My Favorite Personal Development Books that Have Helped Me Find More Peace in Life

If you are reading the title of this blog post and rolling your eyes, you better stop right now before I slap ya upside the head. Listen to me — personal development isn’t just for your creepy hippy uncle anymore, it’s for EVERYONE and today, I am sharing my top 3 favorite PD books for peace with you! 📚

K, you know by now if you have listened to this show / follow me on Instagram that I am a HUGE fan of personal development books. After listening to them for 3+ years now, I can confidently say that I am better human, wife, friend, and leader than I was 3 years ago before I started listening to them. Yes, listening because I am a child and don’t read, I listen to my books on Audible (lol). And my dude, this practice doesn’t even consume that much of my day! I take about 15-20 minutes to listen to my book while I am getting ready, eating breakfast, or even driving in the car. This is one of the big reasons I love Audible so much! 

But what are my 3 favorite books to help you ground yourself in peace? They are:

  • Dream Big – Bob Goff
  • The High Five Habit – Mel Robbins
  • Everything is Figureoutable – Marie Forleo 

I love these books so much for various reasons (all of which you can hear all about in episode 59 of the Living in Sunshine podcast, and are all books I 100% suggest you check out! You can actually find all of my favorite PD books in this Amazon list and if you wanna chat about them, feel free to leave me a comment down below! 

Personal development is such a good thing to implement into your life if you haven’t already and if you are looking for books specifically aiming to help you be more at peace, these titles are a great place to start!

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