Follow this Simple Step-By-Step Process to Actually Make You Goals Happen this year!

2022 is HERE and I am so excited for all the goals we are setting for the new year, BUT I want to encourage you to DUMP those pesky New Year’s resolutions because girl, they are not serving you like you think they are!

So we’ve got our goals, we know what we want, we are well into the new year… what? Well, if you are REALLY wanting to make your goals happen this year, keep on scollin’ because I have a 4-step process just for you!

Now, before I share this process with you, know that it WORKS because this is the same process I have followed and a process I have shared with friends and family who have tried it and tested it too. This simple process is meant to not only help you get to your goals but also help get you in the right mindset to work towards those goals for the long haul. Let’s get into it! 

Have you ever tried eating a giant piece of food without first cutting it into smaller pieces and had to spit it out or choke it down while struggling to breathe? Yeah, this is the same thing as trying to tackle a majorly giant goal without first breaking it down.

My friend, you cannot reasonably chase after a goal if you don’t first break it down into a process of clear and actionable steps. Whatever the goal might be, it can be broken down into smaller steps you can take along the way. For example, let’s look at the goal of starting a podcast. The GOAL is to start a podcast, but the steps to get there might be to research what you need to do to start one, do some research to see if your topic is viable, and also set a launch date for you to then market it’s launch appropriately.  If you just leave this goal at “start a podcast”, where do you even start?

Once you have your goal, no matter what it might be, break it down for yourself into smaller, bite sized pieces so you can actively work towards it every day! 



Another big thing I started doing last year and maaaaaan the impact it has had on my mindset and stamina towards chasing some of my biggest dreams! 

My husband and I call this “getting a W” and this is crucial if you are wanting to build not only momentum but also stamina while working towards your goals. So often people don’t celebrate themselves until they get to the finish line of their goals, when in reality we need to have those points of celebration along the way. This is what you have probably heard of before where you need to celebrate the process over just celebrating the end goal. 

When we give ourselves these small points of celebration, we allow ourselves to feel emotions like pride and confidence, which then help us want to continue working towards the goal we have. When we fail to celebrate along the way, we hold ourselves back from feeling like we are doing a good job, even if we are doing a good job every step of the way. A hot tip for you: plan out these moments of celebration! Use those small steps from step 1 in this process as easy starting points for celebration if you need too. 



I don’t say this to be a downer, I say this to be practical and to keep you grounded in reality. I loooooove that you set a goal that you want to accomplish by the end of the year, but I also want you to be aware that more often than not, goals don’t happen at the exact time we think (or want) them too. And that’s OKAY! 

The thing you can do to be proactive instead of reactive to this is to carry forward in the mindset that if your goal doesn’t happen by the deadline you think it will, that doesn’t make you a failure or mean you wasted your time. It just means that you need to set a new deadline and keep working towards that goal. 

To my perfectionists and Type 3 enneagrams especially, you are not a failure if your goals don’t happen on your timeline. Remember this when that timeline comes and goes and you are still working. You haven’t failed, you have just learned that your goal needs a little bit more time to come into fruition. 


And finally, step four. This one is big, big, BIG because without this, the entire process is pretty much worthless. 

My friend, if you don’t fully believe and know that you can make this goal happen, you are going to have a harder time working on it and making it happen. My favorite phrase to accompany this step is, “Not with that attitude!” because it TRULY give this message to you straight. 

If you go into your goal chasing with an attitude of, “this is too hard, I can’t do this, I don’t deserve this…” then you will never make that goal happen because where is the motivation to show up for it like you need too? Right? Where is the drive and focus you will need to have in order to show up again, and again, and again, to make that goal happen. 

I TRULY believe that with time, consistency, and focus, you can make any goal happen. Pair that with a deadset belief in yourself and your capabilities, nothing can stop you girl. 


And that’s it! My 4-step process to help you actually achieve your goals this year! How are you going to implement this process this year? Do you already do some of these things, but need to incorporate the rest? Tell me in the comments or shoot me a DM on Instagram (@livingnsunshine) and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to listen to this week’s episode of the Living in Sunshine Podcast, episode 43, to hear more on this topic! 


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