My Struggles with Anxiety & How I manage it Now [AN UPDATE!]

The last five months I have been on an intentional journey of exploring and supporting my mental health on a more personal level and today I am giving you an update on how things are going! From taking daily medication to seeing a therapist once a month, the last five months have been eye opening, and I am ready to share it with you today 😊

So back in February, I did a podcast on my mental health past and my struggles with anxiety. Since then, I have started to be more proactive in how I am managing it. The biggest thing that has helped me to get better and take better care of myself was getting support through Cerebral. Cerebral is an online therapy platform that I found and love because of its affordability and convenience. I knew myself enough, before starting therapy, that I was NOT going to want to leave my house to go anywhere (#DiehardHomebody) so I knew that at home therapy was for me. The other reason I wanted to use Cerebral was because they take insurance 🙌🏼 which many online therapy platforms do not. To me, these two things were a MUST HAVE in getting the right support that I needed to get better. 

The other major thing I have implemented in my life to better my overall mental health is taking daily medication. NOW — I know medication and taking medication is a very personal and often polarizing topic. For me though, it has done wonders for my overall wellbeing. I feel more clarity, more at peace, and don’t have those overbearing anxious feelings anymore since taking it. I often get asked if I have noticed any side effects and honestly, not really. I have found that if I take my meds on an empty stomach, I become VERY tired, but other than that, I haven’t had any issues. I am so thankful and grateful I decided to take a chance with medication (because I was very apprehensive about it prior to starting) and don’t think I would be where I am today without it. I appreciate it so much that I designed this cute little sticker to show the world that I truly think that medication is magic ✨

There are other things that I have been doing to better support my mental health and I share them all with you in episode 58 of the podcast 🎙 My hope is that by sharing my story and growth, you find the courage and bravery you might need to better take care of you. I 100% recommend checking out Cerebral and if you do, comment down below and let me know what you think! I hope you love them as much as I do! 

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