How I Manage My Emotions to Get My Needs Met

I feel like 2022 is the year I have finally started to honor the fact that I am a complex human with emotions and have been doing more to make sure those needs are met. I also feel as if this year has been the year that I take my mental health seriously and lemme tell you, it’s been incredible 🥰

I think for me, accepting the fact that I am allowed to feel and express and share my emotions has been such a big point of growth for me so far this year. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t like, never feeling my emotions before this year, but I definitely wasn’t feeling them or sharing them like I do now. And on top of that, I have really been working on giving myself the permission slip I have needed for a looooong time now to do what I need, and do what feels right to ME, instead of always putting other people first.

Some ways that I have been doing this have been scheduling a potato day into my weekly schedule. A day where I just. do. nothing. A day where I am a potato in whatever way that looks like for me. 

Another thing I have been allowing myself to have are sad days. I talk about these over on Instagram before on stories and in a Reel, but these are something we all need from time to time. A day where we can just be sad. And feel sad. And accept that feeling sad or down or whatever is okay. We don’t need to justify it or defend it or explain it to anyone or ourselves…we can just *feel it* and do what we need to feel better that day.

 This year I have also really dug deep into expressing and sharing my emotions with other people, especially my husband Lucas. I need you to know that Luc and I have been together for almost ten years and I think this is the first year in our relationship where we are both so acutely aware of one another’s feelings. This is because we BOTH have been really good about sharing how we are feeling in the moment, good or bad, and I truly believe it has brought us closer. When I am feeling low, I go to him and tell him as such. Just by doing this, I kind of release some of the “weight” I am holding onto which makes me feel better 💛

Like I said, 2022 has been a year of hard and deep personal healing for me. It’s been the year I think I have needed for a long time now, and I am so glad it’s finally happening for me. I share more of what I have been doing to better take care of me in episode 69 of the podcast, and I encourage you to give it a listen 🎧

Send me a message if you try any of these things, I would love to know how they helped you grow 🌻

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