It’s Okay to Laugh When Sh*t Gets Hard

Listen to me, this is probably the most important permission slip I will ever give to you…

It is OKAY to laugh when shit in your life gets hard. I know it might sound inappropriate or like you shouldn’t, but it might just be the thing that helps you get through a hard time with more joy and peace! From personal experience, I always find that my tough situations are always made to be a little easier if and when I choose to LAUGH over get bent out of shape about something.

Laugh because something is funny.

Laugh because the situation is so totally ridiculous.

Or just laugh because if you don’t laugh you will start to cry. 

Whatever the reason, it is okay to do so!! 

And if you don’t wanna take my word for the power of laughter in your life, then read this article from the MayoClinic about just how powerful laughter is.

In today’s episode we are diving into all things laughter and why it’s a good choice to do in situations that are downright tough. 

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