My Journey to Finding Joy in Everyday Life!

I get asked quite frequently how I am always so joyful, but would you believe me if I told you I wasn’t always like this? 😱

Yeah, you read that right…there was a time and place in my life that I wasn’t this happy-go-lucky human I am today. Not even that long ago actually, like 8 months ago I was a completely different person.

Now, hear me when I say that no one is truly joyful all the time. That’s just not normal 😂  There are days that I am sad, tired, overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, all the things that are opposite of joy. And that’s totally okay! No one should be expected or required to feel and act a specific way all the time. 

But, I am confident when I say that I am joyful like….80% of the time? And I feel like that’s pretty dang good compared to the general population of people. How did I get here though? Well..through a lot of struggle and failure. Through a lot of trial and error. Through a lot of, “this isn’t working and I am tired of feeling like this.” moments in life. 

Becoming joyful and working on rooting myself in joy has been a journey in it of itself, it’s been something I have been working on for YEARS. Through healing from past trauma, to doing things like starting therapy! Becoming joyful and rooting myself in joy every day is a conscious decision that I have to make. 

And it’s a decision I am hoping you choose to make after listening to today’s brand new podcast episode 🌻  It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it 💛 

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