How You Can Train Your Brain to See The Good Over The Bad

Here are three quick tips that you can use to train your brain to see the good over the bad.


TIP #1: Instill a daily gratitude practice

Okay, okay, I know that I talk about this a lot… But it is truly the thing that has helped me to grow the mindset that I have today. And not just the mindset that I have, but the ability to see the good over the bad when things get hard. A daily gratitude practice allows your brain to start the day rooted in a space of peace, gratitude, and joy. When we root our mindsets in gratitude at the front end of our day, we can go into the rest of our day knowing that good things will happen to us, because they have already happened to us in the past.


TIP #2: Remind yourself of where you were before

 This tip is something that I needed to hear for myself a long time ago. More than often we find ourselves in situations that once upon a time, we wanted so badly. It might not be exactly how we planned out, or how we dreamed it up, but it is something that at some point we wanted for ourselves. So when we remind ourselves that at one point this is what we wanted, it allows us to feel more joy and gratitude for having it now in our lives. This could be in relation to a job that you have, a relationship that you have, or even where you live. At one point, I can almost promise you that this is something that you wanted. And if it’s not, I encourage you to think about how the thing that you currently have, is helping you get to the thing that you want.


TIP #3: You are built for hard things!

Now, I don’t want you to read this and believe I am brushing the hard things under the rug, because that is not what I am saying. What I am saying is that I am here to remind you that even when things are hard, you are meant to be able to handle those things. It might not feel like it right now, it might not feel like that a year from now, but further down in your story of life, you will realize that this tough situation allowed you to grow in some way. I have personally been through a lot of tough situations in my 27 years of life, but every single one of them has taught me something about myself that I needed to learn. These things have taught me that I can be someone who deals with challenging situations, gets through them and gets to the other side. So take this reminder and use it in your own life when you need it. 


I hope these three tips were what you needed to hear today. If so, comment down below & let me know!


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