EPISODE 142: [HYPE GIRL CHAT] The #1 Thing You Need to Do to Build Your MINDSET



If 2024 is your year to build a stronger mindset, you need to do this ONE THING in order to make it happen! If you don’t do this thing, designing a life you love and loving the life that you have is going to be so much harder. This is your year to love who you are, what you’re doing, and growing into the person you’ve always wanted to be. To do that, you need to do this one thing.



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Maddy 0:01 Hey bestie and welcome to the living in sunshine podcast. I’m your host, Maddy fry. And around here we are all about encouraging, inspiring, and giving you the tough love that you need to hear to get out there and live as your best self. Each and every Wednesday, you can expect to learn tangible tips to help you find your bigger purpose. be given simple action steps that you can take in order to make progress toward your biggest dreams. And hear how you can purposely pursue joy on the daily. So sit down, grab your favorite drink, and let’s have a girl chat. This is the living in sunshine podcast. Hi, hey, hello. Welcome back to the living in sunshine. I’m gonna reference and just preface this episode by telling you that I am going stir crazy right now. For some reason, I have been tripping over my words, if you have listened to the podcast long enough, you already know this. But when I record a month’s worth of episodes, I do not do them every single week because that stresses me out because I am anxious. And certain like the little little glitter emojis here around anxious I’m an anxious girly and like when people say that they record their podcast, like once a week, and then they post it the next week that literally makes my armpit sweat. So what I do to beat the overwhelm and anxiety that comes with that is I record them all at the same time like weeks in advance. So they’re like ready to go. But for some reason today, my words are not coming out of my mouth. And I have had to rerecord episodes and like, record super long episodes, which also stresses me out because I can’t get things right. So anyway, all of this to say I’m feeling very stir crazy right now. And I have only had one cup of coffee. So like I don’t really know what’s going on. But it’s Friday. It’s sunny outside, I’m ready to piece out of the office. But before we do that, we don’t have a podcast episode, am I right? So in today’s podcast episode, I am going to be telling you the number one thing you need to do in order to build your mindset in 2024. I know that we’re like well into q1, Santa February, whatever, whatever. But it is never too late to grow your own mindset. And this, in my opinion, is one of the top few things that everyone should be doing if they’re wanting to grow their mindset to be one that is really, really solid. That is one rooted in joy and purpose and intention and positivity, happiness, all those good things beautiful, wonderful rainbows, glitters, all those things, right. And it’s also something that you I know you’ve heard before, because I’ve talked about it before, but I’m going to remind you of it because it’s so easy to not do this thing. Okay. Now before we dive into today’s new podcast episode, I have a small request for you. And that request is to go and take the living in sunshine personality survey. Reason I want you to take this is because when you do, you will find out which of the four living in sunshine personalities you are. And you’ll discover why it’s your secret superpower. Not only that, but I’m also going to send you free resources and support and opportunities that are based on your personality to really help you to discover your purpose or take the first step or live a joyful life or become a happy Hustler, which I am obsessed with doing. That’s why I do everything that I do to help you make progress and move the needle and live a life that you’re so freakin obsessed with that you can’t shut up about it when someone’s like, how are you doing and you’re like, I’m living my best life. Let me tell you all about it. And it starts with you taking this survey. So you can go take it right now via the link in the show notes. Or right now as you listen on your phone, if you open up your little Safari browser app or Google Chrome, whatever your preferences you go girl, and go to living the letter n sunshine.com/survey. Take the survey, it’s 10 questions, it’s gonna take you 60 seconds or less. And once you do, you’re gonna get those results and we are going to become best friends forever and ever and ever. So when you take it, send me an Instagram message. Let me know what you think. And without further ado, let’s go ahead and get into this episode. Okay, so the number one thing that you need to do to build your mindset, let’s say that you set the goal or intention or resolution, I’m not a fan of resolutions. But if you are, I love that for you to be more obsessed with yourself, to love life a little bit more to have a stronger mindset or be in a growth mindset or whatever it is to feel more joyful every single day. The number one thing that you need to do in order to do this is to work to drown out the external noise that is making you think or feel as if you are less. And the reason I want to remind you of this is because it’s so easy to allow that noise to fill our ears and our heads and our hearts. And all of a sudden without even realizing it or or or meaning to. We have all of these external messages from media or books that we read or people we follow online that just kind of make us feel like caca, right like they just make us feel bad. And there is no way Why don’t want to say No way. But it’s going to be much harder for you to believe evil, that you are the shit into believe that you are the greatest thing out there since sliced bread because you are, if you are constantly consuming these negative messages, these messages that say that your body is too chubby that your bank account is not big enough that your house is outdated that your relationship is toxic that your book or your program or your podcast, or your email list isn’t doing things the right way. So it’s never gonna go or be successful or make you any money, whatever it might be. These messages are everywhere, right? Because in the world in life and business, people mark it to our pain points. They talk about how we aren’t doing things the quote unquote, right way. And so it makes us question whether or not what we’re doing is the right thing to do, right. And so I want to just give you the permission slip to drown it out to just focus on yourself to unsubscribe to the email list or unfollow people or mute them in only consume the media that supports where you want to go and uplift you as a person. Have you ever felt like the people in your life just don’t understand the dream that you have on your heart? Or even the desire that you have to be more joyful or intentional or even just plain happy? Like wife is good enough? Why do you need more? Right? Well, my friend if this is you, I have something special just for you. The Sunshine squad community is your go to place for that validation that you’re searching for, to know that you aren’t crazy for wanting more, and that you aren’t alone in that desire either. This online community has grown to be filled with amazing joy seekers purpose pursuers, happy hustlers, and dream chasers just like you. In the sunshine squat community, you get continued guidance from me that you need to make your dreams a reality, a community of women who get it, and the steps that you need to make your life something that you’re totally obsessed with. If you are ready to say yes to those things, you need to jump into the sunshine squad ASAP. And you can do so right now via the link in the show notes. If you do have questions on what the sunshine squad community is, or if it’s right for you, feel free to send me a DM over on Instagram, I would love to chat with you more about it over there. And my friend, I can’t wait to see you inside of the sunshine squad. This starts my friend on social media, I hate to say it, we sometimes follow people initially because we are inspired by them. Or they post a reel that we think is really funny. Or they they you know, maybe send us a DM or whatever we see a post that’s shared from this person. And over time, the reason why we first follow them was of good intention. But now the messages that they’re sending us are really starting to corrupt and make us think like, maybe I’m not doing this the right way. Maybe my body isn’t good enough in the form that it is, maybe my business isn’t making me enough money, right? All of these messages that just kind of make us go ha, they’re not good enough. Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing. Maybe I’m not capable of the type of success that this person is telling me I need to be having. And that is going to be detrimental if you are someone who’s on the journey to growing a mindset that supports you. And that helps you to continue to grow. And that routes you in a space of self belief and self reliance and positivity and growth, right. And so my reminder for you in today’s episode is to just mute them or unfollow them, or unsubscribe from their email list or turn the TV off, right? You always have control over what you consume, especially when it comes to online. And let me just say this, if I am one of those people, first and foremost, I’m so sorry that I’m making you feel that way. Whether it is directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, I hope I’m not knowingly making anyone feel bad because it’s never my intention. But if I’m one of those people where you follow me and you’re like, oh my god, I see Maddie doing this or that or whatever, whatever. It makes me feel bad. unfollow me, mute me, you’re not gonna hurt my feelings. I promise. I want to see you win. And I want to see you grow. But if being in my sphere of influence online is detrimental to your well being, I love you forever, goodbye. It’s okay, you’re not gonna hurt my feelings. It’s I probably won’t even notice unless you tell me right? And I want you to know that it’s okay to do that. And that if you really truly want to grow your mindset to be something that sustains you and support you, you’ve got to drown out that external noise, right? And this is not something that is really easy to do. It’s not something that happens overnight. It’s something that takes time. It’s something that takes practice, it takes reflection, it takes self recognition, and all of these things are not always easy to do. But I promise you when you do the work over time, you will be so much further along and so grateful that you did do things now that you in a year or you insist months will be proud that you did. And if unfollowing someone or muting them or turning the TV off, or unsubscribing, whatever is going to help you be proud of yourself six months from now, or 12 months from now, I want you to do it right. The only way the biggest thing that you can do in order to grow your mindset in 2024 is to drown out the external noises that are making you feel less or making you feel like you’re not enough. Because those aren’t true messages. You are hot shit, you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. I believe that both about you and myself. And it’s time that you believe that too. So take this reminder with you head out into the rest of your week and into your weekend knowing that you are hot yet. And I hope that hearing this today gives you the permission slip to unfollow the person who’s making you feel like crap, or mute their page or turn off the TV or whatever it might be. Leave the Facebook group that’s making you question your entire life because you know what the best next choices you know what you want? You are doing your best. But sometimes the external noises makes us question all of that. Okay, my friend, I love you so much. I want you to believe in 2024 that you are the best thing since sliced bread. And I hope this episode starts and plants that seed to you knowing that and you believing that for the rest of forever. Until next week, my friend I am sending you all the sunshine, good vibes. And I hope you make it a great day girlfriend. Thank you so much for listening to today’s new episode. If you loved it, please send it to a friend share it on Instagram and tagged me so I can see and consider leaving the show a rating or a review. Ratings and reviews are kind of like sharing or liking a post on Instagram and they really help the show grow and reach new women just like you. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast so you never miss a new episode. And until next week. I am sending you all have a sunshine, good vibes and I hope you make it a great day.