Episode 41: [HYPE GIRL CHAT] Dump your New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy 2022 my dudes, I hope you are as excited for the new year as I am! In today’s episode, we are flipping the script with resolutions and committing to DUMPING our New Year’s resolutions for 2022! Confused? Yeah, I get that. Listen to today’s brand new episode to figure out why I am encouraging you to do the thing that so many people are doing during this time of year. I promise, it is with good intention and purpose! 

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Maddy 0:08 Welcome to the living in sunshine podcast if you don’t know who I am, my name is Maddy. And I am so excited to have you tuning in to our weekly podcast episodes, where we chat all the things from tips and tricks to funny stories from my life that have helped me to truly live in the sunshine. In this space, we are all about encouraging, inspiring and giving you the tough love that you need to hear sometimes to realize that you are totally made for more than what you currently have in life, and that you hold the power to make the changes that you need to level up and live your best self. So buckle up, grab some water and let’s get into it. Good morning, my dudes and happy Wednesday and most importantly, happy 2022 I cannot believe that we are in a brand new year I feel like 2021 was the longest yet best this year of my life. And honestly and truly one of the hardest years of my life. So I am 100% ready for a new year. I’m ready to make it a great year. I have lots of plans and ideas and things that I am manifesting for 2022 and I cannot wait to kick it off with our first episode of 2022 of the living in sunshine podcast. Now if you are new to the podcast first and foremost, let me say a warm welcome to you. My name is Maddy, and I am so thankful that you are tuning in to today’s episode. Each week on Wednesdays, I drop a brand new podcast episode and each month. Our podcast has a brand new theme. So back in December, we were talking all about vision what that word even means and why you need one. And in January, our theme is goals because I feel like for January, that’s a really big reoccurring thing that you hear over and over and over right? You have to set goals, you have to do this, we have new year’s resolutions, all of the things right. So all month long, we are going to be learning and chatting and talking about goals, how to set them and then also how to actually make them happen. Because I feel like we always do this we start the year really, really strong with these great goals, these great resolutions. And then after the first month of the year, we fall off and we totally give up on them. Right How many of us have been there. That is why we’re going to be talking all about goals all month long to really set you up for success to actually achieve those goals within the timeline that you have set for yourself. Now before we get started. Today, I have two reminders for you that I want to make sure that you know about and the first one is that you need to join our email list for 2022. Because this year, we have lots of good things coming. I have new courses I’m releasing, we have new products that are launching in the living in sunshine Etsy shop and a bunch of mastermind calls like we did in December with our vision board party happening in 2022. And those of you on our email list on the monthly sunshine newsletter list are going to get first dibs on all of it. If you’re not already on our newsletter list, it’s super easy for you to sign up, you can find the link in the show notes. Or if you follow me over on Instagram at living in sunshine, you can find that link. It’s the first one in my bio. I send out the monthly sunshine newsletter once a month on the first Sunday of every single month. So the one for January has already gone out but you can sign up and snag the one for January when it launches next month. And this newsletter is a comprehensive bird’s eye view, insider sneak peek into all things living in sunshine. So be sure to snag the newsletter ASAP. That way you don’t miss any big announcements, any opportunities for growth or new things coming for you and our community in 2022. The next thing I want to make sure that you are aware of is our buy me a coffee Support link. Now this support link has been in the show notes for quite some time now. But I feel like a lot of people don’t really understand what it is. The buy me a coffee Support link is your direct way to financially support the show. So if you don’t know, I personally write, produce, edit and publish this podcast all by myself. And buy me a coffee is similar to Patreon where you can financially donate month a month or just one time to support the continuance of this show. Now I can tell you right now that we don’t have any sort of membership perks quite yet for buy me a coffee. That is my big goal for February is to launch a type of membership for the financial supporters of our show. And let me just say that the things that I have brewing for February to come are really, really awesome. So if you do want to check it out, if you do want to make a one time donation, you can do that via the link in the show notes. And I am so thankful for any kind of support that you give to the living in sunshine podcast. Okay, so now that those announcements are out of the way, let’s go ahead and jump into our first ever episode of 2022. So you might have seen that this is a Hi girl chat. And again, if you’re new to the living in sunshine podcast, our hike girl chat chats are sort of my short sweet to the point episodes where I give you the hype and the encouragement that you need to finally get off your butt and get after whatever goals and dreams that you have Okay, so that’s what a high growth chat is. But the thing with this episode is you might have read that title and thought, are you okay? Like, What? What? Where are we talking about goals? Like, you’re telling us to dump our New Year’s resolutions? But yet we’re talking about goals in January? And the answer is, yes, my dudes this month, this year, I am telling you and encouraging you to dump your New Year’s resolutions. And I have a good reason for this. My purpose behind telling you this is that I believe, and you can totally disagree with me, I’m always a big proponent for having differing ideas and opinions of each other. But here’s my thoughts on New Year’s resolutions. And maybe some of you will agree with me. I personally don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I think that they’re short term, they’re temporary. And they’re honestly a bias easy way for you to say that you’re going to do something without actually having the commitment behind it to make it happen. Right? How often are we sitting around at the at our office or at home with our families during the holidays and saying My New Year’s resolution is to lose 20 pounds, or my New Year’s resolution is to read more, or my New Year’s resolution is to walk or move my body more intentionally more often, right? We can all say that we have a New Year’s resolution, without any conviction and without any commitment behind it. And then what is it other than empty words? Right? My other issue with new year’s resolutions is that they’re not something that you sometimes fully mean and fully want to actually make happen. Right? We can say that we want them we can say that we’ve set them. But where’s the action? Where’s the purpose? And the why behind that? Where is the intention behind setting your New Year’s resolutions? That’s actually going to get you up in the morning, like on January 6, tomorrow, when you wake up? Where is that actually going to come from right? New Year’s resolutions, in my opinion, are surface level goals, and they are not going to get you anywhere near your end goal, your dream your vision, if you cast a vision for 2022, which if you haven’t, it’s not too late to do so. But where is the purpose and the intention behind your New Year’s resolution to get your butt out of bed in the morning and actually work towards your goals. Not only that, but statistically New Year’s resolutions almost never happen because they’re not rooted deep enough in emotion and feeling and intention, a purpose in your in your vision for your life, right? They’re very, very, very surface level. So I’m telling you today, ditch the New Year’s resolution, okay? Instead, what I want you to do is to decide to make a lifestyle change and whatever way that you need to do whatever it is that you want to do this year, and fully commit to that one thing, I II make one big goal for the year and rooted in your why rooted in your purpose and your mission. And then actually make it something that’s going to get you excited and make you so emotional to where you want to work towards it every single day. And not only do I want you to give yourself that one goal, I want you to take that goal and then set a deadline to get started on it right not to get to it, right? Because goals and dreams always almost always take way longer to actually make and have them turn into our real life. Right. But to get started on it, okay to start working towards it. Okay, so let me explain to you what I mean, you might have a goal of let’s just say starting a podcast, right? Because so many of you have sent me DMS. How do I start a podcast? Where do I go? How did you learn how to do this? Right? So maybe your big goal for the year is to start a podcast. And what you can do is set a deadline as to when to get started on starting your podcast. And so your deadline if today is January 5, and you told yourself well, my New Year’s resolution is to start a podcast. No, no, no, no. My goal that I’m committed to in 2022 is to start a podcast today is January 5. And my deadline to get started on this is January 13. So you’re gonna give yourself a week to figure out how to actually start a podcast and where to go first. And the reason I want you to do this and to set a deadline for your starting point is because goals usually and I know I’ve already said this, but it’s really important for you to hear it again, goals usually take way longer to actually achieve than you might think, which is why New Year’s resolutions oftentimes don’t happen because people expect to get to the end of that new year’s resolution by a certain period. And when that doesn’t happen, starts make us feel kind of crummy, right? So instead of casting that vision and setting that goal or New Year’s resolution for the long term, give yourself a short term finish line of just getting started right moving the needle towards whatever that goal is. And then once you do that, you can celebrate it and you can feel successful and that is going to give you the momentum to keep moving towards that goal that you might have for the entirety of 2022 or even a longer goal that might take you a few more yours to actually accomplish. The reason I want you to do this is because New Year’s resolutions you guys put so much pressure on you or other people who have them to make them happen as soon as possible. When really we don’t need to do that we don’t need to rush towards these goals. What I want you to do instead is flip your script, hack your brain and give yourself a celebration right from the beginning to then give yourself the momentum and the encouragement and the excitement that you will need to continue on and be sustainable and chasing whatever the goal is that you have for this year. So this year in 2022, I want you to commit to dumping your New Year’s resolution, okay, I want you to say no more resolutions, I am focusing in and committing to this one goal. And I’m setting a deadline for me to get started on this goal. And my friend, if you’re serious, if you 100% know that this goal matters to you emotionally, physically, mentally, whatever, I want you to have your deadline within the month of January, meaning by the end of the month, you have done something to move the needle towards that goal, not the end of the goal. Just getting started on the goal. Remember, that way you can celebrate and start the year off so strong, because when you give yourself and we’re going to talk about this this year, you guys in this month, especially when you give yourself those small points of celebration and you celebrate as you go, you are going to be more likely to see success, more likely to get to the end of that goal, and more likely to be able to look back and say how do I did that look at what I did and you celebrate it every single step of the way. So say it with me, I am dumping my New Year’s resolutions and I am committed to this one goal all year long and I am setting a deadline to start that goal within this month. And that is all I have for you today. My dudes short sweet and to the point but exactly what a hide girl chat is something to get you up off the couch out of bed and getting moving towards your goals in the morning, bright and early or whenever you listen to today’s episode. If you love today’s episode, be sure to take a screenshot of it and drop it in your Instagram stories with your biggest takeaway. And if you tag me at living the letter N sunshine, I’ll be sure to share it with my people as well. And if you have some really big goals for the year, be sure to tune in every single Wednesday of this month because that is our theme of January and I am going to help you not only set goals, but also learn how to actually make them happen. So be sure to tune in next Wednesday for a brand new episode. Until next week, I am sending you all the sunshine good vibes and I hope you make it a great day. That is all I have for you today my dudes and I hope you love today’s episode. If you did, I would seriously appreciate it if you went and left the show a review and rating on whatever platform you’re currently listening on. For every review and rating that you leave it truly helps the show grow and reach more women just like yourself. If you had any major takeaways or aha moments, be sure to take a screenshot of this episode posted to your social media stories with your biggest takeaways and tag me at living in sunshine so I can share it with my people as well. Again, thank you so much for hanging out with me this week. And until next time, I am sending you all the sunshine good vibes and I hope you make it a great day.