My New Productivity Hacks You Need to Steal!

Ready to kick your productivity levels into high gear? Well friend, I have FIVE TIPS just for you that you can steal, tweak, and make entirely your own that you will LOVE if you are ready to be more productive 🙌🏼

So, let’s just jump right into this one, no time to pussy-foot around, ya feel? 😜

TIP 1: Use the Pomodoro strategy 

This strategy is a new-to-me strategy that actually has made me more productive. Broken down, its a system of on and off time in your work. So, you set a timer for 20-25 minutes then you WORK for those minutes. After, you set another timer for 5-8 minutes as your “break time”. Then, you just wash, rise, and repeat. 

The reason this works so well is you are giving yourself a focused block of work time without checking your phone, email, or talking to other people. Having the timer allows you to visually see when you will get a break and know when you can get up and move around. 

TIP 2: Checkout LifeAt spaces

LifeAt spaces are another newish resource that I have been really loving the last few months. What LifeAt provides are online, virtual working backgrounds for people to use for FREE! Yep, 100% free babyyyyy 👏🏼

I love using LifeAt because on top of just being virtual working spaces, they have virtual to-do lists, sticky notes, sounds, and hundreds of different “spaces” for you to use. I love using LifeAt to have a cityscape, coffee shop, or pretty natural view on my laptop with my timer going as I listen to a Spotify playlist in the background. There is something about a “change of scenery” that just does it for me ✨

TIP 3: Implement a Sunday Sit Down

So, this tip really isn’t new, but I don’t think it gets the credit it deserves because it’s just that powerful of a productivity tip.

A Sunday Sit Down is a designated time on Sunday where you…sit down 😅….and map out your week. You kind of look at what appointments, deadlines, releases, meetings, whatever you have that week, and you map them out on your schedule or in your planner. 

I love doing this because it helps me to know what’s coming down the pipeline for me and what to expect throughout the week. This prevents me from getting overwhelmed day to day because I already know what I need to be doing that day. When we know what to expect, we can prepare for it and tackle it with confidence when it comes! 

These three tips are some of my best kept productivity hacks that you can 100% implement right now. They are simple, effective, and FREE! Who doesn’t love that? 🥳

Looking for the other two tips? Then you will have to listen to episode 68 of the Living in Sunshine Podcast to hear more on them! If you try any of these tips, let me know which one was the best for you! 


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