Gut Check: You Choose What You Think About!

Here is a truth bomb for you, you choose what you think about, which then determines how you feel that day.


So think about this, if you are thinking about a time in which you felt frustrated, annoyed, or angry, how do you feel in this moment right now…probably one of those things, right? This is because our brain can mimic those emotions that we felt in the past, just by our thoughts that we have right now. The reason I tell you this, is to show you the power of our minds. Meaning, what we think about, we then feel.


The reason this is important is because when we choose to think about things and live in a space that brings us joy, we will be more naturally joyful throughout our days. When we engulf our minds and our bodies with things that make us happy, feel content, and that bring us joy, we will feel those things more often.


So often I am asked how I am so happy all the time. While this is a nice thing to say, it’s also not entirely the truth. The reason why I always come off as so happy and joyful though, is because I know that I choose what I think about. And when I know that I have the choice to choose what I focus on, I am going to make the choice to focus on things that make me feel good. Which, in the end, makes me feel happy and joyful on the outside.


So take this as a quick reminder and a quick mindset check that you choose what you think about, which in turn, decides how you feel that day. You have the choice to think about things that make you joyful and happy, or you have the choice to think about things that make you feel like crap. It’s up to you to choose though.


My hope for you is that you can take this reminder and go into your day and go into the rest of your life knowing that you choose how you feel because you choose what you focus on. 


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