How I Have the Mindset I Have Today

Ready to learn how I built the mindset that I have today? Will keep on reading…


My friend, my life has never been easy. It has been a series of trials and tribulations and things that  I truly believe were going to be the things that have broken me. But through it all, I’ve done a few things that I believe have really helped me to grow my mindset to be one filled with joy, gratitude, and happiness.


The first thing that I have done is devoting my time and mental energy to reading personal development. Now I know that this is something that I talk about a lot, but that is intentional. When you read personal development you are planting seeds of inspiration, encouragement, and hope into your brain that you will see flourish into full-on forests of personal growth. To me, personal development is the mental exercise that we need to give to our brains, similar to the physical exercise we give to our bodies. With my practice of daily personal development and consuming personal development as much as I can, I believe that I have built the mindset that I have today because I spent the time I did I’m putting in the work consuming personal development.


The second thing that I feel as if I have done to build the mindset that I have today, is always being a person who learns. I personally love putting myself in new situations where I don’t know anyone, I am unsure of what I will be learning, or that I know I will be surrounded by people who are smarter than me. I love the quote “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”  because that is truly how I live my life. I have found that overtime, when I surround myself with people who are more intelligent, more experienced, or have done the things that I want to do, I become a better person. I can learn from them, I can hear from them, I can take their experiences and use them as inspiration for my own life. By always surrounding myself by people who are smarter and better than me, I have built a stronger mindset.


The last thing that I feel I have done that has truly helped me build the mindset that I had today, is I have learned that there are times in life that you need to ask for help, and asking for help is okay. Back in January of 2022, I decided to swallow my pride and get help for my mental health. This was probably one of the best decisions I ever made for myself, because I was finally getting the help that I needed. I do this a lot now, where I go and find people who can help me to learn, grow, and get better. You don’t know it all, even if you think that you do. And learning this and leaning into this knowledge has really helped me to grow the mindset that I have today.


It is these three things, plus so many more, that have helped me to grow a mindset that I have today. The mindset of joy, the mindset of energy, and the mindset of happiness that so many people ask me about. Steal these tips today to grow the same mindset for yourself. 


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