You Deserve to Be at Peace in Your Life!

Stop being the goddamn victim of living a chaotic life because your past or current present life is hard. I love you so much, but you being stuck in a place of overwhelm and chaos is 100% something you can control! 💯

Listen to me on this, you have GOT to start believing that you deserve peace in your life. I don’t care that you have 7 kids, 2 full time jobs, a husband who is a loser, and a sick family member. I also don’t care that you grew up being moved from state to state every other year for your dad’s job so you never knew what stability looked like. You right now, more than likely, are a grown adult who either can LEARN how to be more at peace or can actively WORK to welcome more peace into their life. Allowing your circumstances to be the thing that tells you otherwise is lazy and a copout for truly living a life that you love. And friend, I am here to tell you to knock it off 👏🏼

You deserve better than the crazy life you are living right now. You deserve better than constantly letting your past be the thing that decides your present and your future. You DESERVE to live a life of peace and happiness. This doesn’t mean you won’t be busy or have a lot to do, this just means that you are doing things in order to welcome more peace back into your life. 

Listen to episode 60 now to get all the hype and FIRE you need to start to believe this AND to actively take the steps you need to take to live it. **Warning though**, there are lots of fancy 4-letter words in this episode, so I don’t suggest listening to it with tiny ears around 😉

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