My Goals for 2022 & How They Can Inspire You!

Curious what my goals are for the new year? Well today I am sharing them with you on the podcast with the hope that they inspire you to dream a bigger dream and really get after whatever goals you have for 2022! 

In case you don’t know, I am actually a multi-passionate entrepreneur and own several online businesses that I run all on my own. I have the podcast, an Etsy shop, TeacherPayTeachers store, a virtual assistant business, AND have two major things dropping in 2022 that I am working on behind the scenes right now. What I did to set the goals I am about to share with you is to do a “self-audit” of my performance in 2021. I did this audit, aka going through and look at stats and income and all that fun stuff, to then come up with reasonable (but stretch!!) goals for the new year. Below is a quick glance at my goals for all of those things! 


  • 2 digital products a month (planners, guidebooks, inserts, etc.)
  • 1 physical product launch a month (stickers or apparel)
  • $3k a month from sales by EOY
  • 1K monthly shop views w/ >20% conversion rate 


  • 150 total products in the shop (create 87 new products)
  • $400+ / month in revenue ($5K total for the year) 


  • 10K downloads in 2022
  • weekly podcast schedule & monthly themes continue
  • be featured on 4-5 other podcasts
  • 3 sponsored ads on the podcast
  • 50+ monthly BMAC supporters & community phone number back up and running 


  • Launch 2 new resources (info coming soon 😉 ) & create $30K in revenue from this
  • Complete & form official Living in Sunshine, LLC by end of January
  • Become have a 5-figure year of $50K+ and be on track to double that in 2023


And those are just my BUSINESS goals! Of course I have personal and relationship goals I want to achieve this year, the biggest one being starting therapy, but you can listen to those in this week’s episode of the Living in Sunshine podcast.

My point in sharing these goals with you is to show you that I am following the same process we talked about in Episode 43 in my own life. I have taken all of these goals and broken them down into smaller bites & have planned points of celebration and rest to be sustainable in achieving them. Whatever your goals are friend, you can do it. I know you can and I know I can. 

Now let’s go get after these goals and have the best 2022 ever! 


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