EPISODE 63: [TIPS&TRICKS]  How to Root Yourself in Joy on the Daily

Ready to learn how you can root yourself in joy on the daily in REALLY simple way? Well girl, I have 5 simple things you can do TODAY to root yourself in joy daily. Some of these things are brand new and some of these things are new to me strategies that I need you to know.














Maddy 0:08 Welcome to the living in sunshine podcast if you don’t know who I am, my name is Maddy. And I am so excited to have you tuning in to our weekly podcast episodes, where we chat all the things from tips and tricks to funny stories from my life that have helped me to truly live in the sunshine. In this space, we are all about encouraging, inspiring and giving you the tough love that you need to hear sometimes to realize that you are totally made for more than what you currently have in life, and that you hold the power to make the changes that you need to level up and live your best self. So buckle up, grab some water and let’s get into it. Good morning. Good morning, my dudes and welcome back to another brand new episode of The Living in sunshine podcast. Happy Wednesday, happy halfway through June. Can you believe that June is already half over. Literally, this year is going by so fast. And I don’t know if it’s just because it’s going by so fast or because it’s so good. It’s going by so fast but it is going by so quickly. And I’m so glad that you continue to check back in to the show week after week and give it a listen. If you are new to the podcast, please be sure to click on that subscribe button and continue to tune in. We have brand new episodes every single Wednesday and month after month we have a brand new theme. So if you are brand new to the podcast all month long, we are talking about purposely pursuing joy every single day. And the last two episodes have been about seeking joy and pursuing joy in your day to day life. And today’s episode you guys I’m going to be sharing with you my top five tips for how you can route yourself enjoy on the daily. But two quick announcements two quick things to remind you of before we jump into it. Thing number one is to sign up for the monthly sunshine newsletter. This is my free monthly newsletter where I give you the inside scoop the 411 on all things happening in the living in Sunshine Community. 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And I cannot wait to see who joins and the second announcement slash reminder, if you have been listening to the episodes already this month, you already know this. But the owner vision course is currently on sale. It is only $99 when it was originally $197. A lot of you said that you wanted access to this course. But you could not afford the $200 price point, which I totally understand. And I totally respect. So the course is now listed at $99. And this course is my step by step roadmap to help you figure out what you want to do with your life where you want to go help you to cast an intentional and impactful vision for your life and for yourself, and just show you how to get organized and motivated to make those goals happen. So if you are someone who is sort of soul searching at the moment, maybe you feel like you’re not really sure what you’re doing with your life or your time, definitely go check out the course it’s linked in my show notes. And it’s only $99, which is way better than $197. And I hope that those of you who wanted this course can now access it and afford it a little bit better than you could when I first launched it back in April. Now that all of my announcements are done and dusted and out of the way. Let’s go ahead and jump into today’s episode, which is again, my top five tips that you can use and take to route yourself enjoy on the daily. Now, before we get into this, I want to talk about that term joy, what is joy? What does that feel like? What does that look like? How does it present itself in our life, all of that kind of stuff. So of course joy is going to look different to everyone, right? We all have different lives, experiences, backgrounds believe and joy is going to look different to everyone and that’s 100% Okay, and totally normal. Right? So to me, Joy looks like someone who’s happy or excited or energetic. It looks like being outside and the sun is shining. It looks like maybe sitting on the beach. It’s all of those good things right. Feeling the sun on your face, watching your dog play in the hose or or your kids swing on a swing set or whatever, right? That’s what it looks like. To me. joy to me feels like very similar to happiness. I feel like joy and happiness go hand in hand. But but joy to me is a little bit different than happiness, because it’s a feeling of contentment in a good way. Like, you just you feel good and where you are, you feel rooted, you feel grateful and happy and like things are good, right? It’s just like an overall good feeling. And to me, this is one of the big pillars that I believe it and I stand for, and I talk about and teach about is pursuing joy and living a joyful life. Because I feel like so often, people and women specifically for this podcast and who I serve, we, we lose sight of joy, right? Because we get wrapped up in the things that aren’t working or the things that we don’t have, or or what this random person on the internet has, that we don’t have, or the fact that you know, we’re going through a hard time right now, or this season of life that we’re in right now is just complete a dumpster fire, right. And we are so fast and so quick to lose sight of joy and not know what that feels like anymore. And so as we go through this episode, I want you to ask yourself and really be thinking about what does Joy look like to me? And what does Joy feel like to me, because when you start to implement these tips, which I encourage you to do, you’ll find that you’ll probably start to feel joy more often, which is the whole point, right? So that’s what joy feels like, to me, maybe it feels different to you. Maybe it looks different to you, maybe you’re a parent, and you’re like joy to me is my kids sleeping in until 10, my husband and I having a great sex life and getting Saturdays to myself or I don’t have to sit at a soccer field for 11 hours a day, right? It could be different for everyone, right? Who knows, whatever it is keeping an eye for you as we go through these tips. And if you implement any of these tips and tricks, which I encourage you to do, let me know which one works best for you. And why? Because I promise you, every single one of these things that you do will bring you more joy, I promise. Okay, so let’s get into it. The first tip that I have for you to help you grow yourself enjoy on the daily This is not news, this is not new news. It’s not fake news is to practice gratitude and affirmations. Every single day, every single day, you guys even on your off days, right. And this is something I’ve done podcast episodes about this, I talked about this on my stories, I have Intagram TVs on this, you guys, I have talked about this over and over. So I’m not going to explain to you how to do this, I’m going to explain to you why you need to do this. So the reason why practicing gratitude and affirmations will help to you enjoy is because it brings all of the good stuff, the things that you’re grateful for the things that you’re working towards in your life that will bring you true joy. And that will help you to live a life that you’re obsessed with. It brings all of those things to the front of your mind. Because again, when life gets hard when when shit hits the fan, it’s really hard to lose sight on the things that we love are the things that make us happy and bring us joy. But taking the five to eight minutes, I promise you, it shouldn’t take you longer than eight minutes in the morning to write down and jot down three points of gratitude, and three affirmations, you will be rooted in a place of joy immediately because you’re recognizing and you’re reflecting on the things that make you happy and bring you joy, things that you’re grateful for. And the more often you do this, the easier it is to recognize these things throughout your day, which will then help you to route yourself in more joy just by going throughout your day. Okay, so the first thing that I want you to start to implement in your life is a daily gratitude and affirmation practice, for the reasons we just talked about. It brings all of that good stuff that good energy, the things that you love, and are enjoying to the front of your brain. And it helps your brain to focus on those things, instead of the fact that your boss is a douchebag or you’re in a shitty relationship or you have to take to your kid to the doctor for the fourth time this week, because they have this constant ear infection that won’t go away. It helps you to route your brain and a space of good, which will then help you to operate throughout your day in a space of joy. Versus if you never did this at all. Okay, so that’s tip number one. Tip number two is to go outside every day, every single day, you guys and if you live a life, maybe you’re a doctor or nurse, maybe you work in a factory job. Wherever, right you work in a space that’s inside your inside for long hours of the day and you can’t get outside, designate one day out of the week. Whatever that looks like for you. Whatever makes the most sense for your life to get outside. This is something that I try to do every single day you guys I try to get at least 10 minutes of outside time. Typically I take my lunch outside and I eat lunch outside for you know half an hour 45 minutes I’m gonna go back inside and sit down and get back to work. But something else that my husband and I do every single week is go on these walks up in the mountains. We live in El Paso, Texas, which has this huge mountain ridge. And something that we do every single Saturday is we go and we get Starbucks, and we get coffees and breakfast sandwiches, and then we head into the mountains. And we go for this really long walk and like this beautiful neighborhood that we wish we could move to. But the houses are like, you know, a quarter of a million dollar or something crazy. Um, and we just walk around, and it is something it’s a routine. It’s a habit that we have developed, that I genuinely come like Wednesday or Thursday, I am thinking about and I am yearning for that walk on Saturday, because it just brings me so much joy. And there is science behind getting outside. Humans biologically are meant to move way more frequently than we do on a normal day to day basis. But we’re also programmed to get good emotions and have positive emotions be produced in our brain when we go outside, and we feel the sun on our face. And even if it’s rainy, maybe you live in like Portland, Oregon, and it’s always raining, right? Still go outside, get dressed appropriately, go outside, play in the rain, play in the puddles with your kids, take your dog for a walk and get outside. Because when you do that your body reacts to the environment that you’re in and releases these positive emotions, these positive hormones in your body that will help to bring you joy. So maybe getting outside every single day, is it applicable to your life, because if your job or your current situation that you’re in, that’s fine, then I encourage you to designate one day out of the week where you have a consistent habit or routine of going for a walk or walking around your neighborhood or after dinner, you take your dog for a walk, whatever it might be, right. But notice, and I promise you when you can outside more often, you’ll find yourself more often rooted in joy. Alright, tip number three that will help you to route yourself enjoy on a daily is to implement habits that serve you over starview. And this is maybe a little bit self explanatory. But this is something that I dive into really deeply in the own your vision course. But you guys, I need you please, please please, to think about all of the habits that you have in your life, and you have throughout your day. And you’re going to notice there’s a lot of habits that you have that you just don’t even think about anymore, that are actually starving you of joy, and you don’t even realize it right? A really good example of this is picking up your phone and scrolling social media every single time that you need a break or you want to disconnect or you just need to like self numb from your day, right? How often do we I know I do this. I do this all the time, you guys, I am a serial email checker like no joke. Since recording the podcast this week, I have checked my phone every single time between the episodes that I’ve recorded because I’m a serial email checker. That is a habit that is starving me over serving me, why am I checking my email? I do not need to be checking my email in this moment. Why are you staying up until two in the morning scrolling tick tock, you should be asleep, right? That’s a really good example of a habit that starves you over serves you. So what are some other habits that you could maybe swap or change or switch to where they serve you over starview. And if you are someone just rolling off of the example of scrolling tick tock or Instagram until two o’clock in the morning, every single day, here’s a good switch. Here’s a good habit. That’s a good switch that’s going to serve you over star view. I’m going to challenge you to sleep with your phone in another room. Okay, this is something I’ve talked about before, this is something I encourage people to do all the time, because it has changed the way that I sleep. And I get better sleep, I get deeper sleep. And when I wake up in the morning, I don’t have that sense of I need to check my phone, I need to check my email I need to Google Google Google, like I now have slower mornings, which is intentional because I don’t sleep with my phone under my pillow. And if that stresses you out, I have a lot of people who follow me who I chat with who are moms. And the thought of having your phone in another room really stresses stresses them out which is totally understandable. Sleep with your phone in the opposite side of your room somewhere that you can’t just grab it habitually right when you wake up or if you wake up in the middle of the night. You have to physically get up and go grab your phone. Okay, that’s a really good switch of a habit that will serve you over starview and if you don’t believe me try it genuinely try it for a week and then tell me that I was wrong. Okay, so look at your habits, do an audit. If you want help on this check out the on your vision course. I have an entire module on on habits and routines and how you can make them something that serves you over serves you and watch what happens when you start to switch those habits that Is that starve you to be habits that are serving you, because I promise you, more joy will be presenting itself in your life every single day. Okay, tip number four is more of a mindset switch that I want to encourage you. But here it is, anyway. Okay? I want you to recognize and work on recognizing that life isn’t always fun. And it’s not meant to always be fun. But that’s okay. And that you’re built for the tough times that life is presenting to you. Okay? Now, don’t don’t get this twisted. I’m not saying that you’re meant to struggle in order to be successful. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that everyone, at some point in their life, whether they grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth, or they grew up, you know, sleeping on the streets or in their parents car, is going to have seasons of life, where life is just hard. And that’s part of life, you guys, that’s part of life, no one nothing, no being real or imaginary is is out to get you. Life is here to test you and grow you and make you stronger, and get you to question things and search for what makes you happy. And I want you to recognize that in those moments that aren’t fun, or cute or sexy, you are still built to deal with those tough times. As a personal example, 2021 was just one thing after the other AI and I save frequently to my husband to my mom on Instagram. And this podcast. 2021 was the worst year of my whole life. Like, hands down, it was the worst year of my life for so many reasons. But looking back on it, I also learned a whole hell of a lot, you know. And in the moment, it sucked, like 2021 wasn’t fun. It wasn’t cute, it wasn’t sexy. Sure, there were fun parts of it, don’t get me wrong, but it was still hard. And it really taught me that we are built innately for tough times. And it’s okay to recognize that life isn’t always going to be fun. But we are always built for what life presents us with. Okay. And again, this is more of a mindset shift that I really want you to work on. But when you finally recognize this, and you accept that, you know, my life is always going to be fine. And that’s okay, because I can deal with it. You’ll go through those situations, those tough seasons, with more resilience and grit, than if you just go into it with the mindset or you live through in the mindset of the universe is out to get me and nothing is ever good. And I’m you know meant to live a hard life, right? Like there’s two different types of mindsets that you can tackle those tough times with. And I have found in my life, it’s always easier, even just a little bit easier to go through those tough seasons. Knowing that I’m built to learn something from that season of life, something life is trying to teach me something. And if I go into it with that mindset, I find that I do learn on a deeper level. But I also have more joy through the learning process than if I go through that situation with an iron fist and gritted teeth. And finally, you guys, tip number five to help you root yourself enjoy on the daily is to laugh harder, and deeper and louder than you ever have every single day. You guys I mentioned this in last week’s episode, if you have not yet Listen, it’s a Hi girl Chat, where I give you the permission slip to just find the moment of laughter in the hard seasons of life. You’re allowed to laugh at yourself, you’re allowed to not take things so seriously. And you’re allowed to laugh at the totally ridiculous situations that you might get yourself into. And this final tip of laughing harder and louder and deeper, is going to instantly route yourself enjoy for a whole lot of reasons. But mainly because laughter is therapeutic for our bodies. It helps us release stress, it helps trigger positive hormone production, it helps to relieve the tension that we might be feeling throughout our bodies. And honestly, there are so few things in this world that are so serious, that you can’t laugh at them at all, in some way, shape or form. And I personally have been through a lot, a lot of things in life, that a lot of people would find that to be inappropriate to laugh at. But I am in the the boat of laughter is better therapy than crying sometimes because it brings you this sense of energy and joy that when we practice it and we actively laugh at things in life, whether they’re good or bad, we welcome more joy into our life. When you spread the energy of joy and laughter and happiness. You get more of that energy back. And so that’s my final tip to laugh harder and deeper and louder than you normally do because so much good energy come goes back to you whenever you do that, okay, so it’s super simple, but in practice can be quite challenging because sometimes we don’t want to be the person who’s laughing at a tough situation. But sometimes when one person laughs It triggers a chain reaction of laughter and it brings more joy to a really tough situation, which is just sometimes what we need. Okay, so those are my five tips. They are my top five tips that have helped me to route myself enjoy every single day and hopefully help you route yourself enjoy every single day as well. If you decide to implement any of these tips, and they work really well for you, please shoot me a DM over on Instagram and let me know which one you chose to implement first, and how it worked for you. And if you had any major takeaways from today’s episode, be sure to share it over on Instagram as well and tag me I always love to see what you guys learn and take away from these episodes. And I cannot wait to see what you take away from today’s episode you guys. Until next week, I am sending you all of the sunshine, good vibes, and I hope you make it a great day. That is all I have for you today my dudes and I hope you love today’s episode. If you did, I would seriously appreciate it if you went and left the show a review and rating on whatever platform you’re currently listening on. For every review and rating that you leave, it truly helps the show grow and reach more women just like yourself. If you had any major takeaways or aha moments, be sure to take a screenshot of this episode. post it to your social media stories with your biggest takeaways and tag me at living in sunshine so I can share it with my people as well. Again, thank you so much for hanging out with me this week. And until next time, I am sending you all the sunshine good vibes and I hope you make it a great day.