EPISODE 70: [TIPS&TRICKS] 4 Simple (& Free!) Things You Can Do to Improve Your Mindset

In a time where everything is expensive AF and there isn’t a ton of money to go around, I wanted to give you four simple things you can do right now, that are 100% FREE, that I promise will improve your mindset in some way! 

These are four things I have done in my own life and still do to this day, and I felt guilty *not* sharing them with you! So give this episode a listen if you are on the hunt for easy and free things you can do right now, that will improve your mindset in the long run! 















Maddy 0:08 Welcome to the living in sunshine podcast if you don’t know who I am, my name is Maddie. And I am so excited to have you tuning in to our weekly podcast episodes, where we chat all the things from tips and tricks to funny stories from my life that have helped me to truly live in the sunshine. In this space, we are all about encouraging, inspiring and giving you the tough love that you need to hear sometimes to realize that you are totally made for more than what you currently have in life, and that you hold the power to make the changes that you need to level up and live your best self. So buckle up, grab some water and let’s get into it. Good morning. Good morning, my dudes and welcome back to another episode of The Living in sunshine podcast. If you are new here, I just want you to know that I am so grateful that you decided to click play on today’s episode. Or even to say thank you for subscribing to the podcast which after listening to this episode, I surely hope that you do if you have not yet already done so. Before we hop into today’s episode, I want to let you guys know what our theme of the month is. Because we are in a new month. It is officially August and it’s actually August 3. When you are listening to this podcast episode, we have a brand new theme for the month and all month long here on the living in sunshine podcast, we are going to be digging into mindset. Now mindset is kind of one of those things that I’m slowly becoming known for, which I’m not mad about Do not get me wrong. And it is something that I talk about a lot over on my instagram at living in sunshine, I love sharing mindset tips or tricks or things that you can do to live in a more joyful mindset. So I wanted to contribute an entire month of podcast episodes to this idea of mindset because it’s always something that you guys are asking more about. Now I have one quick announcement that I wanted to share with you first today on the podcast and that is to go sign up for the monthly sunshine newsletter. This is my bi monthly bi weekly bi weekly, not bi monthly, twice a month. So bi weekly newsletter email newsletter that I send out on the first and third Sunday of every single month. So the first Sunday sunshine email of the month is going to be going out on this coming Sunday. And the first Sunday of the month, I send out a full newsletter with podcast wrap up free things for you guys tips, tricks, a little love note for me to you all of the kind of behind the scenes things for the living in sunshine space go out in that first newsletter. And then the second newsletter I send out is what I call the sunshine short. And that is just a quick little takeaway that you can have or things that I’m loving, or strategies to try out or reminders for the new week for you to truly live in the sunshine and to live a life of joy, and to design a life that you are obsessed with. So if you are looking for a little bit of inbox love, be sure to go click on the link in the show notes. Or you can find the link for it over on my Instagram as well to sign up for this newsletter list. It’s completely free. It’s open to anyone and I would love to have you join it. Okay, my dudes, we’re gonna go ahead and hop right into today’s episode, which is tips and tricks of little things that you can do to improve your overall mindset. Okay, now these are all things that I have done and tried to test it and love. And good thing for all of us is that they’re all free, right? In a world where inflation is just outrageous. I seriously, my husband Lucas and I which you guys it is our third year wedding anniversary today. So Happy anniversary to us, Lucas. We talk all the time about how we are just spending so much money, but we’re not buying anything else like additional right, like we’re not spending any extra money, everything is just more expensive. So again, good for us in today’s practice episode that all of these little things that we can do are all for free, which is amazing, right? We love free things. So today I’m going to share with you four tips or tricks that you can use to improve your overall mindset. And I want you to try out at least one of these things this week, one of these things by the end of the week. And then I want you to send me a DM over on Instagram. Again, my handle is at living the letter N sunshine and let me know how it goes. And you’re going to find that the more often you do these things, just like a lot of the things that I share on this show is that the more that you do it, and the more consistent you are at doing it, the more impact you’re going to get from it. Okay, so just like everything I share in this space, you have to do it more than once to actually see the impact, especially a couple of things here you’re going to be like What are you talking about? I promise you they work I promise you they are impactful as long as you are consistent in them. Okay, so first and foremost, the first tip that I want you to do, the first thing that I want you to try to do is write eat out. And by write it out, I mean, grab a piece of paper and a pencil or your digital journal, and just write whatever it is that you have on your mind. As a fellow anxious soul as a fellow medicated misses, I find that sometimes my brain does a really great job at blowing everything up in my mind, to make it seem a lot bigger and scarier and larger and more overwhelming than it actually is in reality, and I find that when my mindset is struggling with feeling stressed, or anxious or overwhelmed, it’s because my brain has blown up specific things, maybe it’s a to do list or a conversation you need to have or an emotion I’m feeling, it’s really increased in volume, which makes it super overwhelming to try and digest and process within my own brain. But what I do, and what I have found is that when I take the five to 10, maybe 1520 minutes to write it all out on paper and get it all out. And you guys, I physically mean like, with a pen and paper, or like using an Apple Pencil and your planner or whatever, do not do this on your phone. Okay, this is there’s really something truly magical and intentional about writing with a pen and paper, whether it is physical or digital, that is just so much more impactful than using your phone. But when I take the time to write out what I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, my to do list the things I want to get done, my goals, all of those types of things that are kind of maybe freaking me out, I find that they’re almost never as big or scary or overwhelming as I first thought they were. And it was all because I took the time to write it out, to get it out of my head. And to visually see all of those things that I had in my brain, just visually seeing it helps me to sort of lower the weight and scale down the size to something manageable. And it always helps me feel more clarity in my mind. It also always helps me to feel less anxious when I go about achieving those things or doing those things or tackling those things. So your first strategy for you to steal and try out from today’s episode, especially if you feel like you have 1,000,004 things to do or that you have big changes coming or big emotions that you’re feeling is to just write it out and to look at that list or that that you know prompt that you wrote or whatever you wrote on your piece of paper, read it aloud to yourself and watch how those emotions and those things kind of shrink and aren’t as large as you first thought they were. Okay, tip number two for you guys, this is something that I have been really leaning into pretty much all year, which I’m so glad that I have. But Tip number two, strategy number two to help you improve your overall mindset is to do a stretch or meditation. Now I feel as if by now, especially if you’re listening to this podcast, we all know in this space, the benefits and the improvements that come from doing meditation. But if you are someone like me were sitting still and meditating is kind of challenging, I find probably not equal but close enough results from doing an intentional stretch or flow that I get from meditation. And to me, I love doing a stretch or a flow or a flexibility workout twice a week, I always try to do it like in the middle of my week and then once on the weekend. And not only is this really good for your overall health and well being like your physical health, and your physical fitness. Because we all sit way too much. And we don’t move as much as we naturally should be on a biological level. Not only is it good for that, to do a good stretch or flexibility class or whatever. It also to me helps me to calm my mind and just be super present with how my body feels where I’m feeling tension, where I’m feeling stress, and it helps me to work through those emotions in a really intentionally physical way. Which for me, as someone who loves to exercise who views exercise as very cheap therapy. It’s really good for my mindset. And I love there’s just something so magical and juicy and delicious, which is a weird adjective to use about going outside on a Sunday when it’s nice and hot and like doing a yoga flow or a flexibility class like I always just feel so at peace and so clear headed once I am done like just talking about it you guys I want to go like turn the podcasts off and go do it right now. It’s just so good for my mindset and so good for my brain. I always just feel so relaxed and calm and clarity in my mindset once I do that, and that is a very similar experience that many people have from meditation. And maybe you have a meditation practice meditation is absolutely something that I tap into. When I’m feeling super super anxious, I just pause everything and I set a timer for five minutes. And sometimes I do a guided meditation but I get equal results from both a good stretch or flexibility class to a five minute meditation that I wanted to put these two things together in case meditation is something that makes you a little bit uncomfortable. But definitely, definitely try this out if you’re feeling a little bit stressed or overwhelmed or anxious, and just watch what moving your body in this intentional low impact way does for your brain and your headspace and your overall mindset. So sorry to interrupt the show my dude but I have some exciting news I need to share with you right now. Are you ready? I am so excited to share it that the sunshine squat monthly membership has officially launched to everyone. I designed this membership to help all of my happy hustlers, Joy seekers dream chasers and purpose pursuers have a space where they can feel supported, encouraged and inspired every single day to get after their most ideal life. Included in this membership are two coaching calls led by myself daily check ins to help you stay on track and accountable in your joy seeking weekly q&a opportunities for me to give you tailored coaching and guidance in your journey. And the HIePRO text thread is coming back for members only. And the best part about this, it’s only $20 a month. Literally, I made this membership for you, the girl who is ready to take control of her life, live a life of joy and obsession and also help you get connected with other like minded women who want the same exact thing that you do. So go jump into the membership. Now you can find all of the information that you need and the link to join us in the show notes. Or you can go find more information over on my Instagram, which is at living the letter N sunshine and I cannot wait to see you in there. Okay, tip number three you guys this is going to be a good one if you struggle with negative self belief or negative self talk or harmful thinking or even talking down to yourself. And this is again another thing that I have really started to dig into in 2022 that I have seen such a wonderful impact on and eight is affirmation sticky notes. And that sounds really creative. And I don’t know fancy when it’s really not you guys. I this year has been practicing radical acceptance of my body specifically, and loving my body the way that it looks as it looks right here in the moment because I have a long history with body dysmorphia. low grade eating disorders and just a really negative relationship with my body. And this year specifically, I have been on this journey of self love in all aspects and on all forms. And really taking care of myself in my mindset. And something that I’ve been doing is writing positive notes or positive affirmations to myself on a sticky note, and putting it places where I can see it every single day. And there’s one sticky note in particular that I’m sure you’ve probably seen on my Instagram stories that says I love my body where it is right now. And I have it hanging up on the mirror in our bedroom that I used to like get dressed and like look at my outfit, which is rare because I’m 99% of the time wearing yoga pants and a sweaty workout top. But I have it there intentionally. So I can always remind myself that no matter what my body looks like in that moment, in that minute in that hour in that day, I love the way that it looks. And it’s that reminder that I need to tell my mindset in my brain that I’m allowed to love myself in the way that I look right now. And there’s something I feel as if so cheesy about having sticky notes, you know, posters around your house positive affirmations. But there’s also something so truly impactful of having that. And I have found since first putting up that sticky note which I have had up you guys now for probably close to six or seven months to now that even when I am out and about and my clothes are fitting a little bit differently, or I just feel a little bit uncomfortable in my body. I visualize that sticky note saying I love my body where it is as it is right now. And it immediately grounds me and knowing that I do truly love myself as I am and I’m allowed to love myself as I am and I don’t need to talk so poorly to myself. So grab some sticky notes, get on Pinterest or shoot me a message. I’m happy to give you some affirmations. Write those down and then hang those post it notes up where you need to see them. Maybe it’s your bathroom mirror, maybe it’s on the inside of your fridge, maybe it’s in your office, maybe it’s in your classroom, if you’re a teacher, maybe it’s in your car or you know on your dresser or wherever you want it to be but use them and make them intentional and read them as often as you need. And I promise you you will see that impact because I know that I have just by having that sticky note I’m really Starting to see the impact when I’m even not reading it, it’s in front of my face. And it’s been something that I just I have loved having, and it’s made all the difference for me, okay, and Tip number four is a little bit funny. And you might be like, Oh my God, what. But I promise you, it helps me so much when I really needed to. And you guys, tip number four for helping you to improve your overall mindset is to go take a shower. And I laugh because if you follow me on stories on Instagram stories, you know that I hate taking showers. I know that sounds really gross, and it is sometimes really gross, I just they take so much energy and time and effort and washing your hair. And as a woman, you’re expected to shave every single bits and bobs of your body. And they’re they’re just not my favorite thing to do. They’re not my favorite way to spend my time. But when I do, you need a mental reset or a break in my workday, because I’m feeling overwhelmed, or I’m feeling like I have a million things to do, I will go take a shower just to help my mindset, reset and refocus on what actually matters. And sometimes the shower and I’m sure if you are a mom, you get this. Sometimes taking a shower is the only moment of quiet and peace that you get throughout your entire day. And we all need to have a moment of peace and quiet at least once throughout every single day of our lives. And I know it’s so silly, and it seems so like, that’s not going to work. But if you work from home, or if you are working on a side hustle or whatever, you have the space to just take a midday shower, do it, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious or rundown or whatever. There’s something just magical about a 15 minute shower by yourself where you just turn your mind off and just reset. And I find that when I do this when I need to. And I come back to it, I feel so much better. And it really does truly help me to clear out my brain of all the noise and clutter and sounds and stuff. And I’m able to get back to what I wanted to work on or what I was working on before feeling a little bit better. Okay, you guys that is it. The four things the four little tips and tricks that I wanted to give to you that will help to improve your overall mindset. Again, your homework for the week is to try out one of these things, and send me a message over on Instagram at living in sunshine to let me know how it goes. And to let me know if you thought it worked. Or if you felt like you need to give it more time for it to work. But I promise you all four of these things have made a major impact in my life that I felt selfish not to share them with you. If you loved today’s episode, please please please take a screenshot of it and post it to your Instagram stories and tag me that way I can see your biggest takeaways and share it with my people as well. Another quick free thing that you can do to help the show grow is to leave an apple rating or review over on Apple podcasts or Spotify. Both of those things really do help this show to reach more women, just like yourself to help them to grow a life of joy and a life that they are obsessed with. I will be back again next week with a brand new podcast episode and until then I am sending you all the sunshine good vibes. And I hope you make it a great day. That is all I have for you today my dudes and I hope you love today’s episode. If you did, I would seriously appreciate it if you went and left the show a review and rating on whatever platform you’re currently listening on. For every review and rating that you leave, it truly helps the show grow and reach more women just like yourself. If you had any major takeaways or aha moments, be sure to take a screenshot of this episode. post it to your social media stories with your biggest takeaways and tag me at living in sunshine so I can share it with my people as well. Again, thank you so much for hanging out with me this week. And until next time, I am sending you all the sunshine good vibes and I hope you make it a great day.