7 Lessons in 27 Years | Happy Birthday to Me!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I am SO PUMPED to share another life lessons moment with you! This time of year, aka the time around my birthday (lol), I always like to sit down and reflect on all the things I have learned in my life and share my biggest lessons with YOU! I love to do this to hopefully give you something new to think about, dream about, and share with someone that you love!


So what are the biggest lessons I have learned so far in my life? Lemme share the top 7 with you right now:

These are the top 7 lessons I have learned so far in my life: 

  1. There is nothing more important in life than living a life you are obsessed with 
  2. There are too many ways to make money in this world for you to stay at a job you hate 
  3. How people respect you and your boundaries is more of a reflection on their character than it is of your character 
  4. Life is too damn short to spend it with people who do not love you, support you, and get you 
  5. Being kind to yourself is just as important as being kind to other people 
  6. The biggest thing our world lacks right now is the ability to talk to someone with opposing views to you without turning into a screaming child 
  7. We all already have the power right inside of us to design a life we love and have always dreamed of, all we need to do is learn how to harness it 

Maybe you see this list and agree with me? Maybe you see this list and are thinking, “what the heck does she mean?” Either way, I want this list to get you thinking about your own life and how you are living it! 


Are you pursuing joy every day? Are you taking in fresh perspectives with an open mind? Do you respect yourself enough to ask for what you want? Or are you letting life happen to you instead of for you? Be sure to listen to episode 54 of the Living in Sunshine Podcast to hear more of my thoughts on these 7 lessons and let me know what you think over on Instagram! 

My friend, we all have different lives, journeys, and lessons that we have learned. I am still only 27 and know that I have a lot 🤘🏼

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