Tactical Tips & Tricks You Can Do to Welcome PEACE Back into Your Life

How are you feeling at this point in the year? I know for me, I am feeling verrrryyyyyy all over the place, which is WHY I am ready to refocus, slow down, and welcome more PEACE back into my life! But how do we do this? Let’s talk about it 👇🏼

So the first way I want you to work to welcome more peace back into your life is by granting yourself grace every day. NOW, I feel like this term ‘grace’ is such a trend right now, but I  really do think that it is something we all need to be doing more of! When we do this, we give ourselves the break we need to reset, refocus, and not feel so clustered in our brains. 

The next tip I wanna give you to welcome more peace back into your life is to find routines that SUPPORT you over STARVE you. Now, if you want to learn about this tip on a deeper level, I highly encourage you to check out my course HERE because I talk allll about it. Simply put though, you need to go through your habits and routines and drop the ones that don’t support you and welcome more that do! 

And finally, the last tip I am here to give you today to welcome in more peace, is to get good at saying NO! This is such an easy thing in thought, but if you are a people pleaser / maybe even an Enneagram 2 (just like myself) this can be SO HARD! But when we fail to say no, we fail to protect our time and energy. So get good at saying no and watch how much peace you will start to feel in your life! 

If you are feeling like you want even more tips on this, you need to listen to episode 57 of the Living in Sunshine podcast because I am giving you ONE MORE WAY to proactively welcome more peace into your life! Give it a listen and leave me a comment down below on which tip helped you the most 💛

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