah. So then, I’m wondering, what does that word look like to you? How do you live authentically? But also, what does that feel like to you? Because so often, I think, when we think of living joyfully or authentically, or as our true selves, we think about that performance piece of it. But we’re, we’re missing that emotional piece of it. So what does that yes look like to you, but also feel like to you when you think about that word, authentic or authenticity?

Harley 24:43 Yeah. So there is a quote that I wish I knew, who said, I think I found it on threads or Twitter or something like this, like a year ago. And it’s if you’re more concerned with how you’re being perceived, then how you’re actually being You’re not showing up as your best self. And I feel like that’s such a Mic drop. If you’re too concerned about how you’re being perceived, you’re more concerned about that and how you’re actually being, you’re not showing up as your best self. You’re not showing up as your best self, for your community. For your clients, for your family, for literally anyone, literally, anyone. Um, so, yeah, I don’t know, I think it’s funny that you asked me this question about how do you how do you lean into authenticity, because I feel like I’m still learning, figuring it out. I really struggle with it. And it’s not so much transparency, like, I want to actually build a distinction between vulnerability and transparency. Because transparent all day, all day, I can do that in my sleep. And a lot of people can. Yeah, what are you thinking about right now? Easy. Here’s my word vomit, vulnerability. That’s something deeper. And that’s actually talking about your real hard feelings. And a lot of that, that area, that vulnerability. That’s where we find our people. Yeah. Yeah. Within words. Yeah. And most of the time, you have to you have to pull back the layers. It’s like an onion you like, you gotta keep digging to find what on earth is that vulnerable thing? What on earth is scary? Because if it doesn’t hit you with like, Hmm, I’m sure if I can put that out there. Yeah, then it’s probably not vulnerable. Yeah, it’s, yeah, probably not your authentic self. If you’re not just a little bit like sweating in your boots? Not it?

Maddy 26:55 Yeah. Do you feel like you need to be vulnerable or authentic? Or any of those things in order to be successful online?

Harley 27:04 Hmm, good question. I think that you need to be vulnerable, and authentic to build a sustainable, personal brand. I think it’s all about the long term. Because if you’re not being who you actually are, you’re gonna get real sick of it. Real sick of it in a couple months, a couple years, whatever it is down the line. And it’s not about like, I have to tell you, all of my inner secrets, all of the things about my family life, but there is just a hair of, you know, that’s how you make an impact. That’s how you make an impact. When you tell that really scary thing. That’s when people say, Oh, she’s my people. I relate to that.

Maddy 27:58 Yeah, yeah. And I’ve seen that in my own. I would say brand business over the last six months, I’ve been deep in therapy. And I share those things online. And when I do they light up, like instantly within a couple of hours. And so I think I think it’s finding that happy medium of being vulnerable without Yeah, airing your dirty laundry, you know what I mean? Without being like, Whoa, I shared something that I probably shouldn’t have shared, but it’s too late now, because now it’s on the internet, you know what I mean?

Harley 28:27 Right. And I want to, you know, preface that with it. It doesn’t have to be inherently so personal, like, you can keep some boundaries, right? Yeah. I don’t, I am not telling you, you have to share everything about your family and your kids, your relationship and your, you know, every failure, right? Because that just, that’s too much to be like you don’t do that to a friend, you just you build up that relationship so that you can talk about those things. So that’s kind of what you’re doing on social as you’re building up all of the relationship around that content to drop some of those harder truths to find to find your people.

Maddy 29:15 Yeah, yeah. I love that. Okay, one more question for you. And then we’ll wrap this up. So we talked about burnout, we talked about living authentically. I’m curious what you do now, after doing the inner work to build a sustainable business, what do your routines look like? What is your day to day look like? How are you supporting yourself as an individual, so you can show up better online and in your business? Because both of these things are important, right? How do you do that? What does that look like?

Harley 29:49 So I ran into this issue. I don’t know maybe eight months, eight months ago, and I kept saying, like, I’ve created the space that I Wish I had in do less club, I’ve created this space it just I did it for everyone else but me, everyone else but me like, stomps and adult I don’t have, I don’t have that space. So I needed to find that space. And I’ve really been on this journey of like finding people that are expansive for me. And I’ve really been like trying, this sounds so weird, but like trying on different people like leaning into specific relationships. Yeah, trying to find, okay. Are you an example of my ideal client? Like, what would you what would happen if I was a speaker like you or sold out my courses like you or had this amazing, perfect funnel just like you? And so I’ve been like, kind of on the hunt for like, people that make me a little bit jealous. And yes, getting getting to know them. Um, because that community is so necessary like evolutionarily, we are not meant to do it alone. This lone wolf trope is bullshit doesn’t work.

Maddy 31:17 We’re calling BS. Yeah, it doesn’t work. Not for very long at least know

Harley 31:22 you’re being a martyr. You’re being a martyr. Yeah, and I only say that cuz I’m like, big fat pointing at myself right now.

Maddy 31:32 Yeah, you know it because you lived it. You know,

Harley 31:35 I know it because I lived it. So I’m really working on finding that community, I hired a coach who I absolutely love that’s really been forcing me to do a lot of this work as well, like a couple of weeks ago, and I tend to 10 I’m going to bring this to my program. And I really recommend that anyone listening does this as well. She got me on a call. And she was like, so you’re gonna hate me, I have an idea for you. And I was like, what? Go ahead, say it broke my heart. Go ahead. What would happen? What would happen if you got off social media for an entire week? And I was like Okay, that’s a challenge. I’m not so scared about like, not showing up. Like, I’m not so scared about like, you know, not posting for a week. Um, I’m honestly most scared about missing out on some kind of DM, some kind of interaction, there’s gonna be something that I’m going to miss. And there’s this FOMO involved, right. And she goes, Well, when was the last time you took time off social media entirely? No scrolling, no posting, no creating content? No, nothing. You’re not allowed to think about social media. And the reason that she wanted me to do this was because she wanted me to basically be forced inside my own head. Get rid of the outside stimulus. She also had me delete Voxer for the week, no notifications, no Voxer. No podcasts, glow, no outside, no outside stimulus, no outside and inspiration. Anytime I was thinking like I basically went on like a silent retreat, but like still to my husband and like had Yes. Yeah, yeah. And oh, my God. Oh, my God. It was so helpful. It was so helpful to just have a week a singular weak, like, do it for four days. Four days. No scrolling, no, nothing. Be intentional about your interactions, so that you can get inside your own head. I know. That’s a scary place to be. Spiraling I get it.

Maddy 33:55 Yeah. Yep. Yep. I’m with you. I love that. I love that. So then do you. Will you do that again? Will you do that detox again?

Harley 34:07 Oh, I think I would do it for four days. Yeah, that’s heaven. And yes, quarterly. But it was it was such a massive shift for me. I like I feel like most of my clients have this problem where like, they’ll tell me about something that bugged them while they were scrolling and I’m like, you’re a creator. Not a consumer. Why are you scrolling? Why are you scrolling? Yeah, go in post. Clear your DMS do the thing get off stop consuming I love that I love that so much right? So it by people that be by people that like are actually what you want to consume, but like yeah, that detox is hard like going through your following and getting out of the outside inspiration like that’s so massive like you don’t have some of the my friends So I’m just gonna say this I, I feel like I’m not supposed to say it, but whatever I have. I have a couple of coaches blocked I have Brock Johnson blocked, um, I get sent his stuff. Not not frequently but like, yeah, you might well have friends be like, hey, like this is what yeah, this person said whatever. Yeah. And I’m like I can’t see that because I don’t know who it’s sent bikes I haven’t blocked and they’re like, oh my god Brock Johnson has you blocked it? I’m like, No, I just don’t like his inspiration. I don’t want to hear it. So yeah. Yeah, there’s so many roles there. So I’m not gonna listen to it. Yeah, do that.

Maddy 35:42 And that’s okay. i Yes. I think it’s okay, though, to hear that. And to say that because there are in any industry in any job in any walk of life, there are people out there who it’s okay not to like them. And it’s okay for them to not like you. Like if that’s okay, like you need to protect your space. And if doing that protects your space, like, all for it here for that.

Harley 36:05 It’s 100%. bringing awareness to what is sending you down a rabbit hole of I need to do more. And what’s sending you down a rabbit hole of introspection?

Maddy 36:19 Yeah. What is overloading your nervous system? What is making you spiral? How can you better protect both of those things? I love that. I love that so much. So here’s my final question. And I asked all of my interviewee, guests, whatever you want to call yourself this question. And if you need a second to think about it, that’s okay. Because it usually takes a few seconds. Right?

Harley 36:39 You better cut out my pause.

Maddy 36:41 Well, I will, whenever or if, for someone who’s listening to this episode, and they’re thinking, I want to be like her. I’m looking at her Instagram super cute doing all the things. She seems like she has it all going on. I want to be like her. What would you tell that person?

Harley 37:01 I would tell that person. Huh. I would tell that person that you have to experiment to make that happen. And the only way, the only way I will say it like hard stop only is to try a billion different hats on. Put out the content, just post it. You have a random thought. Just post it. You get in your head about something being aesthetic. What would happen if you went to your notes app and just typed out all of your brain dump for the day and press post? What would happen? What’s the worst thing? Literally nothing, literally nothing. So I think that’s really the thing is like, that’s something that I pride myself in is I’ve experimented a lot, a lot a lot. And it’s scary as hell, but you gotta do it.

Maddy 38:05 Yep. The only way to get there is to try to put yourself through Harley, this has been such an amazing conversation. Please, please, please, where can people find you self promote self plug all the things where can we hang out with you more?

Harley 38:20 Absolutely. You can find me on Instagram at the Harley Jordan you can also find me on the any podcast app anyplace you listen to the pods at Brand meet Creator Podcast. And if you are listening to this and you’re saying I am struggling with that so hard I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. I’m following all of the rules and make good content. I know you make good content, I know itbut there’s something deeper in there. So my program do less club is an eight week live incubator to get in a room with people who absolutely get it get my feedback get your social media checked work through the modules that will help you really really really dive into what makes you you so I will drop a discount code discount below but if you have any questions about fit or if this is good for you, come hang out with me on Instagram come DM me come word vomit on me. I love a good word vomit you can decide a good fit or not.

Maddy 39:28 I love it Hartley thank you so so much for being here. And I hope everyone listening enjoyed today’s episode girlfriend. Thank you so much for listening to today’s new episode. If you loved it, please send it to a friend share it on Instagram and tag me so I can see and consider leaving the show a rating or a review. Ratings and reviews are kind of like sharing or liking a post on Instagram and they really help the show grow and reach new women just like you. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you never miss a new episode. And until next week, I am sending you All the sunshine good vibes and I hope you make it a great day