Why You need to start Celebrating the Small Stuff

Raise your hand if you ever struggled with feeling of never being successful. Orrrrrr maybe like you aren’t good at any of the things you are working towards? If this is you, I am about to tell you exactly why you are feeling this way. 

My friend, the reason you are feeling like you are burning out, not making any progress, or like you just. aren’t. doing. enough. is because you aren’t recognizing all the SMALL THINGS that you are doing! And listen, I GET IT. I totally get it and feel you because this is something I used to suck at doing this too!

For so long I felt like I was never making any progress in my goals, my dreams, and just felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere because I wasn’t getting to my big goals fast enough. But the truth is, I was actually making progress every day, just failing to see the progress I was making because I wasn’t taking the time to slow down and focus on all the small things I had achieved. I was failing at taking the time to sit down, turn around, and notice all the small wins I had had so far in my journey. When I started doing this though, everything changed in how I pursued my dreams and wild, crazy goals.

For one, when I started to recognize the small wins I had, I realized I was feeling more excited to head into my office every day. Because I was taking time to focus on the good things I was doing daily, I was more I wanted to do my work. I knew, because I was started to celebrate my small wins, that I would feel the sense of accomplishment each day and this feeling led to me wanting to get to work each and every morning.

The second thing that I noticed when I made this switch and implemented this practice was I become radically more joyful in my day to day experience. I noticed that each day, whenever I celebrated checking something off my to-do, or achieving a new milestone, or even just getting a new subscriber to my email list, I was WAY MORE JOYFUL than ever before. Just by celebrating these small things, I welcomed in an abundance of joy into my daily life.

So if you are struggling to celebrate your small wins in your life, I encourage to work on this starting TODAY! In this week’s brand new Living in Sunshine podcast episode, I explain this a little further and I really hope you listen to this message and share it with a loved one who you think needs to start practicing this too! 

I promise, when you start doing this, everything will start to change for you!

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