Little things you can do to improve your overall mindset!

Ready to stop feeling like crap all the time? Or maybe you are just ready to feel a little bit better in your day today life? Well if this is you, I have four tips that you can use today in order to feel a little bit better and improve your overall mindset! 



I love this tip because I find when I write out how I am feeling or I braindump how I am feeling that day, I always feel a little bit better. The other reason I love to write out how I am feeling, is it always helps me make the things in my mind not so big. We can so easily make things that aren’t so large, HUGE in our brains just by thinking about them too much. But when we take the time to write things out physically on paper, those things tend to get a little bit smaller. So next time you are feeling super overwhelmed by the things in your life, I want you to try to write them out on a piece of paper and read them back to yourself. You might just find that you are able to better handle what you have to do in a much better head space. 



The next tip that I have for you, is to do a daily stretch or meditation, and do these things when you need them throughout your week. I love having a  couple of days out of the week where I do what I call a “flow workout”, which is typically a stretch or a functional training workout to where I am intentionally moving my body in a way that feels good to me. I find that when I stretch, I get the same result as people do when they do meditation. For me, I always struggle with staying still or being peaceful during a meditation so instead,  I opt in for doing an intentional stretch. I like to stretch at least two times a week, usually in the middle of the week and once over the weekend, and I find that when I do this I feel so much better, more at peace, and like my mind has gotten a little reset. So whether it is meditation or stretching, I want you to try out this tip this week, and let me know what you think. 



This tip might seem a little bit cliche, but it has truly done wonders for my mindset. You know by now, that I love a good affirmation, and writing down affirmations has been such an impactful thing that I have done in my life. This is a great tip if you are someone who struggles with negative self-talk or you just want to allow yourself and train your brain to speak more kindly to yourself. I personally use positive affirmation sticky notes around my home to remind myself of things that I want to work on believing to be true. One of my affirmation sticky note says,“I love my body as it is.”  and I have it hanging on my mirror in my bedroom. I have found that just by having this sticky note in a place that I see, whenever I am out and about and I need that reminder I can very easily visualize that sticky note and remind myself of that truth. If you are someone who struggles with negative self-talk, I encourage you to try this tip today!


To find out the fourth tip, be sure to listen to episode 70 of the living in sunshine podcast which is linked below. What do you think tip number four is going to be? I hope you give this episode a listen and find out for yourself! 


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