Why You Need to Become a Joy Seeker like Yesterday!

I talk about it alllllllll the time over on Instagram but dude, if you aren’t yet on your journey to becoming a joy seeker, WHY NOT! 👏🏼 It is time that you, yes YOU, get on this joy seeker train because I promise you, it will change ya life 💯

Before I can tell you why you need to become a joy seeker, I need to tell you what a “joy seeker” actually is because joy looks different to EVERYONE. To some people, joy looks like a hot cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. To others, it is the bustling streets of NYC while you pretend to be a true city girl. To me, joy is BOTH of these things! So what does joy look like to you? Got it? Okay good, hang onto it! 

A true joy seeker, to me of course, is someone who proactively seeks out joy on the daily and spreads it to other people. A joy seeker is someone who, on a daily basis, does things that bring them joy because they know how much good it does for their overall well being. That is what a joy seeker is! But would you consider yourself a joy seeker? 🧐

The reason becoming, or working on becoming, a joy seeker is so important because it is going to be the thing that roots you in a mindset of happiness, gratitude, and JOY! And if you want to learn more on how to become a joy seeker, then you need to listen to this week’s episode of the Living in Sunshine Podcast! 

I promise, when you work towards becoming a true joy seeker, all the other things in your life will start to change for the better 🥰


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