3 Easy Ways You can Welcome Fun & Celebration BACK Into Your Life!

Life is only boring if you LET IT BE BORING! So stop letting life be boring and make it fun again using these three easy ways to welcome back more FUN and CELEBRATION into your life! I promise you when you implement these three things, not only will you be welcoming more FUN into your life, but you will also be welcoming in other things like joy and balance too 🥳

Thing #1 I am going to suggest you to do if you are wanting to welcome more FUN into you life is picking up a hobby that is just a hobby. And I say this because if you are a happy hustler like me, you struggle to do something just for fun and not turn it into a business opportunity. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about multiple streams of income, but when you monetize your hobby, it then becomes a job which can then lead to it becoming a stressor in your life. So find something you like to do, just for fun, and keep it that way! 

The second thing you can do to welcome more fun and celebration into your life is picking one day out of the week to go and do something outside of your home! For the last 2 years we have been cooped up at home and I know in my life, I sometimes forget that we can now leave the house whenever we want 😅 Because of this, my husband and I always try to do something together, outside of our house, at least once a week. This is a great opportunity for us to spend time together, go do something new, and just get some fresh, non-dog hair infested air in our lungs! I want you to try and do the same and see how it feels, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but it does need to be something

And last but not least, the last thing I am going to suggest to you is implementing a nightly celebration meeting with the people you love. And honestly, this doesn’t need to be at night, it can be really whenever you feel like you need it! This is so simple and all you need to do is share one thing you are celebrating from your day with someone you love (your husband, kids, bestie girl, etc.) and have them share something they are celebrating too! This is a great way to lift one another up AND share something good from your life with someone else! When we do this, we welcome in more feelings of pride, joy, and accomplishment which are things we allllll want to be feeling! And teachers, this would make for a GREAT THING to do at the end of the day as you are packing up for the day with your kids! 

What do you think about these ideas? Do you think they are solid ideas or do you feel like you need something new to add? You can get more from me on these ideas in this week’s episode of the Living in Sunshine Podcast and if you have thoughts or plan to implement any of these, let me know on Instagram!

My hope is that when you implement these things, even if it’s just one of them, you have more fun in your life and give yourself things the celebrate more often. To me, those are two things we all deserve to have a little more of 🌻

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