How to Root Yourself in Joy on the Daily

How often would you argue you are rooting yourself in joy? Because I would say that I root myself in joy ON THE DAILY through these few simple habits and routines 🌻

Wanna know my secrets to living in joy every day? It’s probably a much simpler thing that you think it is, and I am going to give you 5 easy ways to do so:

  1. Gratitude + affirmations 
  2. Go outside every day 
  3. Implement habits that serve you over starve you 
  4. Recognize that life isn’t always fun, but thats okay and you are built for the tough times 
  5. Laugh harder and deeper 

These five things are SO SIMPLE, yet implementing them consistently can be the challenging part. It comes down to discipline, consistency, and reminding yourself of WHY you need to do them. And I am not going to pretend that I am perfect at them, because I’m not! There are times where I go days without doing any of them, but I notice the impact when I don’t. 

Listen to today’s podcast episode in order to get more details on these five tips and how exactly I implement them on the daily 💛

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